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Canberra Phoenix Logo

     Friendship 2007

     “Leaving our mark on the ice”

     Newsletter Date

     21 October 2006 Canberra Phoenix Logo Coach Don MacDonald

    Manager The official logo for the Friendship 2007 Kym Partington Team has been approved by the ACT Ice

    tel 6294 2001 Hockey Association and Ice Hockey

     Australia. The logo incorporates

    elements of the Canberra Phoenix, ACT Important Dates and the IHA logo. Next Meeting Tuesday This logo will be featured on all off-ice 31 October 5.30pm uniforms. Zone 2 Team activity -

    5.45pm Thursday 19 October at Belconnen

Mega Garage Sale -

    7am 1pm Saturday

    18 November at Trinity

    Christian College


Games Friendship Logo Sunday 26 November at

    Philip Rink Canberra Phoenix vs Cantebury

    Eagles at 12.15 pm and

    3.45pm The NZ organising committee has

    finalised the official Friendship Bunnings BBQ- Sunday 2007 logo. 10 December 8am - 3.30pm at Tuggeranong This logo will be featured on the

     Canberra Phoenix on-ice jersey.

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     Off-ice uniform

The ACT IHA and the IHA has approved the Canberra Phoenix Friendship logo (see front page) and the team

    colours being:

    Royal blue gold: polo shirts

    Navy blue gold white: jackets; hoodies and track pants etc.

Off-ice polo shirts have been ordered for players to wear for team activities leading up to the tournament. We

    are currently doing some further research in to other components of the off-ice uniforms with alternative

    suppliers. Further information will be provided shortly. Uniforms cannot be finalized until we know if we

    have any major sponsors.

     On-Ice Uniforms Chris Graham & Andrew Fox


    The proto-type design is still under

    construction and has yet to be

    submitted to the IHA for approval.

    The jersey will include the IHA

    kangaroo and the NZ Friendship

    logo. Australian and NZ flags will

    be on the sleeves.

    The jersey cant be finalized until

    we are sure of sponsorship support.


    Socks have been ordered from

    Hockey Zone in Minnesota who

    provided free postage in support of

    the team.

Cover pants

    Cover pants are being sourced from


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     Donations & Sponsorship

     Families have been very busy sending out letters to major businesses seeking sponsorship support.

Everybody is reminded that it pays to make a follow up call or to visit the business in the person. Many of those clubs contacted are having committee meetings in the next few weeks and will

     let us now the outcome shortly.

     Please make sure that you check with Mary Jean Comfort and/or Ruth Cochrane before contacting a business. …we

     wouldn’t like the same place to be

    contacted more than once.

     Please contact Ruth and Marie Jean if sponsors provide support so that we can ensure we provide a framed team photo

     and tax invoice where relevant.

     The following list shows what we have actually received to date.


     Support from a freight

    company to provide shippage

    for all this stuff!

     It is possible that we could

     sell any unwanted goods by

    advertising in the free classifieds in Tuesday’s Canberra Times The haul to date:


    Rolfe Classic Motors $100 (Constance)

Gift Mr Kaneiri

    Jerseys for Work and Play in Weston

    purchased at cost price $40 Wallabies

    reversible jacket valued at $89 (Cochrane)

Auction Items

    Brumbies Limited edition signed football


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    Pre-game exchange Kelly Sault & Ruth Cochrane

     Pre-game exchange - It was decided that pre-game exchange gifts would be

     limited to the Australian caps

    for $3 per item.

     Families were invited to

     order some additional caps

    for their own personal gift

    giving/swaps. NZ.

     Excess baggage costs for

    gifts will have to be covered

    by the team unless we can obtain sponsorship from one of the transporting firms.

     Fundraising activities

     Belinda Fulton has organised a

    7am - 1pm


    at Trinity Christian School

    McBride Cres, Wanniassa

    Your support is needed!

    All families are asked to source unwanted items for the sale and to help out with a sausage

    sizzle on the day.

    Ideas: household goods; bikes; books; games; plants etc.

    Please canvas family and friends for any unwanted items….lets make this a MEGA garage

    sale. The wider ACT IHA community will be contacted for possible donations of items.

    An ad will be placed in the Canberra Times.

    All proceeds from the Garage Sale will go towards supporting the Friendship Team to attend the

    tournament and will be spread equally across the team.

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    Fundraising activities cont’d

     Bunnings Barbeque

    8am 4.00pm



On average these BBQ’s net $1,000 - $1,300.

    Two families will be required to man the BBQ for each of the following sessions:

    8am 10am (includes set up) 10am 12 noon 12noon 2pm 2pm 4pm (includes clean up)

Please register your availability in helping out with this fundraising event with Kym Funds raised will be divided equally between those families assisting at the BBQ based upon the

     number of shifts performed.

     A letter has been sent to Magnet Mart, Gungahlin requesting a BBQ for early in the New Year.

Some families have already raised in excess of $200 through chocolate sales to help cover costs of

    attending the tournament! Boxes sell for $48 and cost $24, after GST that is $21.80 profit per box.

    Chocolates will continue to be made available throughout the lead up to the tournament. Please contact

    Margo O’Malley Payment of $48 is required up front. Your account will be

    credited with the profit and can be used to offset your instalments.

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     Off-ice activities Sue Feeney

    Thanks Sue for organising a great event.

    All the kids are asking….when is the next one!

     The next event is the Christmas Party on 9 December.

     Financials Kym Partington If you have been selling chocolates I will confirm the amount that has been

    credited to your account and advise you of the amount that can be used to

    offset your next instalment.

    As agreed upfront, team fundraising

    and costs will be allocated in

    December and the later instalments

    adjusted accordingly. This will ensure

    that we have adequate cash flow to

    cover the cost of gifts, ice time,

    uniforms etc.

    If you are experiencing any problems

    in making this payment please let me

    know and we will work something out.

    The second instalment of $200 is due on 31 A reminder that if a player withdraws October. from the tournament (except in the Direct internet transfers are preferred: case of injury/illness) the

    deposit/intalments and any fundraising Westpac 032-713 261602 monies relating to that player/family is Please email immediately not refundable and will be allocated after making your deposit to ensure correct to the Team Fundraising Pool allocation to your account.

    All cheques should be made out to the ACT Ice

    Hockey Association.



    Return flight from Dunedin can now be booked on line with Freedom Air. Families are asked to provide their travel details Kym as soon as they are booked. Depending

    upon demand, the team will investigate whether it is feasible to organise group

    travel from Canberra to Sydney airport for the flight out to Dunedin. Please remember that the baggage limit is 20kg and that all families are responsible for organising their own travel/medical insurance and passports. Coach Accommodation Don MacDonald Families are asked to provide their accommodation details to Kym as soon as they

    are booked. Please see previous newsletters for accommodation details.

    Manager and

    Chef de Mission

    Kym Partington tel 6294 2001

     Game Results

     Sunday 24 Sept 2006 Liverpool Saints vs Canberra Phoenix Score: 2 7

     Next Game We’re on the Web! Sunday 26 Nov 2006 Cantebury Eagles at Phillip Rink 12.15pm & 3.45pm

     See us at:

     Next meeting…

    The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 31 October at 5.30pm at Phillip Rink.

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