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    Idioms and Phrases1 1. the apple of ones eye

    ? ones favorite


     A: It seems that Marys father gives her whatever she wants

     B: Of course. Dont you know that she is the apple of her fathers eye?

2. dance with the Devil

    ? to do something evil


     A: I am thinking about stealing money from my parents.

     B: If you want to dance with the Devil; thats up to you. But I

     dont want to have anything to do with it.

3. beat the socks off someone

    ? to defeat somebody by a large margin


     A: Did you watch the game last night?

     B: Yes, our team beat the socks off the other side, didnt they?

4. a blow by blow account

    ? giving all the details of an event


     A: Come on! Tell me whats going on.

     B: Dont worry. I will give you a blow-by-blow account.

5. a flash in the pan

    ? sudden success that disappears quickly


     A: What do you think about the new singing group?

     B: They are only a flash in the pan.

6. to fix someone up

    ? to arrange a date for somebody


     A: What are you doing this Saturday, Mike?

     B: Nothing. Thats why I’m wondering if you could fix me up

     with your sister.

7. to bring home the bacon

    ? to support a family or earn a living


     A: Who brings home the bacon in your family?

     B: My brother makes the most money, but we all work.

    8. when pigs fly

    ? things that will never happen


     A: Would you go on a date with me?

     B: Sure! I’ll go out with you when pigs fly.

9. two sides of the same coin

    ? two different ways of looking at the same situation


     A: Love and hate are two sides of the same coin.

     B: Stop being so cynical.

10. Achilles heel

    ? a weak point or a vulnerable spot


     A: What is Peters Achilles heel?

     B: His Achilles heel is his pride.

11. pigeonhole

    ? to put a label on someone or something


     A: He is just another yes-man in the management department.

     B: Well, you shouldn’t pigeonhole people like that.

12. under the weather

    ? feel slightly ill


     A: Where is your wife, John?

     B: She is feeling under the weather so she has gone to bed early.

13. Indian summer

    ? hot weather in autumn


     A: Why is it so hot in mid-October

     B: I guess its just an Indian summer.

14. keep ones shirt on

    ? to remain calm or not to become angry


     A: Come on, hurry up! We are going to be late.

     B: Im almost ready. Keep your shirt on. I’ll be only another

     minute or two.

    15. be at ones wits end ? overcome by problems or difficulties


     A: Why dont you say something to defend yourself?

     B: I dont know what to say. I am simply at my wits end over

    the situation.

16. out of the blue

    ? suddenly and unexpectedly


     A: Why are you so busy today?

     B: The boss dropped this big assignment on me out of the blue.

17. let the cat out of the bag

    ? to reveal a secret


     A: Have you heard that Fred and Jean are going out?

     B: Yes, I Know. But I thought it was a secret. I guess someone

    let the cat out of the bag.

18. to jump on the bandwagon

    ? to do something that many others are doing


     A: It seems that everyone is jumping on the Godzilla bandwagon.

     B: Yeah, even my grandmother bought a Godzilla model.

19. to wear many hats

    ? to play several different roles or do many different jobs


     A: David wears many hats in the company.

     B: No wonder he seems to be busy all the time.

    20. to open Pandoras box ? a source of many unexpected problems


     A: What do you think about the plan to build more factories?

     B: Environmentally, its like opening Pandoras box.

21. to come under fire

    ? to be strongly criticized for something you have done


     A: I cant believe Judy made such a big mistake.

     B: Im sure that she will come under fire for it. 22. fall out with someone

    ? end a friendship with someone


     A: Why is Susan so sad?

     B: She has just fallen out with her best friend.

23. a slip of the tongue

    ? to accidentally say the wrong thing


     A: She is my brother. Oops, I’m sorry! I mean he.

     B: Dont worry! Its just a slip of the tongue.

24. to show someone the door

    ? to ask someone to leave


     A: Gary is definitely not qualified for the job.

     B: Thats for sure. Sooner or later, the boss is bound to

    show him the door.

25. a knockout

    ? a very beautiful person or thing


     A: Have you seen Johns wife?

     B: Yeah, shes a real knockout.

26. to make a mountain out of a molehill

    ? to see a small problem as a big one


     A: I have asked everyone to stop what they are doing and help me find

    my missing file.

     B: Come on! Dont make a mountain out of a molehill.

27. to have the upper hand

    ? to be in a superior position


     A: The two dont seem to agree on the matter.

     B: Well, lets see who has the upper hand.

28. to speak the same language

    ? to have similar tastes and ideas or have a common understanding


     A: They seem to cooperate very well on this project.

     B: Yes, its like they speak the same language.

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