HAN Use Case - Energy Management System

By Veronica Hawkins,2014-09-14 11:11
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___________________Use Case Energy Management System_____________________


    Energy Management System integrates with the respective Home Area Network (HAN), and the Utility AMI system, and responds to commands to drop load for grid reliability, price responsive programs.

Use case business rules and assumptions:

    See also “HAN Use Case - General Definitions, Assumption, Actors document.

    The EMS is aware of or can retrieve the types of HAN device types and the status of those devices connected to the HAN and upon registration or change-out. (e.g., fridge on/off) EMS controls production, consumption and storage within the HAN. (e.g. Controls charging/discharging of an Electric Vehicle)

    The EMS can be pre-programmed to respond to utility signals and commands. (e.g., reliability event)

    Use case does not imply the utility’s preferred configuration or communication for reliability programs. (e.g., utility may still require HAN device registration)


    See “HAN Use Case - General Definitions, Assumption, Actors.doc”


    See “HAN Use Case - General Definitions, Assumption, Actors.doc”

Scenario 1 (Price Response and Reliability Event):

    Utility calls a DR event and controls load by communicating with the EMS through the Utility AMI gateway.

Triggering Event Primary Actor Pre-Condition Post-Condition

    The utility Energy The Installation Use EMS curtails load

    determines the Management Cases are until event is

    need for a demand System (EMS) successfully concluded.

    response event. completed.

    The Registration Use

    Cases are



___________________Use Case Energy Management System_____________________

Steps for this scenario

Step # Actor Description of the Step

    1 Utility Utility sends notification of event and for price

    response case, the appropriate pricing information to the EMS.

    2 EMS The EMS sends a signal to all connected HAN devices

    and attempts to control consumption or production.

    3 EMS The EMS responds back with an acknowledgment

    message (e.g. customer override, load successfully

    dropped by x%, etc) to the AMI system.

    4 AMI system The AMI system sends a restore signal to the Utility

    AMI Gateway upon conclusion of the event.

5 Energy Management The EMS is restored to the pre-event state.


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