CHAOS AGM 20th March 2007

By Larry Davis,2014-05-20 16:22
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CHAOS AGM 20th March 2007

    thCHAOS AGM 20 March 2007


    ? Physball

    ? Hoodies

    ? Ents

    ? Talks

    ? Trips

    ? Website

    ? Sports

    ? Physbar


Last meeting of the year solely presided over by the current committee, the AGM

    included the election of next year’s. Turnout very good, about 40 including the



    General consensus is that everyone had a good time, downfalls being running out of

    ale, not having a cloakroom and the buffet being a bit rubbish.

    There was a question raised about the apparent animosity Chaos seemed to show

    towards the Engsci Ball, Chaos not being very helpful and having their ball in the

    same week; the Engsci Ball did not take place in the end due to lack of interest.

    Thoughts were that Chaos could have been more supportive.

    Errata: The Chaos Ball took place 1 and a half weeks before the Engsci Ball.

    Edit: The response to the question raised was that in the previous year the Chaos

    Committee had thrown themselves fully into the Engsci Ball and used it as a substitute

    for our own Physball. From a followup meeting it was agreed that the Engsci Ball

    was not worth the high prices they were charging for entry, was out of the way and

    was too centred on Engineers. Physics students and lecturers preferred a Physics-

    only/Physics-centred event and this is what we brought back this year. Also, Chaos

    lent 2 giant activity events to the Engsci Ball committee in the previous year (giant

    jenga and twister), both of which came back damaged or with parts missing and with

    no apologies or reimbursement. All of this together meant that Chaos this year was

    less enthusiastic than in the previous year, but at no point did we discourage any of

    our members from attending the Engsci Ball event not only would this have been

    unsportsmanlike but also we believed the gap between events was enough not to

    warrant any major competition anyway. Chaos did not sell Engsci Ball tickets

    because we were not asked to, and Engsci Ball posters were put up around the

    department there was even talk of the Engsci Ball on our facebook group.


    Thoughts on hoodies - perhaps order some with better material and longer sleeves.

    After a quick vote, the majority of the meeting are in favour of a new slogan, and like

    the plan to have a caption competition on the website.

    Idea to ask IoP for continued sponsorship for future hoodies (they gave us ?460 this



    Suggestion to extend ents to non-Chaos members, and add them to the mailing list.

    However, it has been hard to prevent non-Chaos members from gatecrashing; this

    should be fixed when everyone has got their new cards, so perhaps ents invites could

    be open to all, charging extra for non members.

    Though care will have to be taken so Chaos do not get accused of spamming.

    Suggestion to have more ents for first years in stoke bishop, which was agreed with

    by most. Maybe a stoke bishop bar crawl.


    The Institute of Physics (IoP) has commented on our lack of outreach programs to

    schools. Suggestion to put on talks where schools are invited, perhaps we could

    charge, and would then have some money to get in popular speakers. However,

    popular speakers need a lot of advance warning to attend.

    Thoughts on the departments own Colloquia - Chaos talks more accessible, not at

    post-grad level.

    Chaos can hopefully get more fun lecturers from within the department and within the

    university. There was a suggestion for talks on topics like pioneering physics, such as

    quantum cryptography.


    Reminder that the CERN trip, organised by the IoP, is 18

    thnd-22 June, there are 50

    places for the UK, and people who would like to go will have to register individually,

    after easter.

    Suggestion for trips to @Bristol and the Eden project.


    Suggestion - have link to chaos website at bottom of group emails.

    New domain name:

    Feedback on what good about the site - good for sports, links, committee details


    Textbook review is a good idea, needs to be more obvious though.

    Suggestions for a forum, which would make it easier to approach committee members

    with ideas. This would need moderators though.


    Basketball are doing really well, placed 2nd in the league. 11 a side football also thdoing well; netball are 4 currently out of 11. Badminton are not doing too well on

    attendance. Note for people to get in early next year if they want to be in a team. Suggestion for netball to get sponsorship, will ask QinetiQ as they have sponsored the football strip ?200. Perhaps ask IoP as well as they don’t ask for their name to be put

    on things.


    Request for Oinks to be reinstated.

    Jim gives his tips for how to run a successful Physbar (thanks Jim), needless to say it was good advice.

    The Physbar will provisionally be moving to the girls toilets at the far end of the ground floor next year as the dept want G52 for UCAS open days. Suggested that this may decrease Physbar takings, but will stop other people messing it up.

    Request for a microwave, which would need 2 sinks due to health and safety; it is being asked if 2 of the sinks can be left from the old toilets after refurbishment. Would also require health and safety training….I think we all know how to wash our hands. …or do we?


    Novel new idea for nominations, everyone stand up, then sit down if you don’t want

    to run for a position. Fun at first, though apathy quickly ensues.



    Ruth Jackson

RUTH wins vote, unanimous.



    Josh Abrahams Altass Faye Kilburn

FAYE wins vote, 28 11


    No takers



    Ross Lund

ROSS wins vote, unanimous


    No takers



    Phil Houlton Darren Petty

PHIL and DARREN agree to joint position



    Fiona Cameron Ryan Thomas

FIONA wins vote, 26 8



    Chris Fleming

CHRIS wins vote, unanimous



    Rachel Williams Darren

RACHEL wins vote, 29 5 (1 RON)



    Ellen Allcoat Kian Momtahan

ELLEN wins vote, 27 8 (NB. Kian just running to annoy Lee)

    Last minute entry for balls (ha), Elizabeth Mannering and Richard Flint agree to joint position.

Still no candidates for sports or trips.

No other business, meeting adjourns.

    Followup: David Glenister agreed to become Chaos Sports Rep, however there are still no takers for trips.

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