Deng Xiaoping's concept of the new development of practice_2910

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Deng Xiaoping's concept of the new development of practice_2910

Deng Xiaoping's concept of the new development of practice

     Abstract of practice is the primary point of view of Marxist philosophy, Marxist philosophy, the philosophy is different from the past, all the old, one of the most significant sign is the core content of Deng Xiaoping's philosophy. In the process of China's modernization drive, Deng Xiaoping to respect people, respect for the practice, inheritance, enriched and developed the Marxist conception of practice, forming a Chinese view of the practice of dialectical materialism.

     Key Words Deng Xiaoping, the practice concept, new development

     Deng Xiaoping, the Chinese Communist Party as the core of the second generation of collective leadership, in leading the Chinese people to carry out the practice of the socialist modernization drive, he anchored standards of practice, to dialectical materialism and historical materialism to a new height, to form the contemporary Chinese The Marxist conception of practice.

     First, insist that practice is the sole criterion for testing truth, re-established the

    central role of practice

     More than 20 years ago on the practice nationwide is the sole criterion for testing truth, the big discussion sessions of the party prior to the convening of a profound ideological liberation movements and Marxist education campaigns. It is the great historical significance is to overcome the Lin Biao and the 'gang of four' fake created by the spiritual shackles of Marxism and the 'two whatevers' the idea of imprisonment, from a fundamental driving things right. Through the discussion of the criterion of truth, established practice, the authority, to propagate Marxism-Leninism, Mao

    Zedong Thought, the revolutionary critical spirit, and truly has played a guiding role of scientific theories. In the Marxist view, is not on the 'books' is the truth, nor is it' the right to have the truth. 'Only by understanding the social practice as the basis and

    standard of truth in order to continuously open up understanding of the path of truth and establish the authority and practice to play the guiding role of Marxism is a dialectical unity. Only the universal truth of Marxism with the concrete practice of China's modernization and the combination of the characteristics of the contemporary world in order to find the right situation in China's socialist construction of the new road, way out of a Chinese-style modernization of the road. 20 years of reform and

    opening up and modernization of practice tells us that the criterion of truth is the great debate, for me to re-establish the party's ideological line of Marxism, political and organizational lines were mentally prepared to mobilize the enthusiasm of people of all

    nationalities and creativity, so that China's reform and opening up and modernization construction has achieved great success. This process is Deng Xiaoping creatively applied Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought, the basic principles to study new situations and solve new problems, and gradually form a theory of building socialism with Chinese characteristics process. Deng Xiaoping's theory is the theory is correct, is because it is Marxism of contemporary China with the practice and the result of combining features of the times, is because it is correctly summarized the experience in the practice of China's socialist modernization, and in 20 years of reform the success of an open practice, proven the theory. As a complete system of scientific theories, and

    Deng Xiaoping Theory in the history of the development of Marxism, the first time, systematically responded to in China, an economically and culturally backward country, how to build socialism, how to maintain and develop socialism, is also which

    revealed the objective laws of socialist construction, revealing the essence of socialism and development of regularity. Inherent in the practice of the great scientific theories, but after the formation of scientific theory, it is bound to fulfill its enormous dynamic

    role, into the building of socialist modernization of China's People's guide to action.

     Second, adhere to the practice the first, not to engage in debate, get the facts speak

     In the Marxist view, all social life is essentially practical. A history of the

    development of human society, in fact, the practice of human history. Mao Tse-tung

    pointed out that the practice of the dialectical materialist theory of knowledge of the view that the first and fundamental point of view. Deng Xiaoping put the unity of

    emancipating the mind and seeking truth from facts, complete and accurate to the basic principles of the Marxist theory of knowledge into the party's ideological line. He made it clear that Marxism can not be asked to resolve a century after his death,

    several hundred issues arising from the provision of ready-made answers. Lenin also

    can not afford to fifty years after his death, a hundred years the problems arising from the task of providing ready-made answers. Genuine Marxism-Leninism under the

    current situation must understand, carry forward and develop Marxism-Leninism. In

    his discussion of Marxism is the guiding ideology of the Party's theoretical basis, it is necessary universal truth of Marxism with the concrete realities of our country

