Christian Fenger High School Academy Honors Algebra II Course Syllabus

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Christian Fenger High School Academy Honors Algebra II Course Syllabus

Christian Fenger High School Academy Honors Algebra II Course


    2009 2010 Academic School Year Course Meeting Time: Block 2 (“B” Days 8:00 am – 9:30 am) & Wednesdays 8:34

    am 9:04 am

    Welcome to the 2009 2010 School Year! My name is Mr. Towns and I am very excited to work with each of you during this school year!

    Instructor Contact Information Mr. Ronald Towns

    Room 113

    School Phone: 773-535-5430

    Cell Phone: 773-633-3023

    E-mail Address:

Course Description

    Honors Algebra II students will extend their knowledge of Algebra I in order to advance their

    knowledge of the study of functions, systems of equations, conic sections and solving equations.

    Most importantly, Algebra II students will apply what they learn in order to analyze and interpret

    their communities and the world around them.

Course Objectives

    By the end of this course, students will be able to:


    - Identify functions and their multiple representations

    - Analyze and interpret data in order to talk about the world around them

    - Determine the relationship between a function and its inverse

    - Increase their skill at manipulating algebraic expressions to solve complex problems

    - Use graphing calculators and computers to solve algebraic problems

    - Be successful on the PSAE (ACT and WorkKeys) examination


    - Collaborate effectively with their peers in order to prepare for work and/or post-

    secondary education

    - Accept criticism well in order to produce the best product possible

    - Follow instructions effectively in order to remain on task and focused

    Course Supplies

    - 1 Binder (with Pockets)

    - A Pencil or Pen (each day)

    - A pack of notebook paper

    Credits Offered 0.5 credit per semester; 1.0 credit for the school year (two semesters)

Text and Other Instructional Materials

    Main Text: Agile Mind (

    Supplementary Textbook: Discovering Algebra II

    Supplementary Tools: TI-84 plus graphing calculators, markers, poster papers, graph paper,


    Grading Policies Grade Breakdown

    Agile Mind Usage 5%

Participation 10%

Quizzes 10%

Homework 15%

Projects 15%

Tests 20%

In-Class Work 25%


Mathematics Department No-Zero Policy

    Students will be given every opportunity to demonstrate their mastery of course-related skills. In

    that spirit, students will not be given a grade of 0 for any assignment where effort was made. In

    exchange for this, students are expected to try their best on and submit THEIR OWN WORK!

Grading Scale

    90 100 = A 60 69 = D

80 89 = B 0 59 = F

70 79 = C


    Honors Algebra II students will have many types of assessments. We will have both school-

    wide and Agile Mind assessments. Below is the schedule for the Agile Mind assessments:

    Assessment Testing Window Formative 1 Oct 27-Nov 7 Formative 2 Jan 12- Jan 23 Formative 3 Mar 16- Mar 27 Summative May 18- May 22

Late or Missing Work

    Students will be allowed to make up and/or do alternative assignments to demonstrate that they

    have mastered the skills and the content.

Need Help or Just Want to Talk?

    If you need additional help or just want to talk about something, then my door is always open

    when I am not teaching and do not have meetings. I am available before and after school and

    during most days during Blocks 3 and 4. I am always here to help!


While we will develop some of the classroom rules and procedures together, below are some

    “non-negotiables”. I will lead a respectful and disciplined classroom. To achieve this I have

    established a few simple policies. As a student, it is your responsibility to comply with these

    policies. If you decide not to comply, there will be logical consequences. By enforcing these

    policies, I promise to you fairness and order in our classroom.


    Students are expected to follow the following rules:

    ? Think before you speak

    Students will exhibit respect and courtesy towards all others at all times. Hateful

    comments regarding race, gender, sexuality, political views, appearance, beliefs, or any

    other type will not be tolerated; this applies to all comments, regardless of intent.

    ? Hands Off, That’s Hot

    Physical contact is not permitted at any time unless, instructed to do so by the teacher for

    a specific class activity. Violators of this simple rule will be punished with the most

    severe consequences.

    ? Stay Grounded

    Students are required to stay in their seats unless instructed to get up by the teacher. Do

    not get up and walk around class for any reason.

    ? Lunchy No Lunch

    Students are not permitted to eat or drink in class. This includes gum and candy.

    Closeable containers of water are permitted.

