Monash University - Proposed IT Skills Matrix (Students)

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Monash University - Proposed IT Skills Matrix (Students)

Monash University Staff IT Skills Matrix.


    The purpose of the IT Skills Matrix is to provide guidance to General Administrative staff for baseline Information, Communication and Technology skills

Using the Matrix:

    The Core Skills required for General staff to work efficiently within the Monash environment are defined in Columns 1 and 2.

    If staff are unsure of their current computer skills, they can logon to the portal’s Computer Training channel and undertake multiple-choice

    quizzes to identify IT skills gaps.

    A list of training resources for selection is provided in Column 3.

Core Skills Categories :

    1. General Computing - basic PC skills

    2. Communications - using a computer to communicate with others, Monash Messaging Services (MMS), portal, the Internet

    3. Information Skills - Searching the Internet

    4. Document Management - basic word processing, simple spreadsheets, and presentations based on Microsoft applications

    5. Specialist Administrative skills understanding and use of core administrative applications eg, SAP for Finance and HR, Callista.

Training Needs Analysis Online Assessment Tools :

    ; A number of online tools are available to assist staff in assessing their IT skill levels.

    ; There are 8 core modules presented as self-paced, multiple-choice quizzes.

    ; Log on to portal: Click on COMPUTER TRAINING.

    ; Under ONLINE TRAINING click on the link to: Check out the self-paced computer training

Training Resources (refer Appendix)

    ; Consult the range of suggested training programs provided by external vendors and some Faculties.

Version 1 Feb 2004 1

Core Skills Category 1: Skills Requirement Monash Training Resources General Computing

    Ability to work efficiently and Online: Develop familiarity with and understanding of use of effectively using a PC with basic a computer and basic IT concepts: ; International Computer Drivers Licence (ICDL) -computing knowledge. due for release Semester 1, 2004

     ; Basic understanding of components of a PC

     ; TeachMe Online Tutorial-Intro to Computers ; Files and file management

     ; Operating system

     ; Getting Started With My.Monash Portal ; Understanding of the common types of software

    eg. Email, word processing

    ; Printing Instructor led courses:

    ; Basic understanding of University network eg, ; Staff Development Unit - PC Management Novell ; Monash Short Courses Centre: Introduction to Computers and Windows

    Faculty courses :

    Faculty of Arts:

    Introduction to Computers

    Introduction to Windows Explorer & File


    Reference reading:

    ; Excellent introductory books are available from the

    Monash Libraries: How to use the Voyager

    Catalogue and campus bookshops.

    Version 1 Feb 2004 2

Core Skills Category 2: Skills Requirement Training Resources Communications

    Communicate effectively within the The Portal Online: Monash Intranet ; About My.Monash Portal ; Logging on username and password

     ; And Help ; Checking personal info eg, email quota

     ; Adding links

    ; Customizing channels

    Use Monash Messaging Services CALENDAR Online: (MMS) Core skills: ; ITS - MMS Calendar ; Check and manage your own Agenda

    Instructor led courses: ; Schedule appointments with other staff agenda

     ; Staff Development Unit - Monash Messaging System

    Optional skills:

    Faculty courses ; Act as designate for a staff member

    Faculty of Arts: ; Schedule appointments on his/her behalf

    ; MMS Calendar ; Filter appointments

    Faculty of Business & Economics ; Book Resources

    ; MMS Calendar group or individual training

    EMAIL Online:

     Core skills: ; ITS - MMS Email

     ; Send and receive, reply to and forward ; Email Security - Spam

    messages ; Student Mailing Lists and Groups

    ; Send and receive and file attachments ; News Groups

    ; Sort messages by category

    ; Locate messages using certain criteria Instructor led courses:

    ; Create and manage mail folders ; Staff Development Unit Managing Email

Version 1 Feb 2004 3

    Faculty courses Optional skills:

    Faculty of Arts: ; Message filtering

    ; Set up personal address book ; MMS Messenger

    ; Spam & Email Filtering ; Set up out of office auto reply vacation


    Optional skills:

    ; Security, dealing with SPAM.

    ; Mailing lists

    ; ONLINE discussion groups

    Electronic communication protocols Online: ; Understand Monash policies on the

    acceptable use of IT facilities and the ; Read the Monash IT Use Policy staff and other University network authorized users

    ; Understand email and internet use etiquette ; Read suggested guidelines available at Email etiquette

    Core Skills Category 3: Skills Requirement Training Resources Information Skills

    Searching the Internet Online: The Internet

    Core skills: ; TeachMe Online Manual - Discover The Internet

    ; Familiarity with web browsers ; TeachMe Online Tutorial-Searching The Internet

    Effectively ; Effective use of search engines

    ; How to do research on the Internet (Monash University Library) ; Evaluation of information How to evaluate what you find (Monash University


    ; Instructor led courses:

    Faculty courses

    Faculty of Arts:

    ; Surfing the Web

    Version 1 Feb 2004 4

Core Skills Category 4: Skills Requirement Training Resources Document Management

Basic Word Processing Microsoft WORD: Online:

     Core skills: ; TeachMe Online Tutorial-WORD 2000 Ability to create basic documents and ; TeachMe Online Manual- Discover WORD 2000 ; Creating and saving documents

    manage files. ; Managing Files

     Instructor led courses: ; Basic formatting

     ; Staff Development Unit WORD Level 1 ; Spell check

     ; Staff Development Unit WORD Level 2 ; Printing

     ; Create and work with tables

    ; Short Courses Centre:

