Chairmans report

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Chairmans report



    The Newsletter of the

    th124 Nottingham Scout Group

    December 2008

Dear Parents & supporters,

Welcome you to our Autumn publication of the Woggle, giving you the news and views of ththe 124 Scout Group.

The “Chair’s” Comment

You may have seen recently, that there have been a number of articles in the press with

    regard to the Dr Barnardo‟s survey that found that adults were demonising children, (as

    in the way that certain adults were thinking that children behave like animals.) One

    headline screamed out: “Nobody calls the Boy Scouts „animals‟” The article went on to

    say, that no-one crosses the road if they spot a crocodile of Boys Scouts coming in the

    other direction as compared to a scrum of hoodies hogging the pavement. I thought

    that this was a great bit of PR for the Scouts and it just shows us how well the

    Movement is thought of out there in the wider community, in the development of our

    young people.

Home Affairs

We have now had the new minibus for ten months and I am pleased to report that it has

    received many favourable comments from all the sections of the Group in respect of the

    increase in seating capacity and the extra engine power etc. However, it is now most

    essential that we look after this very important asset to the Group because the number

    of activities we currently offer the Scouts would reduce significantly without the use

    of a minibus.

The Annual General Meeting held at the Family Camp in June was very well attended

    (albeit with a captured audience). In my report I thanked all the leaders on behalf of all

    parents, for their hard work and all they do with our boys.

The proceeds from our fund raising events, i.e. the jumble sales and the mock auction

    have brought in a steady income to the Group, although we will have to monitor our

    running costs which are increasing due to the general economic climate. I would like to

    thank the Committee for the support they have given in running these events and also

    our other „old‟ friends and helpers. Where would we be without you?!

Thank you to everyone who supported the Christmas Market recently where we raised a

    staggering ?1,820. Further fund raising events are planned for 2009 don‟t forget the

    jumble in January. Your support and assistance at these events is most welcome and is

    never refused. For further details and to keep up to date, visit our Web site

Regards to you all.

David Atkins

    Group Chairman


GSL’S Report

    Paul Tordoff

    Following a summer of turmoil within the Group‟s leader team, I am pleased to announce some additions and changes that will enhance the leader team, although there are still some gaps to be filled.

    Emma Pollard who had very successfully undertaken the role as Akela at Willoughby Cup Pack has decided to stand down from the role due the recent birth of her child, Alfie. She will be sadly missed by the boys in the pack as she did a brilliant job in organising such a varied and exciting programme. However, all is not lost as she has moved to be an assistant leader at Woden Scouts troop (Brian has never been so organised). Simon Grayling has moved from Woden Scouts to be an assistant leader at the Explorer Unit. Jane Ward and her husband Brian have stepped into the breach and together with Naomi and Marie will be running Willoughby Cubs, Jane as Akela and Brian as an assistant leader. These changes have given a great deal of stability to these 3 sections which were looking very fragile a few months ago.

    The Beaver Colony however needs extra support as they will soon lose Steve Perkins (Badger). Steve has decided to hang up his woggle after many years of invaluable support. His help will be missed and I would like to publicly thank him for all the time he has given to support the Beavers. If anyone would be interested in helping with Beavers on a regular basis please speak to me or any of the leader team.

    We have 126 boys in the Group and all sections are full with waiting lists apart from the Explorers group, which is a first for many years. This high level of membership is a testimony to the commitment of the Group‟s leader team who work very hard to provide your sons with the best scouting they can. Whenever I visit the sections, which I do on a regular basis, all I see is happy boys who seem to enjoy all that is on offer. The last few months have been really busy. The Group held yet another successful Family Camp in June, which was combined for the first time with the Group‟s Annual

    General Meeting. We had almost 200 campers for the weekend. One of the most memorable bits for me was when the on site games and activities on Saturday afternoon, culminated in an impromptu Dad‟s and lads game of football (most of the lads only got

    chance to watch!!). The game became quite serious, but remained good fun. I had a few complaints of aching muscles later and many people said how nice it was to have a community activity in safe surroundings.

    I also attended the scout summer camp in North Yorkshire which was excellent despite an early attempt to wash us away by the rain. All the boys enjoyed themselves and I would like to thank Dave Coggins who organised it for the first time.