    ? Look into My Eyes

    I need to see students’ eyes at all times. Sleeping is not permitted at any time during


    ? In the Club, NOT!

    This is not a club; students are not permitted to have radios, mp3 players, walkmans, or

    anything else that can generate music. Cellular phones must be turned completely off

    during class time.

    ? The N.B. Not A.

    This is not a sports arena; therefore, nothing goes airborne. Students are not permitted to

    throw anything. If you must throw away trash, wait until transition time or the end of

    class, and walk your item to the trash basket.

? Fashion NOT!

    Students are required to wear school uniforms everyday, as mandated by Fenger High

    School. Students are not permitted to wear hats, backpacks, jackets (including “hoodies”)

    unless apart of an outfit, earrings (male students).


    All assessments will consist of multiple-choice questions and open-ended questions.

    Assessment Testing Window Formative 1 Oct 27-Nov 7 Formative 2 Jan 12- Jan 23 Formative 3 Mar 16- Mar 27 Summative May 18- May 22

? Most Common Procedures

    ? Hallway behavior

    ? In the hallway you are expected to:

    ? Keep your language clean

    ? Speak in a conversational tone voice

    ? Respect the physical space of others

    ? Keep moving

? Classroom Procedures

    ? Entering the classroom

    ? Enter quietly and calmly- you are to enter the classroom without screaming, running,

    or otherwise causing a ruckus. Students who do not do this will be asked to leave the

    room and reenter as expected.

    ? Take care of business- you should get anything you need around the room as soon as

    you enter the room (sharpen your pencil, pick-up today’s handouts, hand in

    homework, get tissue, get your binder, etc…)

    ? Get to work- once you are seated, check the front screen for today’s bell ringer. You

    should also check the board and record the day’s assignment in your binder.


    All assessments will consist of multiple-choice questions and open-ended questions.

    Assessment Testing Window Formative 1 Oct 27-Nov 7 Formative 2 Jan 12- Jan 23 Formative 3 Mar 16- Mar 27 Summative May 18- May 22

    Student Release Form/Permission Slips

    (Watching Video, Recording/Photographing, Field Trips)

This is a general Release Form/Permission Slip for the academic year

    2009-2010 at Christian Fenger Academy High School. This is to allow

    students to watch film or video that maybe rated for children above your

    child’s age level, be photographed or recorded on video, and attend field

    trips or off campus activities. Any of the above activities in which your

    child(ren) will participate are for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY.

    If there are any grievances, questions, or concerns please contact your

    child’s instructor for details.

Watching Film or Video:

My child(ren),__________________________________________________

    has(have) permission to watch all curriculum related movies as well as movies

    outside of the curriculum that have significant educational value determined by the

    instructor. I am aware that some movies may have a rating of “R” and may contain

    scenes judged not to be appropriate for children under the age of 17.

    ? I Give my Consent: ________________________________________

    (Parent/Guardian Signature)

    ? I DO NOT Give my Consent: ________________________________

     (Parent/Guardian Signature)


My child(ren),__________________________________________________ has

    permission to be video taped, recorded or photographed and posted on the school

    website. This will be for educational purposes and teacher reflections on lessons

    and instruction. This also includes projects or lessons that may require my

    child(ren) to construct video projects, reports and group photos. No student’s

    name, contact information, or any other personal information will be published or

    displayed and will remain strictly confidential.

     (Parent/Guardian Signature) ? I Give my Consent: ________________________________________

    ? I DO NOT Give my Consent: ________________________________

     (Parent/Guardian Signature)

    Field Trips/Off-Campus Activities:

My child(ren),__________________________________________________ has

    permission to participate in field trips and off-campus activities. I will receive

    prior notification of each specific trip, including date, time, chaperons, drivers, and

    trip destinations. I understand that parents/guardians and/or teachers will

    accompany the group and arrange for transportation. I am aware that an effort will

    be made to contact me, through home and emergency telephone numbers, in case

    of an illness or accident involving my child(ren). However, if it is necessary for a

    physician or nurse to attend to my child(ren) before I can be reached, (he/she/they)

    may have emergency medical attention at my expense.

    ? I Give my Consent: ________________________________________

    (Parent/Guardian Signature)

    ? I DO NOT Give my Consent: ________________________________

     (Parent/Guardian Signature)

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