Cougar BL old

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Cougar BL old

    COUGAR BL Glass Break/Passive Infrared Detector ? 1,2 or 3 Pulse Count? Temperature Compensation Figure 1 64mm/2.5

     Knockout Wiring Channel 104mm/4”

     Wiring Channel To open, push the Place for optional snapfit with a small screw (not supplied) screwdriver Mounting ? Select a location from which the pattern of the detector is most likely to be crossed by a burglar, should there be a break in. ? Avoid a location which comes in direct contact with radiators heating/cooling ducts or air conditioners. ? Do not place the detector in front of windows subject to direct sunlight or drafts. ? Do not place the detector in front of bulky objects.

    Mounting PCB Setting Installation Instructions Height (vertical adjustment) 1. Remove the cover by depressing the tab situated at the bottom of ( Standard 0? -5? -10? the cover. (Refer to figure 1). Lens) 2. Loosen the PCB hold down screw without completely removing the 2.5m 15 12 10.5 circuit board. Note: Do not touch the face of the PYRO sensor. 3. Knock out the wiring and mounting holes. (Refer to figure 1). 2.0m 12 9 7.5 4. Use table 1 to select an appropriate mounting height. Note: Mount 1.5m 9.5 6.5 5 the detector with the lens situated at the bottom of the unit. Note: The distances indicated refer to the 5. Connect the wires according to figure 2. central lens segment (0?). 6. Adjust the PCB setting (vertical adjustment) using table 1. 7. Tighten the PCB hold down screw and attach the front cover. Table 1

    Operation and Adjustment Setting the pulse counter: The detector is supplied in the 3 pulse count mode. Place the jumper over the top two pins for 2 pulses and remove the jumper for 1 pulse. Stabilizing the detector: After applying 9-16Vdc, allow the detector to stabilize for 90 seconds. Walk testing the detector: A walk test is performed to determine whether the detector is fully functional. To do so, walk across the detection pattern of the detector (refer to the lens pattern diagrams as the pattern is determined by the lens used). Confirm that the LED activates and, after two motion free seconds, deactivates). This test should be performed weekly. Note: A walk test should be performed with the detector in the 1 pulse count mode. Setting the LED indicator: Removing the LED jumper disables the LED indicator. Note: The LED should be disabled only after successfully walk testing the detector. Setting the glass break sensitivity: Turn the trimmer clockwise for maximum glass break sensitivity and counter-clockwise to reduce sensitivity. Disabling glass break detection: Remove the BL jumper for PIR detection only (see figure 2).


    PROBLEM PROBABLE CAUSE SOLUTION Detector does not reach the required Using table 1, adjust the PCB setting Incorrect vertical adjustment. range. to the correct height. Check if the DC power supply is Improper DC connection or LED The LED indicator does not function. properly connected and the LED jumper removed. jumper is installed. Moving object in detection area (such Refer to the mounting as curtains). recommendations outlined above. If Rapid temperature change (heater necessary, mask off problematic False detection. etc.) in detection area. zones. Glass break sensitivity set too high. Reduce the sensitivity level.

    Table 2

    Specifications Figure 2 TamperInput Voltage: 9 -16 Vdc. TamperCurrent Consumption: 19 mA (standby), 33 mA (alarm) GNDRelayAlarm Output: Dry Contact N.C. 500mA, 200Vdc. +12VRelayTamper Switch: Dry Contact N.C. 3A, 200Vdc. Field of View: 110?. Coverage: 15m. Detection Zones: 4 Planes of view, Multi-level. Pyroelectric Sensor: Dual pyroelectric element. Glass break detection: Audio discriminator. Glass Break SensorLED Indicator: Jumper Selectable. LED Jumper: Insert toenable LED. RemovePulse Count: Selectable (1, 2 or 3). Trimmer: Turn clockwise forto disable LEDTemperature Compensation: Thermistor. maximum glass break sensitivity,counterclockwise to decreaseReverse Polarity Protection: Diode. BL Jumper: Insert tosensitivityWeight: 150 g. enable glass breakPulse Count Jumper:detection. Remove to Refer to diagram belowdisable glass breakfor required setting detection.12323__Vertical Adjustment ScaleOrdering Information _COUGAR BL ET 5100169

    Lens Patterns (shown at a vertical adjustment of 0?)Lens S - Standard Lens N - Long Range Top View Top View

     Side View Side View

     Lens F - Pet Lens Lens C - Curtain Lens Top View Side View

    Side View Top View

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