    Lastly, I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and hope that your new year is all that you hope for. Please remember when updating you 2009 calendar to fill in all the events from the scout calendar at the back of the Woggle so you don‟t

    miss any of our exiting activities or fund raising events.


    SECTION REPORTS day trip to Lincoln. In glorious sunshine

     we enjoyed visiting two museums and Beaver Scouts the castle. The following week our visit Mary Bugden (Mole) to Beeston Fire Station was not so

     successful a call out as we arrived

    Several new Beavers have joined the meant we saw how quickly the men and colony in recent weeks as others have machine could respond! Hopefully moved on to the Cub section with the another visit to the new Fire Station number on the roll remaining at 24. can be arranged for the Spring.

    During the summer term our programme Other meetings have included a lakeside included a number of outdoor meetings. walk in Wollaton Park, a puzzle evening, We enjoyed an evening at Wollaton planting bulbs, a keep fit session and Tennis Club, visited the Dovecote thinking about the care of our Museum, were invited to see the newly environment. refurbished library and had a family walk in Shipley Park. Beavers who took Looking ahead we have a variety of part in the Family camp had a wonderful meetings planned including „the sky at time and also gained extra badges. night‟, health and fitness activity badge Other activities included a blow-football a fun swim session and some Christmas tournament, a cookery session, a stars activities. and stripes evening and a summer party. Almost all the boys completed their Congratulations to the following boys Hobbies Activity Badge and many gained who all worked hard to complete their the Outdoor Challenge Badge. Chief Scout‟s Bronze Award before

     moving on to the Cub section:

    William Taylor, Benjamin Lin, Issac

    Short, Harry Wickham, Alex Spendlove,

    Matthew Jackson.


     If you can be available regularly on a This term we are working towards the

    Friday evening during term time, enjoy a Fitness and Global Challenge badges.

    wide variety of activities and would like Despite wet weather preventing outdoor

    to help encourage the Beavers as they activities we held a Beaver Olympic

    progress through the first stage of games when the boys enjoyed

    scouting, please let me know. (Mary participating in a number of different

    Bugden) sports and medals were presented.

     There was much enthusiastic tasting

    Middleton Cub Pack when we learned about „food from far

    Sue Stephen (Akela) and near‟. That evening we also thought

     about Fairtrade and clean water and

    The pack at present has 24 boys. On packed baskets for the Harvest Festival.

    the leader side, we have three

    warranted leaders and two Explorer A Saturday morning in late September

    Scouts, Chris Storey and Daniel Hunt saw a Group of Beavers, parents and

    who are invaluable members of the team. leaders leaving Nottingham station for a


    Thanks to them for their help at a very service which was based on the story of wet but enjoyable Cub Camp in July too. Jack Cornwell, a WW1 hero of the

     battle of Jutland. This Autumn‟s term so far has seen us doing Harvest prayers for church Looking to the future we are going parade, making scones and a wonderful bowling and are in the midst of evening on one Dad‟s allotment digging preparing a Christmas Concert for the and harvesting potatoes and collecting parents. blackberries. A big thank you to Mr & Mrs Dowd. Even the weather was kind. We are also preparing for the NESST This also counts as „work‟ towards the walk in the New Year. boy‟s Community Zone badge. Our

    future evenings consist of a senses

    night, chef‟s badge, science night, music

    night, saints and flags and a great egg

    race involving Dads! All too soon we will

    be doing Christmas crafts and holding

    our Christmas party.

     Finally as always, thanks to all the

     parents who very kindly help out with

    Scout Section Report Thor Troop transport when needed.

    Dave Rawsterne (Loco)

