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This was covertly taught to the rulers by ancient writers, who relate how Achilles and many others of those ancient princes were given Chiron the centaur...




    Decide which of the choices given below would correctly complete the passage if inserted in the corresponding blanks.

    Mark the correct choice for each blank on your answer sheet.

    Early Tudor England was to a large extent self-sufficient. Practically all the necessities of life -- food, clothing, fuel and housing -- were produced from native resources by native effort, and it was to (26)_____ these primary needs that the great mass of the population labored (27)______ its daily tasks. Production was for the most part organized in innumerable small units. In the

    country the farm, the hamlet and the village lived on (28)____ they could grow or make for themselves, and (29)_____ the sale of any surplus in the local market town,(30)____ in the towns craftsmen applied themselves to their one-man business, making the boots and shoes, the caps and the cloaks, the (31)____ and harness of townsmen and countrymen (32____. Once a week town and

    country would meet to make (33)___ at a market which came (34)___ realizing the medieval idea of direct contact between

    producer and (35)_____. This was the traditional economy, which was hardly altered for some centuries, and which set the

    (36)_____ of work and the standard of life of perhaps nice out of (37)____ ten English men and women. The work was long and

    (38)____, and the standard of life achieved was almost (39)___ low. Most Englishmen lied by a diet which was often (40)____

    and always monotonous, wore coarse and ill-fitting clothes which harbored dirt undermine, and lived in holes whose squalor

    would affront the modern slum dweller.

    26. A) settle B) answer C) satisfy D) fill 27. A) at B) in C) on D) with 28. A) which B) what C) whether D) where 29. A) with B) by C) on D) for 30. A) although B) while C) nevertheless D) when 31. A) machines B) apparatus C) equipment D) implement 32. A) similar B) skin C) like D) alike 33. A) exchange B) bargain C) dealing D) ride 34. A) close at B) adjacent to C) near to D) near-by 35. A) consumer B) buyer C) user D) shopper 36. A) model B) form C) pattern D) method

    37. A) every B) each C) the D) other 38. A) cruel B) hard C) ruthless D) severe 39. A) unimaginatively B) unimaginably C) imaginarily D) unimaginedly 40. A) weak B) little C) meagre D) sparse

    (结束PART II CLOZE计时)


    There are twenty-five sentences in this section. Beneath each sentence there are four words or phrases marked A, B, C and

    D. Choose one word or phrase that correctly completes the sentence. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

41. He noticed the helicopter hovering over the field. Then, to his astonishment, he saw a rope ladder ______ out and three men

    climbing down it.

    A) throwing

    B) being thrown

    C) having thrown

    D) having been thrown

42. He resented ______ to wait. He expected the minister ________ him at once.

    A) to be asked, to see

    B) being asked, to see

    C) to be asked seeing

    D) being asked, seeing

43. The idea of traveling through ____ space to other planets interests many people today.

    A) a

    B) the

    C) /

    D) one

44. The meeting's been cancelled. Ann ______ all that work.

    A) need to do

    B) need have

    C) needn't have done

    D) needed not to do

    45. You'd better look at the difficulty ____.

    A) the other way

B) by the other way

C) another way

D) by another way

46. ____ I was very much mistaken, there was something wrong with Louise.

A) Unless

B) As

C) Though

D) Since

    47. He is not under arrest, _____ any restriction on him.

A) or the police have placed

B) or have the police placed

    C) nor the police have placed

D) nor have the police placed

48. We could _____ him with a detached house when he came, but he had specially asked for a small flat.

    A) provide

    B) have provided

    C) not provide

    D) not have provided

49. This missile is designed so that once _______ nothing can be done to retrieve it.

    A) fired

    B) being fired

    C) they fired

    D) having fired

    50. ______ the two, Bob is _____ student.

    A) Of, more diligent

    B) In, more diligent

    C) Of, the more diligent

    D) In, the more diligent

    51. _______, he would not have recovered so quickly.

    A) Hadn't he taken good care of

    B) Had he not been taken good care of

    C) Had not he been taken good care of

    D) Had he bee not taken good care of

52. The local council has decided to take the _______ of the hotel to court.

    A) Landlord

    B) tenant

    C) client

    D) proprietor

53. Swarms of wasps are always invading my garden. They are a thorough _______.

    A) nuisance

    B) disturbance

    C) trouble

    D) annoyance

    54. The cold drink ____ him after his long hot journey.

    A) reduced

    B) refreshed

    C) released

    D) recovered

    55. For years she suffered from the ____ that her husband might come back to her.

    A) vision

    B) idea

    C) imagination

    D) illusion

56. He went to Australia hoping to find a teaching _______ without too much difficulty.

A) work

B) career

C) post

    D) employment

    57. The accusation left him quite ______ with rage.

A) quiet

B) silent

C) mute

    D) speechless

    58. As the drug took ______ the patient became quieter.

A) force

B) effect

C) action

    D) influence

59. Notebooks, textbooks and school magazines were accidentally ________ all over the floor.

    A) spread

    B) separated

    C) splashed

    D) scattered

    60. An ______ degree was conferred on the distinguished professor.

    A) honest

    B) honored

    C) honorary

    D) honorific

    61. Mr. Brown's condition looks very serious and it is doubtful if he will pull ______.

    A) up

    B) through

    C) out

    D) back

    62. The purpose of the survey was to _______ the inspectors with local conditions.

    A) inform

    B) notify

    C) instruct

    D) acquaint

    63. Because of his poor health, it took him a long time to throw _____ his bad cold.

    A) off

    B) away

    C) down

    D) over

64. Though badly damaged by fire, the palace was eventually _____ to its original splendor. A. recovered b. renewed C. restored

    D. replaced 65. They had a pleasant chat ______ a cup of coffee.

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