    together, take our own road, and building socialism with Chinese characteristics, Deng Xiaoping repeatedly stressed: 'The truth of Marxism irrefutable ',' seeking truth from facts is the quintessence of Marxism. To promote this, do not promote books. The

    success of our reform and opening up, not by books, but by practice and by seeking truth from facts. '(1) Deng Xiaoping, China's socialist construction in the exploration process of the road, not only upheld this view, but also creatively put forward the' not

    to engage in controversial 'ideas. With the continuous deepening of reform and opening up, social life, often given rise to many new situations and new problems. People at the beginning of knowledge often can not reach an agreement, and even sparked

    controversy. In this regard, Deng Xiaoping advocated the practice of 'put two-year

    look' and finally 'get the facts speak for themselves'. He has a well-known thesis: 'not to

    engage in debate, is one of my invention. Do not argue, is to gain time in order to dry. A

    debate on the complex, the time lost war, what can be achieved. Do not argue, bold test bold break. Rural reform is the case, urban reform, so should we. '(2) This sentence contains a rich and deep philosophical implication. Deng Xiaoping not to engage in

    debate of innovation, due to what he really grasp the essence of the practice. He's the universal truth of Marxism of contemporary China's actual conditions and combine to re-locate a road of socialism with Chinese characteristics.

     Third, uphold the guiding principles of practice, to be creative and put forward 'cat theory' and 'touch on'

     Whether white or black is a good cat catches mice, it is Deng Xiaoping's famous

    'cat theory'. 'Cat On' was born in the 20th century, 60 years, Deng Xiaoping on 'how to restore agricultural production' made in his speech. He specifically targeted at the Chinese peasant household responsibility system, the status quo in distress that the

    relations of production in the form of exactly what is best, I am afraid to take such an attitude, and that is what the form can be relatively easy to relatively fast recovery and development of agricultural production, the as to what form; people willing to take

    what form, we take what form of legal up to make it illegal. Like war, like all to see the situation, and win count. Later, practice has proved that engage in household responsibility system, sub-liability fields, mobilized the enthusiasm of farmers,

    agricultural productivity, quickly restored, increased food production to ease the dilemma. 'Cat On' lively and friendly, full of implications, is looking for the building of socialist modernization, Deng Xiaoping in the road with the 'leftist' or 'right'

    tendencies, submitted under arduous struggle. 'Cat Theory' is advocated from the actual situation, emancipate the mind. 'Cat On' is embodied in the spirit of upholding standards of practice. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

     With the 'cat theory', like, 'cross the river by feeling the stones' is a vivid manifestation of the standard of practice. 'Touch on' formed in the 20th century, early

80s. Successful convocation of the Third Plenum of the Eleventh Party, the party and

    the state shifted the work focus to economic construction, rural reform, a gun fired, the family contract responsibility system in conjunction rapidly advance the rural economy is gratifying. Began to push forward the reform of cities, but the rural reform, urban

    economic restructuring more complex than the much more difficult, or ready for reference, only to cross the river by feeling the stones. Practice is the basis of knowledge, understanding comes from practice, practice to provide for the production

    of knowledge possible. China's reform and became great, because it was an unprecedented attempt. It is precisely because there is no precedent, and Deng Xiaoping encourage bold test, feeling the stones, Deng Xiaoping said: securities, stock market, these things really good or not, there is no danger, is not something unique to capitalism, socialism can not use? Allowed to watch, but firmly trial. Look right, and engage in one or two years right, and liberalization; wrong, correct it wants closed. The support of Deng Xiaoping, Shenzhen and Shanghai stock market has not been controversial strangled in the cradle, and in a decade has completed the course of a hundred years in developed countries the stock market. Conversation in the south in 1992, Deng Xiaoping pointed out: 'reform and opening up more courageous to be a bit more, dare to experiment, can not be the same as the woman with bound feet. Sights, and will boldly try, boldly break. 'From across the river by feeling the stones, to the bolder bigger. Deng Xiaoping's Guangdong earnest reflected in between the lines. At that time, Comrade Deng Xiaoping encouraged to Shenzhen on the gossip Do not be afraid to boldly forge ahead boldly try to do things one hundred percent sure of who I do not say for sure. Carry out reform and opening up a little aggressive is not

    impossible. He said: engage in reform and opening up a special economic zone, a start there is objection. To allow Kan Ma! Now the question is not allowed to watch, but to boldly break. Deng Xiaoping said that now the building of socialism with Chinese-style,

    experience-rich day by day; in rural reform and urban reform, not to engage in debate, bold test bold break; our policy is allowed to watch, allowed to watch, better than the mandatory much more.

