CHAOS Handover Meeting, Thursday 27th April, 1pm

By Tracy Rivera,2014-05-20 16:25
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CHAOS Handover Meeting, Thursday 27th April, 1pm

    thCHAOS Handover Meeting, Thursday 27

    April, 1pm


    o Union Administration

    o Finances

    o Remaining events- BBQ; staff-student cricket; sports

    o Committee tops

    o IoP- Funding form; Lee as rep

    o Past events- Fresher’s week: book sale, pub crawl; Xmas meal, ball, BBQ

Meeting Minutes

    o Meeting commenced 1.10pm

    o Apologies: Hazel and Sam

    o Admin

    Lee was chosen to sort out the email lists, which includes adding the first years. Ruth

    needs to fill out the website ownership form.

    o BBQ

    It was decided that the BBQ should be held after exams, before results (21st June), thand the date of Friday 9 June was chosen. Lee will try to find the BBQ from last year, if this cannot be found then Clive may be able to get hold of a ? barrel. There

    will be approx. 180 people to be fed, and the cost is about ?300, for food, alcohol,

    charcoal etc. It was decided alcohol should not be only beer, as not everyone likes it.

    The gazebo needs to be found, it may or may not be at Liz and John’s house. It was

    decided that two people, one with a car, would be required to take care of the BBQ

    and shopping on the day, and Kian, Piers, Lee and Jim (with car) offered themselves


    o Staff/ student cricket Plans were briefly discussed, and it was decided the cricket match would be around

    the same time as the BBQ (between exams and results), probably on a weekday

    afternoon. The pitch at Coombe Dingle needs to be booked at a cost of around ?20.

    Tim and Terry will take care of this. Students need to get into shape early as

    apparently we always lose.

    o Committee tops

    Everybody wants to show off the fact they’re on the Physics committee so we decided

    tops were a good idea. Hoodies for the entire department also seemed like a good

    idea, and Clive will look into costs for both from an internet company. The hoodies

    need something funny on the back, so as to prove physicists have a sense of humour.

    Only suggestion so far: ‘Physics: not for girls.’ (well done John).

    o Fresh

    The pros and cons of having a stall at Fresh were discussed, some thinking it would stbe pointless as we can sign 1 years up to CHAOS at registration, whilst only a few would sign up at Fresh. However, the union provides a grant for the stall so it would

not hurt Chaos’ budget, all it needs is a few willing volunteers. When freshers are

    signed up, they should receive a copy of Chaos events coming up so they can get excited about what to attend. As for Fresher’s week, it was decided that no Chaos events (i.e. pub crawl) should take place until it is over as they would clash with other events.

    o Balls The Eng-Sci ball committee want a Chaos rep, and if anyone decided they would like to be it, could they possibly ask them for the missing jenga pieces and the twister back. Everybody likes the idea of a Chaos ball for next year, which was sorely missed this year.

    o Finance

    The idea was brought up of increasing the Chaos membership fee, which currently stands at ?10. This will be decided by the new committee. Lee needs to be

    transferred over as IoP rep, who will give us funding for certain things. Other funding can be sought from the union if we decide to become affiliated with them next year, as we are currently only recognised. They require an amount of our membership fees, and in return they offer funding for educational things such as lectures, publicity, stationary and large items (such as a physbar blackboard). A decision still needs to be made on Union affiliation.

    o Trip The Turkey trip was a great success, and everyone was in favour of a trip next year. The IoP provided ?700 of funding for Turkey, and would probably help out next year as well. We can also contact the treasurer of the Union, and Nexus, for funding.

    o Lectures

    Next year’s Chaos lectures were discussed, and suggestions made. Peter Ford from

    Bath and our very own Dr. Barham were suggested as lecturers we were keen to see again, and it was thought that fewer lectures a term (perhaps 2) would provoke more interest, especially if the lecturers were more prolific and/or talked on subject matters appealing to a larger audience. Students from other subjects could be invited (maybe even charged), and there could be interdepartmental talks from lecturers such as James Ladyman on Philosophy of Science. The idea of Bristol lecturers giving talks in the lunch hour was put forward, as this would be a convenient time for many students and lecturers to attend.

    The meeting closed, as there was nothing further to discuss. The handover was complete.

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