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Online Courses

    Anatomy and Physiology

University of Athabasca

    Biology (BIOL) 235 - Human Anatomy and Physiology (6 credits)

University of Guelph

    Concepts in Human Physiology BIOM 2000DE (0.5 credits)

    Summer 2010 ( Fall 2010 (

    Winter (

Dalhouise University

    Basic Human Anatomy ANAT:1010.03 Section 02

    Human Physiology PHYL 1000X/Y.06


Anatomy and Physiology 101

Free Online Materials:


    Human Anatomy Online (please note that to find the muscles, you should select “Summary

    Terms” in each Laboratory section)

PLASTINATION at the Medical University of Vienna

Muscles of the Human Body

Superficial Muscles Tutorial

Muscle Atlas


DVD Pack for Anatomy reserved at the Life Sciences Library (available to McGill Students)

    DVD atlas of human anatomy [videorecording] / Robert D. Acland 2004 DVD 1. The upper extremity, DVD 2. The lower extremity, DVD 3. The trunk, DVD 4. The head

    and neck, pt. 1, DVD 5. The head and neck, pt. 2, DVD 6. The internal organs.

French Human Anatomy

Anatomy and Physiology

    Anatomy and Physiology I - Power Point Presentations ? with explanations under each slide.

    Anatomy and Physiology II - Power Point Presentations ? with explanations under each slide.

    For the following Podcast, you can download iTunes from Introduction to human Anatomy and Physiology (podcasts) ? Online Videos

Medical Physiology And Pathophysiology: Essentials and clinical problems

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