    Optional skills: ; Word 2000 Fundamentals, Intermediate,

    Advanced ; use the Mail Merge helper to merge data with a


    Faculty courses : ; adjust and format tables

    Faculty of Arts ; use Word's table drawing features to create table

    ; Killing the Microsoft Word Paperclip ; insert and work with graphics

    ; Mail Merge

    ; Inserting Graphics into Word Documents

    Faculty of Business & Economics

    ; Introduction to MS Word

    ; Word Mail Merge

    ; Word Templates, Styles, Sections & Tables

    ; Word Endnotes & Footnotes

    ; Word Master Documents

    Version 1 Feb 2004 5

    Ability to create basic spreadsheets Microsoft EXCEL Online:

    Core skills: ; TEACHME Online Tutorial EXCEL

    ; Online Manual Discover Excel ; Create a simple Workbook

     ; Use a variety of techniques to select cells and

    ranges in a workbook Instructor led courses:

    ; Move cells; insert and delete columns and rows ; Staff Development Unit EXCEL level 1

    ; Create formulas and understand use in ; Staff Development Unit EXCEL level 2 worksheets ; Staff Development Unit EXCEL level 3 ; Printing ; Short Courses Centre - Excel Introduction, ; Create charts in Excel 2000 Advanced

    Optional skills: Faculty courses:

    ; Work with absolute cell references Faculty of Arts

    ; Create and use range names to speed up ; Performing Calculations in Excel workbook operations ; Creating Graphs in Excel ; Generate automatic and manual data outlines ; Protect worksheet cells and workbooks from Faculty of Business & Economics unauthorized changes ; Introduction to Excel ; Sort and filter data in a worksheet Advanced skills: ; Run advanced filters on worksheet data Faculty of Business & Economics ; Create and work with different types of data ; Excel Consolidating, Linking and Outline Feature ; Create and use PivotTables and Pivot Charts ; Excel Database Features and Pivot Tables ; Consolidate different data sources ; Publish Excel data to Web pages

    Version 1 Feb 2004 6

Ability to design and deliver group Microsoft POWERPOINT Online:

    presentations Core skills: ; TeachMe Online tutorial: PowerPoint 2000

     ; Create and run a simple presentation using the ; Online Manual: Discover PowerPoint 2000

     AutoContent Wizard

     ; Identify and select the different objects which Instructor led courses: make up a presentation ; Staff Development Unit POWERPOINT Level 1 ; Create slides for displaying text ; Staff Development Unit POWERPOINT Level 2 ; Create and work with slides in outline view ; Create and work with graphs Faculty courses ; Formatting features Faculty of Arts ; Rehearse, set up, run and compile for ; Microsoft PowerPoint distribution an automated presentation ; Optimizing Photos & Images for the Web / WebCT / PowerPoint Optional skills: ; Design an effective presentation according to Faculty of Business & Economics basic design principles: ; Creating a Powerpoint Slide show ; Animate objects and transitions ; Creating & Working with PDF files in Adobe Acrobat ; Create and work with tables ; Proofing tools ; Edit a photograph in Microsoft Photo Editor ; Organization Charts

Core Skills Category 5: Skills Requirement Training Resources Specialist Administrative

SAP-Finance and HR SAP See SAP Roles below for clarification on which courses are

    appropriate ; General ledger and cost centers and funds codes and roadmap ; IDNs; Purchase orders html ; Basic reporting ; HR Online:

     ; SAP computer based training Version 1 Feb 2004 7

Callista Instructor led courses: Callista

     see SAP roles and training roadmap at ; Student admissions and other required


     ; Reports

    See Callista training web at

    Instructor led courses at Callista training program

    Version 1 Feb 2004 8

    APPENDIX: Key to Training Resources

Online Pre test and Assessment:

    A series of modular, self- paced multiple-choice quizzes are available online to assist users to test their existing skills and view their results score. This forms the basis of the Matrix’s Training Needs Analysis and is not mandatory to complete. Based on results, individual staff can then select their required course and preferred training method from the Training Resources column.

Online Courses:

    ITS and other training providers offer a range of online courses and guidelines. For access to most online materials, staff are required to login to the portal, access the Computer Training channel, and select the required material. For the Monash Learningfast materials (TeachMe), click on the link to Check out the self-paced computer training. The TEACHME program provides Pre test tools, online tutorials, online manuals.

    These online courses are also available from the Computer Resources Guide CD-ROM distributed by ITS.

Online Tutorials: (Monash Learningfast)

    ; TeachMe self paced interactive tutorials, based on software simulations for commonly used desktop applications and includes Popular task Tutorials

    printable Chapter Reviews from the workbooks help users perform simple tasks. ; TeachMe Online Manuals: support the online tutorials, in full text, pdf, printable. ; The International Computer Drivers Licence (ICDL) online learning program has been piloted at Monash and will be released in Semester 1 2004.

Instructor Led Courses:

    ; Staff Development Unit instructors provide a wide range of courses conducted at ITS training labs at Clayton, and other campuses by arrangement ; Monash Short Courses Centre offers low cost short courses on a range of topics including computer skills training.

    ; Faculties: Some faculties provide instructor led training programs specifically for their staff. Check the Training Contacts list below for details.

     Training Staff Contacts:

    IT Training Manager Staff Development Unit

    Faculty of Arts - Faculty of Education Faculty of IT Library

     SAP mailto: Celts workshops refer web site


    Faculty of Business and Economics -

    Version 1 Feb 2004 9

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