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Personal Information:

    FirstName LastName Jian Hui Telephone 1381******* Age 23 E mail Sex : Male Englist-grade CET6 Degree Bachelor Employment Objective

JAVA software engineer -------Development environment base on Sun Solaris Unix /


    ? Proficient in JAVA programme technology using J2EE standards base on Web

    application : includeing JSPServletJDBCJavaBeans. ? Skilled using Struts framework to development web application base

    on MVC model ;

    ? Skilled using Hibernate technology to make java object persistent ;

    ? Applying Apache HTTP Serve for JAVA development skillfully ;

    ? Familiar with Spring framework

    ? Familiar with database programming base on Oracle(8i, 9i) and MySQL ,SQL and JDBC

    included ;Plus Socket network programme ;

    ? Know EJB

    ? English Certificate CET-6

    ? Bachelor O f Mechanics and Automatization ? Painstaking also be adept in self-studying ;abound aggressive; Cooperative, teamwork


Social Practice

    2006.42006.9 Take part in special training for for Software Engineer

    in Canada Tarena Technology Company

    ACCOMPLISH PROJECT : System. Supporting For Telecom Management

    The charge System develop with C++ ,Spring ,Hibernate ,Struts and

    Oracle9i runs on Bea Weblogic Server, which can provide several charge

    servicees :including online openlab renting ,dial-up link to network with

    163/168,telephone servicees both fixed and mobile ;film online

download and so on ;With this system , the operation metion above can

    carry out efficiently .

    System. Architecture

    The system consists of logonlogofftime data collection module data integration module query and admin module The most complex

    module is Query And Admin that can separate into six sub-modules :

    Pricing management ,

    System Adm management ,

    User management ,

    User-self Management,

    Billing Management System Implement: Accounting Management . Data Collection Module : when the client logon on the service through the UNIX AAA

    server ,the logonlogoff--time message is written down and store into log file ,the log

    file path is /var /adm /wtmpx in UNIX System .In order to etch the data ,so program a C ++

    programme read the log file .The communication between collection system and integration

    use socket program base on TCP /IP ,with collection system as client and integration system

    as corresponding server ,we apply socket netprogramming base on TCP/IP to accomplish the communication between two systems ;

    Data Integration Module : when accept the logon-logoff-time data from the collection

    System ,the Integration System store the data into the Oracle database whit pro*c

    technology .Then there is the timetables in the oracle database ,and the system hava a

    basis to for the user charge .

    Query And Admin

    Because of the frequence of client query database ,we adopt Hibernate framework that

    inline Spring to make object persistent ,which can improve the performance ;Struts MVC

    design Model to increase tap speed ;Also ,take module expansibility and use-again into

    account ,we use the Inversion of Control-Menu of spring that benefits loose-couple of class

Responsibility Description

    Responsible for the development of pricing sub-module and System Adm

    management sub-module independently ,including design ,coding ,and

    unit-module testing . participate in some design in collection module


    Bei Jing LYC Technology Company Intern

    Position : Technology support of development department

    Responsibility Description : Responsible for translate the manual of

    laser-scaning holography apparatus (English

    to Chinese ),to provide technology data for

    button control software development ;


    Practice in Institute of Automation ,Chinese Academy of Sciences, BeiJing HuyDai car

    factory ,Beijing Fu Tian factory .Beijing machine tool factory .


    Practice numeric control programme and machine tool operation in university metalworking



    2002.7 2006.7 BeiJing Forestry University

    Bachelor O f Mechanics and Automatization


    ?20022003 Third Rate Scholarship

    ?20042005 Third Rate Scholarship

English Skills :

    English .Past CET-6

    Have a good command of both spoken and written Personal making

    Painstaking, aggressive;

    Adaptableindependent and be able to work under a dynamic environment ;

    Cooperative, teamwork spirit;.

I should appreciate the privilege of an interview and work for your company .Also thank for

    your reading my resume heartfelt

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