     Fourth, the practice of the contents of the deepening development of 'productivity standards' and 'three beneficial' standard

     In accordance with the views of historical materialism, human and social development in the final analysis is the development of productive forces decision. In our country the socialist transformation of private ownership of means of production after completion of Mao Tse-tung has said before, our fundamental mission has been

    changed by the liberation of productive forces and production relations in the new under the protection and development of productive forces. However, this is not correct thinking in the future consolidated practice, the party focused too much attention to the establishment and protection of the ideals of socialist production relations, while ignoring the development of productivity. Deng Xiaoping carefully summed up the historical experience, analysis of reality, a very incisively pointed out that socialist development of productive forces must be top priority, as the primary stage of

    socialism's most fundamental tasks, and firmly hold onto. Deng Xiaoping's contribution not only to uphold the 'practice is the sole criterion for testing truth' of this general proposition and the basic principles of philosophy, his contribution to this theory lies in the specific, realistic. Deng Xiaoping firmly grasp the Marxist conception of practice, from the standard practice in the field of epistemology, in-depth into the

    field of social history, productivity standards, to focus on 'what is socialism and how to build socialism', made 'three beneficial' standard form a systematic practice of Marxism in contemporary China the concept of building socialism with Chinese characteristics has laid a philosophical foundation, has important practical value and theoretical significance. Practice is the objective criterion for testing truth, practical understanding of a certain ability to discern the truth. Deng Xiaoping pointed out: 'through practice is the sole criterion for testing truth, and the' two whatevers' debate has been more clearly resolved the issue of our party's ideological line, re-restoration

    and development of Mao Zedong advocated seeking truth from facts, theory with practice, everything from the the reality of the ideological line. 'He put that practice is the sole criterion for testing truth, as an important element into the party's ideological line. He said: 'seeking truth from facts, all proceeding from reality and integrating

    theory with practice, adhere to the standard practice is the test of truth, this is our Party's ideological line. 'Deng Xiaoping advocated for and supported the criterion of truth the great debate for our party to re-establish the Marxist ideological line, political

    and organizational lines to lay the theoretical foundation for the reform and opening up provide a guarantee for the ideological line. Deng reiterated that practice is the sole criterion for testing truth and put it into the party's ideological line among the

    reinforced practice is the sole criterion for testing truth theory, promoting the development of Marxist philosophy. Deng Xiaoping's principle of this concrete, real life, in building socialism with Chinese characteristics in the process, he proposed a

    'standard of productivity' and 'three benefit' standard. Productivity is the decisive force of social development. Deng Xiaoping said: 'judging criteria should be whether the beneficial development of socialist social productive forces, whether it helps

    strengthen the socialist country's comprehensive national strength, whether it helps improve people's living standards. 'In the' three favorables' practice standards, productivity standards for a more comprehensive, rich, specific, more operational, a broader scope of application. It focuses on the unity of the productive forces and production relations, the means and purpose of the unity of truth standards and values combine to achieve the organic unity of the sublime. Truth is the implementation process and the main body of objective things and the laws of the understanding and grasp of the objective value of things in the process of practice to meet the needs of the principal. The former is an objective, which has a purpose that is developing the productive forces and improving overall national strength, the ultimate aim is to improve people's living standards, to meet the people's material and cultural needs. Therefore, the 'three benefits' standard is an extension of the standard of practice, and specific, so that from abstract to concrete.


     1 2 Selected Works of Deng Xiaoping: Volume 3 M . Beijing:

    People's Publishing House, 1993.382,373. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

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