Career Services & Professional Life Development

By Dan Johnson,2014-05-20 16:00
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Career Services & Professional Life Development

     USM’s Job Fair

     April 9, 2009

     12:00 - 4:00 Sullivan Gym

4 Things to DO Before the Career Fair:

     1. Research companies by going to our website to find out who will be there.

     2. Develop a list of questions to ask employers.

     3. Dress in business or business casual clothes- no jeans, t-shirts, hoodies or sneakers.

     4. Develop a plan to visit as many employers as you can - plan time accordingly.

    4 Things to TAKE to the Career Fair:

     1. A short (less than a minute) rehearsed biography of yourself that you can deliver to

     recruiters, including your interests, experience, and skills.

     2. Copies of your résumé.

     3. Information about the organizations that will be attending.

     4. A smile, a strong handshake, a positive attitude, and energy!

4 Things NOT to Do at the Career Fair:

     1. Cruise the booths with a group of friends.

     2. “Wing it” with employers. Do your homework!

     3. Come during the last half hour of the event.

     4. Interrupt just to grab materials - wait your turn.

4 Things to TAKE Home:

     1. Business cards from the recruiters you have met, which you can use to write follow-up notes.

    2. Notes about contacts you made, which you will use to send thank you letters to the companies

    that interest you.

     3. Information about organizations you have contacted.

     4. Self-confidence in interacting with employer representatives.

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