     Willoughby Pack Report

    Since our last report in April it‟s been a Jane Ward (Akela) busy year for Thor Troop. The Leader changes announced in the last Woggle We started the Autumn term with a have worked out very well, with Tyle and change of Akela when Emma Pollard left Nash providing invaluable and regular due to work commitments and Jane support on Tuesdays with assistance Ward took over as Akela and Brian from Explorer Scouts Nathan and Glen Ward joined the pack as Balloo. Marie Heinke most weeks. Adam Robbins has and Naomi are still the stalwarts of the also returned to help out on a Tuesday, pack and continue with their roles as whilst we‟ve lost Phil Henley to his Chil and Raksha. University studies good luck Phil; so long and thanks for all the fish. As ever, We started this term by revisiting the a valuable contribution has been made to reasons for being in the Scout the Troop by Lanky, who helps us to run Movement for the benefit of the boys the Scout Award scheme and keeps and the new leaders. We laid out our track of how well everyone is doing with plans for the coming term and started their badge work, how many nights away with a visit to Attenborough Nature the lads have had at Camp and the like. Reserve and Tubing at Beeston Youth Amos has returned to the Troop after a Centre. long pregnancy, but he‟s doing much better now and is able to help out most The Cubs are working towards their Tuesdays. Mother and baby (Emma and communications, first aid and Alfie) are also in fine fettle. We‟ve also entertainer badges. We had a good turn had occasional additional support from out for the Remembrance Day Service Biggles, Taff and Crow, not forgetting at St Leonard‟s Church which included a Cash, who continues to assist with the reading by the two Toms during the


programme despite his onerous duties as


We‟ve also had a recent addition to the

    Thor Leader Team. Allan Sharp, a

    teacher who came to the Group through

    University links has joined the Troop.

    He seems to be a likeable and

    upstanding young man with lots of Scouting knowledge, experience and On the practical side, we‟ve been expertise and we welcome him to the lighting fires, cooking, walking, map-th124. reading, doing navigation, learning how

     to put tents up and make an effective There‟s been a lot of change amongst camp-site layout, and a regular the Scouts, with a good number of our pioneering slot led by Cash. Our older Scouts moving up to Explorers. programme is always geared to We now have 25 Scouts in four patrols preparing the lads for Camps, which we with room for a maximum of 28. This believe present the greatest has meant a large influx of younger opportunity to bring together all of the Scouts from Cubs, so our overall different skills that we learn and put average age profile has come down them into practice. I can‟t emphasise somewhat, meaning that we are reliant enough how important it is that your son on the Patrol Leaders working extra attends as many Camps as possible, as it hard to pass their knowledge onto their is only at Camp that we can truly give Scouts as most of the Assistant Patrol the boys the experiences and fun that Leaders are relatively young and Scouting offers in its purest form; the inexperienced. It‟s an ongoing process experiences that will help them that effectively means we will have an appreciate the truism of hard work experienced Troop in a year, whilst this being rewarded by self-respect, mutual year will be about concentrating on reward and above all, fun! basic Scouting skills like tying reef knots! Woden Troop Report.

     Brian Dobbins (Tec) The programme has been the normal mix of learning Scouting skills and This year we have continued to strive to developing personal responsibility. provide a balanced programme of weekly Overall, the behaviour of the Troop is activities to include scoutcraft and very good and conducive to learning, but adventure (pioneering, map reading, we‟ll have to do a little more work on cooking, tracking,) community this aspect in coming months to help the (interviewing the outgoing Chief younger Scouts understand that they‟ve Constable, Steve Green), creative left Cubs now and it‟s time to grow up a expression (leathercraft, noticeboards, bit. One of the challenges of leading a posters, cooking), fit for life (indoor Scout Troop is exactly this to help and outdoor games, tip outs) and global, develop a relatively immature ten-year-beliefs and attitudes - all within the old into a level-headed context of the Scout Law. thirteen/fourteen-year-old capable of leading a Group of young people A Scout is to be trusted. effectively, responsibly and with a A Scout is loyal. sense of fun.


    A Scout is friendly and addressed many of the skills considerate. requirements for the survival badge A Scout belongs to the worldwide (backwoods cooking, first aid, navigation, family of Scouts. bivouacking, to name a few) and A Scout has courage in all knowledge and practical skills for the difficulties. electronics badge. A Scout makes good use of time and is careful of possessions and The camps together with programme property. activities allow the Scouts to progress A Scout has self-respect and through the Scout challenge badges respect for others. leading to the Chief Scout Gold Award As in other years, the programme is We try to keep the scout pages on the punctuated by opportunities for the Group website Scouts to attend a wide range of (

    outdoor adventures, leadership training, up-to-date with programme and camp skills training, character building and details and also with links to the scout hopefully enjoyable camps. The last association web pages camp was the patrol camp where the ( leaders had the chance to plan adges/index.htm) detailing

    and run their own camp. Here‟s some of requirements of any activity badges we their comments:- are working on.

The Troop Leader team is comprised of Patrol Camp was great because we got

    Tec (Brian Dobbins), Woody (John hike tents and we got to plan all of it.

