Cherry Run PTA

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Cherry Run PTA

    Cherry Run PTA

    Board and Committee Meeting

    September 1, 2009

    Call to Order/Opening

    Meeting called to order by incoming President Nancy Ohanian at 7:08 P.M.

    Opening President Nancy Ohanian

    ? Welcome to CRES PTA Board Members and visitors. General introductions were made by all in


    ? CRES will have new students who require the use of wheelchairs. To ensure they feel included,

    our PTA’s theme will be “Moving Forward to a Better Education at CRES.”

    ? Fireball of the Month! Kristen Zerr and Crystal Cook our new Staff Relations Co-Chairs for their outstanding work on the Welcome Back Breakfast for the staff. nd? Notify Kelly Serote (incoming 2 VP) if you still need a Red Book for your position. ? Back to School Picnic will be held Thursday, from 12:30-2:00 pm prior to the Open House. PTA

    will provide water and cookies. Mrs. Cook will be available to collect money for the children’s lunches.

    George Allen and some of our Brownies and Boy Scouts will perform the National Anthem at 12:45.

    More teen volunteers are needed for face painting, tattoos, and spirit wear sales. st? Per Nickole Acquaro (incoming 1 VP) our new spirit wear consists of short and long-sleeved t-shirts and hoodies. They are black with bold red and white graphics. We are also selling car

    magnets. Free school information magnets will be given to those who join our PTA.

    ? Per Mrs. Zvaletta the staff would love to purchase spirit wear. Could we have some for them to

    buy on Thursday before the Open House? Nancy assured her that we would make some available

    and would reorder items as necessary so everyone would have a chance to purchase them.

    ? Firecracker of the Month! Congratulations to Cathy Brown, Staff Representative.

    Treasurer's Report Melissa Do

    ? Submitted and discussed changes and minor revisions of the proposed budget for the new school


    ? Staff reimbursements need to be turned in by the end of the second quarter so we can reallocate

    money, if needed.

    ? Moved to accept the proposed budget by Melissa Do, seconded by Nickole Acquaro. Accepted.

    The budget will be voted on at the first General Membership meeting in October.

    ? Thanks were extended to Niti Bandi for completing our audit.

    1st Vice President's Report Nickole Acquaro ? Nickole asked for feedback on Yojo. Discussions ensued.

    ? Per Mrs. Zvaletta teachers don’t know how much money each grade has to spend on grade

    level support programs. Requested this information be sent out to teachers to assist in their

    planning. Nancy agreed and will take care of this.

    2nd Vice President's Report Kelly Serote ? Thank you to all of our awesome volunteers. Still openings for Odyssey of the Mind, Reflections

    and Parent Education.

    ? We would like to add a Student Council Liaison position to assist the Student Council in

    advertising their special events. Nickole Acquaro added we are thinking of making every Friday a

    spirit day. The Student Council would get to decide the theme of these days.

    ? If anyone needs a Red Notebook see her.

    ? Please record your volunteer hours. They are submitted to the County and will benefit our school.

    Discussion ensued as to exactly how it benefits our school. Kelly will investigate report back.

    ? Volunteer Orientation will be held on 29 September.

    ? Per Lisa Hammond (Librarian) thank you so much for the the yummy Welcome Back Breakfast

    and raising the Teacher’s Reimbursement. The teachers are pleased with the new white boards

    and mimeos which are now in every classroom for grades 1-6.

     ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Cherry Run PTA Minutes 1 5/20/2010

Principal’s Report - Steve Gossin

    ? Our staffing is strong. We will have three Kindergarten sessions.

    ? Many parents emailed concerns regarding combo classes and linking them to the budget.

    Combo classes are linked to school size and not the budget. We are a small school so we are not as thflexible. It is impossible with SOLs to have classic combo classes (half 5 graders and half six

    graders all day). We use combo classes for Language Arts. IA’s help with Science, Math, and ndrdththHistory. There will be no 2/3 grade combo class this year. 5 and 6 grades will only be together

    for attendance.

    ? Introduced Mrs. Zvaletta, Mrs. McAleese and Mrs. Swartz.

    Assistant Principal’s Report – Tamara Sistrunk nd? Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test (NNAT) testing: Sept 22, 23 (2 graders and all new students for

    whom CRES does not have scores) nd? Cognitive Abilities Test (COGAT) testing: Oct 20, 21, 22 (2 graders and all new students for

    whom CRES does not have scores) Makeup date is Oct 23.

    ? School announcements will start earlier this year at approximately 8:50 to smooth out scheduling.

