Clackmannan Primary School School Board

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Clackmannan Primary School School Board

    Clackmannan Primary School Parent Council

     thThursday September 18 7 p.m.


    Present: Evelyn Paterson, Gaynor Westland, Gill Campbell, Hilary MacCorquodale, Janette Wieczorek, Susan Marshall, Denise Sinclair, Jo Paterson, Margaret Brookes and

    Alison Mackie, Active Sports Co-ordinator Clackmannanshire Council

Apologies: - Gayleen Thomson

Minutes of Previous Meeting:

Proposed by Hilary MacCorquodale seconded by Gayleen Thomson

Alison Mackie introduced herself and explained her role within Clackmannanshire Council.

CSAW - Alison has been running CSAW along with a sub group of parents for the past few

    years, although this year there was only herself and Margo Regan on the group. She

    wondered if the Parent Council were happy for her to organise the whole event, sports and

    arts, reporting back to this group as appropriate throughout the session. She would hope

    to have a draft programme in place by January. The group agreed to this. Bookings

    would still be taken, and registers compiled, in school by Susan Marshall as in past years.

    The Parent Council will write to parents prior to the event asking for parent volunteers to

    help out at lunch times as it was felt that this was the most important thing that needed

    parental help Alison will organise helpers for all sports and arts. It was felt that the art

    sessions in 2009 should be covered by more ‘expressive arts’ as opposed to ‘creative arts’

    for a change. Alison also spoke of introducing more varied sports this coming year to try

    to encourage some children who have attended in the past. In 2009 CSAW will run for

    only 4 days as Easter falls on the middle weekend of the holidays.

Alison also informed the group about a new approach being adopted by

    Clackmannanshire Council - Positive Coaching Scotland : Creating a Positive, Winning

    Sports Experience, she handed out booklets giving more information. This is a new

    approach being introduced to change the culture behind competitive sport. Alison will

    have a table at our forthcoming Parents Evenings to introduce this new concept to our

    parents and to try to encourage parents to sign up for training events.

    Matters Arising:

Appointment of New Members Donna Morton wants to stay on group. No answer as yet

    from Veronica or Andrew, it was agreed to remove them from the group. We have 5

    parent and 1 co-opted member vacancies.

As Jo Paterson and Denise Sinclair have attended all meetings as interested parents it

    was suggested they become Parent Council members.

Jo Paterson proposed by Evelyn Paterson seconded by Gaynor Wesyland

    Denise Sinclair proposed by Evelyn Paterson seconded be Gaynor Westland

Both accepted the positions. There are still 3 parent members to be elected.

A copy of the newsletter drawn up by Gill Campbell was tabled it was agreed to nd September, there is a section on the back asking distribute this to parents on Monday 22for parents who are willing to help out at events when needed and also a box to indicate if

    willing to stand for the Parent Council. Replies will be collated and brought to the next



A letter was received from Clackmannanshire Council with dates of upcoming meetings for

    Parent Council members as follows:

7th October, Royal Oak Hotel, 6.30 8.30 p.m. for Chairs and one other person Evelyn thrdand Denise will attend. There will be 2 other meetings on 11 February and 3 June both

    6.30 8 p.m. in the Dunmar.

    thThere are 2 Saturday morning events for all Parent Council members in Dunmar on 25 stOctober and 21 March. Further details will follow.

Scottish Parent Councils Association We can now access an email account set up by

    SPCA for us the details are:

Email address -

    Password - CL006


General Account - ?863.02 this includes an instalment from Clackmannanshire Council

    and also ?350 transferred to school fund for M&M Productions.

CSAW Account - ?2052.17

Playground Account - ?2538.04 this includes ?50 from Sterling Precast and ?200

    transferred to school fund for playground games. It was agreed that the ?50 will be given

    to Mrs Cairns to help set up a school garden.

It was agreed to transfer ?500 from the General Account to the school fund to go towards

    another interactive whiteboard.

    Sub Committee Reports:

    Playground It will cost ?2000 + VAT to install a climbing wall, it was felt this was excessive and maybe an alternative could be purchased. Gaynor will bring some further

    suggestions and illustrations to the next meeting. Ground cover of some kind was

    discussed for the muddy areas, we are unable to put down anything as this would negate

    the warranty. Mike Nicol, Clackmannanshire Council, has inspected the site and

    suggested ‘sand dust’ for under the bridge which is the worst area, this should not be too


CSAW As already minuted.


Janette advised that all school fundraising this session will go towards purchasing 6 more

    interactive whiteboards. Parents were very impressed with the ones we have in school at

the recent ‘Meet & Greet’ event.

?2000 from the school budget is to be spent on refurbishing our school library. Librarians

    have been out to visit and although we have some really good books we desperately need

    new shelving and racks. It may take up to a year to complete but it will be fully refurbished

    and staff and parents will receive training from librarians.

Gaynor informed the group that we had been given ?250 from CR Smith before the

    summer to buy sports kits. We have purchased 12 kits hoodies, trackies and t-shirts

    which have been bagged and numbered and will be issued to children going out to

    represent the school at various activities. CR Smith will attend at some point for a publicity


Liz Mrozs set up a ‘Thrift Shop’ in school, parents were notified in the last newsletter but

    as yet we have only had 1 enquiry. Old/lost clothes were put out recently for parents to

    come and check and only 2 parents turned up, these clothes will now be bagged up and

    taken to a local charity shop. If anyone knows of anyone who has lost something or is ‘in

    need’ please send them in to the school office.

    thNext Meeting Thursday November 27 at 7 p.m.

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