    Ashton) with the Group Treasurer, Spex Also we got to choose the food which

    continuing to provide weekly support as was good. In addition we were left

    a non-uniformed helper. During the alone for a long time and we were far

    summer Turkish (Simon Grayling) moved apart from everyone.”

    over to support the Explorers and Emma

    Pollard has joined our team as an “Summer camp was great fun but a bit

    Assistant Scout Leader from Middleton wet”

    Cubs. You may know that in addition to

    her work with Cubs, Emma has “Patrol Camp was based around what the

    consistently provided support for scout patrol wanted to do and turned out to

    camps, supported the Explorers and has be great fun.”

    led our Duke of Edinburgh programmes.

    We are delighted that Emma has joined “We got the hike tents from the Active

    us and hope the Scouts will keep her Kids vouchers which was really useful.”

    entertained while leaving her with

    energy and time for her return to work (Thanks to everyone for supporting the

    and life as a new mum. voucher collection, we‟ll use the hike

     tents to supplement our traditional

    Lanky (Keith Cope) and Matt Boyd canvas patrol tents)

    continue to support our badge work and

    First Aid and we also had additional help We have worked together with the

    during the year from a Product Design Group and Thor Leader teams to

    student at Trent Poly (Andy Shaw), now support the camps and also to share

    working in Berlin, and our Explorers, resources for evening programmes,

    Jamie, Alex and James. especially badge work. We have


     decided to hang up his frying pan after Many thanks to all. many years service running our Camp

     Mess and offering his vast experience in Summer Camp Report support of the Leader Team and the David Coggins (Nash) Scouts. In lots of ways, Summer Camp

     operates around the activities of the This year‟s Summer Camp was held at kitchen and Biggles has run a Birtley Farm, Eskdaleside, near fantastically smooth operation for many Grosmont in North Yorkshire. The camp years, allowing the rest of the Leaders was attended by 18 Scouts and a to spend their time concentrating on support team of 5 Explorer Scouts with supporting the Scouts. We will all miss a full Leader Team. The camp started on his superb organisational skills as well as a slightly damp note and turned into a his pearls of wisdom and humour, not to logistical nightmare for the Leader mention his haggling skills with local Team after it swiftly became clear that butchers up and down the country! the new stone track the farmer had put Thank you George, for your committed in to get down the hill to the site would and exemplary service over the years at not support either the lorry or the Camp you will be an impossible act to minibuses! The Saturday was mainly follow. spent ferrying our 10 tons of kit in small

    batches down the hill to site and setting

    up Camp. With help from all the boys

    and good teamwork we took this in our

    stride and the weather soon improved,

    turning into one of the best weeks of

    sunshine all Summer!! The boys enjoyed

    Explorer Scout Unit many activities including plenty of

    canoeing, swimming, an assault course Chris Smith (Doc) with the infamous “death slide” into the river, a trip to the beach as well as It has been a busy few months for the more traditional camping skills including Explorer Group. Our programme is now backwoods cooking, whilst the older lads planned by the lads and each week one adeptly completed a challenging night Explorer takes responsibility for navigation exercise. After our difficult organising the night with the support of start it turned out to be an excellent the leaders. Camp with much fun had by all. Despite its beautiful location, Summer Camp The leader team has changed recently 2008 will probably be our last visit to and I am pleased to say, grown in size, Birtley Farm as the camp field drainage which is a great help as many of the has deteriorated since our last visit and leaders have busy work schedules which access has become a real problem. All in often need them to be away. Emma all, it was a thoroughly successful Pollard has moved from Explorers to Summer Camp where we all had to Scouts. Emma provided us guys a great overcome a certain amount of adversity deal of support and a woman‟s well done to the Scouts, the Explorers perspective which we miss already! Ed and the Leaders! Crisp and I have now been joined by

     Simon Grayling (Turkish) and Tom On a different note, it looks likely that Harvey (Bun) who have immediately got this was Biggles‟ (George Stephen) last stuck in and are really helping us move Summer Camp. George has finally forward with our plans.


     planning and running of the Group with We have said our farewells to Kester the help of the leader team. ONeil, Phil Henley and Adam Smith as they reach the ripe old age of 18. We On 13th November the Explorer Unit now have a unit of twelve which is a held an Open Evening for leaders, older good number and allows us to consider Scouts, exec members and family. The new recruits. aim of the night was to introduce the

     Group and tell them all about the Five of the Explorers joined the Scoutsprogress we have made and the plans summer camp and supported the leader for have for the coming year. There are team, it seemed to work really well this some ambitious plans for 2009 where year allowing the Explorers some time the Explorers will need to raise some for themselves and having a clear role in funds to supports their activities and helping to run a successful camp. I think gain the support of the Group and this has restored a desire by both the parents in the organisation and support Group and the Explorers to remain a involved in the activities. part of future summer camps.