    School doors open at 8:45. Discussions ensued that children riding the bus may miss out on

    some announcements. Ms. Sistrunk assured everyone that birthdays and the Pledge of

    Allegiance would be saved until the end of announcements

Committee Reports:

Chess Club - George Allen: Registration forms have been sent out. Biggest concern is the large club

    size. Last year there were 65 kids and this year there could be 100. Two possible solutions: (1) limit

    club size, (2) morph club into a chess/game club to include checkers and 2 or 3 other educational games.

FLEX - Steven Key: Informational flyers placed in student’s folders. Registration for classes in Spanish

    and Chinese begins Sept. 15. Classes begin in early to mid-Oct.

Lego League - Liz Reid: The first meeting will be held on Sept. 14. There will be a league for younger

    students beginning after the holidays.

New Families - Julie Kimble: The New Parent’s Dessert Social will be held on Oct. 7, from

    7:00 8:30 PM at the Niehoff’s home.

    Library - Elisha Gregg: Book Fair Week will be Oct 19 23.

Staff Relations - Kristen Zerr/Crystal Cook: Kristen asked if we are still hosting a monthly luncheon for

    the staff. For this year, the PTA will sponsor quarterly luncheons and a comprehensive monthly birthday

    celebration for the staff. The mornings after the Back to School Nights, Sept 16 and 17, the PTA will

    provide Starbucks coffee. Each classroom will be assigned a support person (Librarian, Office Staff,

    Janitorial Staff, PE, Band, Art, etc…) to be recognized as a part of Teacher Appreciation Week. It was

    suggested to include the two crossing guards. Everyone agreed this was a great idea.

Thanksgiving Luncheon - Nickole Acquaro: We need another volunteer to head this up. Luncheon is

    scheduled for Nov. 11 and 12. Mr. Gossin was not able to attend last year and would like to attend this

    year. Hopefully some fathers who are off of work that day will be able to attend.

    Gift Wrap/Entertainment Books - Alison Conley-Baldwin: Gift wrap sales begin Sep 18. There will be two kickoff assemblies. This year’s theme is dogs. We are having problems obtaining incentive gifts. If

    anyone knows of anyone or any businesses that would be willing to contribute please let Alison know as

    soon as possible. Gift wrap will be delivered Oct. 26. Entertainment books will be delivered on Nov 2 and

    are on sale from Nov 10-17. A kid’s ice cream party is scheduled for Oct. 21. Someone inquired whether

    people could just give a donation to the school directly in lieu of purchasing gift wrap. We will put the

    word out discreetly that people can do this if they so desire.

     ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Cherry Run PTA Minutes 2 5/20/2010

Fun Fair - Carole Franklyn: We need to get the contract with Fun Services signed in Sep. People

    mentioned that last year’s Fun Fair was early and asked if we could wait until Mid-Mar to hold it. We will look into the dates.

Box Tops Anna Rose: Per Judy Riggle. Anna Rose could not attend the meeting but sent an email

    with the following information. She asks that the Box Tops be submitted in groups of 25--25, 50, 75, etc.

    She will not keep track of how many each student submits this year. There will be a monthly drawing for

    a small ($5.00) gift card). Each submission of 25 equals one entry into the drawing. The Labels for

    Education program will stay the same. We have roughly 8,000 labels in our account. She will give Mr.

    Gossin the LFE catalog so that he can identify items he would like (or that we can save labels to redeem

    in the future.) Questions arose as to whether the prize cart would still be used. Discussions ensued

    about whether groups of 25 were too much and would adversely affect submissions.

New Business:

Elisha Gregg The Girls on the Run Program needs a new coach. She may only be able to commit to a

    Spring program. She wondered if we could find someone willing to coach a Fall program. Kelly Serote

    said she would mention this in our next newsletter. Kelly will contact Rangu Srikant.

George Allen The annual Boo-Hoo/Whoo-Hoo Breakfast will be held at George’s home from 9:00 – 3:30.

    He will have the final list by this weekend with directions attached to an email. His home is not child-

    proofed. Flyers will be handed out at the Back to School Picnic.

A huge thanks was given on behalf of Pat Hadley to the parents who came in to help stuff packets.

Melissa Do - Our school website is under construction. Please use the new Check Request Forms which

    are located in the office, not the old forms that are still online. There are also standing file folders in the

    front office if anyone needs to communicate with the board members.

Kelly Serote Our volunteers are great! Thank you.

    Next Meeting: September 28: 7:00 P.M. CRES Library

Adjourn: Meeting adjourned by Nancy Ohanian at 9:17 P.M.

Submitted by Judy Riggle, Secretary

     ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Cherry Run PTA Minutes 3 5/20/2010

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