Project Communications Plan - Sample Communications Plan IT Projects

By Sue Hart,2014-11-13 16:49
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Project Communications Plan - Sample Communications Plan IT Projects

Project Communications Plan Template


    Good communications among all stakeholders is key for the success of a project. It’s important to ensure your project team develops a communication plan so that lack of communication does not derail your goals. Use this project communications planning template to identify the stakeholders and audience you need to communicate with, the method of the communication, the frequency and the individuals responsible for executing the plan.

    To help you understand how this template works, we’ve provided some samples. To maintain this readability, ensure that the information can fit across a single sheet of paper when printed (either vertically or horizontally) or can be displayed within a single window on screen.

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Project Name:

    Project Number:

    Stakeholder/ Content of Methods of Date of Last Current

    Audience Communications How Often Communication Assigned To Action Status Desired Outcome

    Daily ASI Hot


    El Corral

    Campus Report

    Announce New Portal Start of Fall ESS Advise students, faculty and staff of new

    Students Rollout to Campus Quarter Publications Anderson Pending portal rollout and train on its use.

    Meetings To keep track of overall project status and

    Check on project tasks E-mail costs. Identify problems and take corrective

    Project Team and project status. Weekly MS Project Smith Open action.

    Report on benchmarks

    OCIO and milestones. Monthly E-mail Anderson In-progress Inform CIO on project status.

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