     The weekend of 14-16th November saw The regular meetings nights (8:15 - three leaders and six Explorers head up 10pm on Thursdays) have involved wide to stay near Lake Windermere in the games, ready steady cook, bread making, Lake District for the Nottingham Nottingham city bike ride, a treasure District Winter Walking Weekend. The hunt, bell ringing, tip out and quiz night. weekend weather was excellent and the

     lads enjoyed some organised walks There are plans for a team of five to around the Langdales, Consiton and organise and cycle the coast to coast Grasmere. As a bonus Turkish, Bun and bike ride next year so there have been a Doc all managed to pass their few bike rides at weekends to begin assessment for Mountain Leader 1 which early preparation for this. will allow us to lead walks up to 800m in

    England and Wales.

    Well done to all the Explorers for the

    great progress they have made in 2008

    and thanks to the leaders for the

    support required.

    Happy Pain Memorial In September the Group voted in an

    Explorer Unit Committee. The members Paul Tordoff (Cash)

    are: I was recently given a folder containing a number of documents dating back as Chairman - Ed Dinsmore far as 1955 which was titled Building Vice Chair - Nathan Heinke Sub Committee 1966 1974 „Happy Pain Secretary - Alex Clark Memorial Fund‟. When I began to look Vice Secretary - Adam Robbins through some of the paperwork I found Treasurer - Dan Hunt it related to the acquisition of the land on which the scout hut now stands and This is all part of the leaders‟ desire for how the money was raised to build it. the lads to take responsibility for the

    When I joined the Group in 1973 we met

    in a hut at the rear of the old Church


Hall. This was a wooden building which the flag pole. There is a picture of was taken from Wollaton Park after the “Happy” on the wall in the entrance war. The Group had used it for a number foyer which was erected during the of years but following the death of Group‟s Golden Jubilee year in 1995. Happy Pain in November 1965, a

    I think that the hut is a very fitting committee was formed to make a

    memorial to a man of such vision who suitable memorial to his commitment to

    created the fine traditions that the scouting in Wollaton. Knowing that the

    Group still upholds today. hut‟s days on the Church Hall site were

    numbered, it was decided to find some

    land on which to build a permanent hut Fund raising that would be a memorial to Happy.

    Our latest fund raising ventures have Several locations were looked at raised the following for Group funds: including the land at the end of what is

    now Smythson Drive and at the rear of Christmas Market ?1,820

    the old colliery site around the area Fashion Show ?300 which is now Dean Close. Following

    Bag packing ?500 (approx) pressure from Mr Datson, who was

    District Commissioner, and also the Thank you to everyone who supported us Town Clerk, the Education Department in these activities. eventually offered us the land on which

     the hut now sits. This was part of the

    thformer Russell School. The 124 Biggles

    donated the hut which stood on the site Some of you may know that Biggles thto the 75 Group. The estimated cost (George Stephen) has been somewhat of the building was ?12,000. The under the weather recently. I am sure committee set about raising the everyone would like to send him our best necessary funds to build the hut and wishes for a speedy recovery. obtained grants from the Scout

     Association and the Local Authority.

    The remaining money was obtained Merry Christmas and a through Group fund raising activities Happy New Year such as whist drives, jumble sales and a

    plea for donations from ex members and


    Eventually the money was raised and the

    hut completed in 1973. It was opened at

    tha ceremony held on 12 May 1973 presided over by the then Group

    Chairman, Harry Barnes. I attended this

    ceremony as a young Cub Scout and

    remember being shown around by the

    Scout Leader of the time, Dave Bell.

    The opening was carried out by Sir

    Michael Nall, Chairman of the City

    Scout Association.

    The hut was dedicated to “Happy” and a

    plaque to that effect is on the wall near


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