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    The 3622 is an add-on module that grants two-way audio capabilities to any control panel/communicator. Up to 6

    microphones (two on each of the three microphone inputs) and two speakers can be connected to the module.

    The 3622 can be configured to activate at all times, when the system is armed or when the system is in alarm.

    Using a touch-tone telephone, the 3622 can be operated remotely offering a wide range of audio features and

    additional control over the unit’s outputs.

    Connect to Connect to 1 2 3 4 5 6 Control Panel Telephone Line Alarm signal Arm signal Activate Activate in Telephone required to required to immediately Stand-Alone ring silencer Not used ON activate activate after report mode active

    Leave in the OFF position No alarm No arm Initiate 5 min Activate in Telephone at all times! signal signal callback normal mode ring silencer J6J5required to required to mode after inactive OFF activate activate report 12

    Wiring Connections

    J1 Terminals 1(+) & 2(-): 10 - 14VDC power input Terminals 3(+) & 4(-): Microphone input 1 GND Terminals 5(+) & 6(-): Microphone input 2 Terminals 7(+) & 8(-): Microphone input 3 7ONTerminals 9(ALARM) & 10(ARM): Control panel status inputs 5123456Open Terminals 11(-) & 12(+): Speaker 1 output DIP Collectors SWITCH 49J2 Terminals 1(+) & 2(-): Speaker 2 output 3382J3 Terminals 1(NC), 2(COM) & 3(NO): Relay output 1 SPEAKER J427 Terminals 4(NC), 5(COM) & 6(NO): Relay output 2 LED +VoutVOLUME 16INDICATOR Note: The above are separate outputs for the CONTROL NO265same relay. COM25Relay J4 Terminal 1: 10 -14VDC power output NC2Output4NO1 Terminal 2: Open collector output 1 Terminal 3: Open collector output 2 3POWER COM1J3 Terminal 4: Open collector output 3 NC12PROTECTION Terminal 5: Open collector output 4 FUSE (1.0A) GND1J1J2 Terminal 6: Open collector output 5 2Speaker 2 Terminal 7: Open collector output 6 Output Terminal 8: Open collector output 7 1SPKR Terminal 9: Ground 135689101112247Note: 500mA maximum load for each output, 700mA maximum total load for all outputs, ALARM50V maximum external power supply. ARMMIC 1+Vin J5 Connect to telephone line. GND

     J6 Terminals 1 & 2: Connect to control panel telephone MIC 2 GNDline connections. Microphone Speaker 1 Inputs Ouput MIC 3 GND


    Figure 1: 3622 Layout and Wiring Connections


    1: Installation

    1. Mount the 3622 unit inside the control panel’s metal cabinet. 2. Connect J6 to the control panel’s telephone connections.

    3. Connect an RJ-31X telephone cord from connector J5 to the telephone line.

    4. Make all the required wiring connections according to Figure 1.

    Note: Do not apply power yet!

    5. Configure the DIP switch as explained in section 2: DIP-Switch Configuration.

    6. Apply power to the 3622 unit (J1: Terminals 1 & 2).

2: DIP Switch Configuration

    You can select operation modes for the 3622 module by configuring the DIP-switch on the circuit board. You must disconnect and then re-connect the 3622’s power supply after making any changes to the DIP-switch


    The options available are as follows:

    Conditional Activation (Alarm)

    SW1: ON = Alarm signal must be present to activate the 3622 module (10-14VDC to J1: Terminal 9)

     OFF = Alarm signal is not necessary to activate the 3622 module

    Conditional Activation (Arm)

    SW2: ON = Arm signal must be present to activate the 3622 module (10-14VDC to J1: Terminal 10)

     OFF = Arm signal is not necessary to activate the 3622 module

    Immediate/Callback Activation

    SW3: ON = The 3622 module is activated immediately after the alarm report

     OFF = The 3622 module is activated by calling the premises during the Callback window

    Immediate activation enables the central station operator to connect directly with the 3622 for two-way audio communication. The 3622 holds the line after the panel calls the central station to report the alarm. The Acknowledge code (? 55 ?) must be entered within 15 seconds after the end of the alarm report.

    The Immediate Activation feature (SW3: ON) also enables you to establish communication with the 3622 without having received an alarm report. To do so, call the premises and wait until the acknowledge tone is sounded before entering the acknowledge code; in some panels, this can take over a minute. If the control panel uses a double call method, this method is relevant to the second call. The acknowledge tone is only sounded when the control panel disconnects, according to the time defined for the specific control panel. Using the Callback method, the central station operator is able to call the premises during the 5-minute Callback window after the alarm report. The 3622 answers this call after one ring.

    Stand-Alone Activation

    SW5: ON = The 3622 module is activated as a stand-alone module using a double-call method

     OFF = The 3622 module is activated normally

    Stand-Alone mode is designed to enable the 3622 to operate independantly, not connected to an alarm control panel.

    To activate the 3622 in this mode:

    1. Ring the premises and allow the telephone to ring a few times.

    2. Hang up, wait for five seconds and ring again within 45 seconds of the first call; the 3622 seizes the line. 3. Enter the Acknowledge code (? 55 ?).

    Telephone Ring Silencer

    SW6: ON = Telephone ring silencer active

     OFF = Telephone ring silencer inactive

    When using Double-Call mode, this option silences the ring of additional telephones connected to the same line. Using this feature, only a short ring is sounded during the first call.

    Note: For this feature to operate, SW5 must be in the ON position.

3: Operation

    After establishing communication, the central station operator has 15 seconds to enter the Acknowledge code

    (? 55 ?).

    A 5-minute countdown starts from the moment that the Acknowledge code is received. When the time expires, the

    3622 module automatically disconnects. You can extend this period for an additional five minutes by pressing 7

    before the time has expired. After four and a half minutes, the 3622 sounds a tone every 15 seconds to indicate

    that the five minute period is running out.

    During communication, the 3622 seizes the line and the control panel is unable to send subsequent alarm reports.

    Note: When the 3622 seizes the line during communication, certain problems may be encountered if the

    control panel has telephone line supervision. For example, undesired wireless reports or tones sounded

    by the keypad that may interfere with the two-way audio capability.

    Once communication has been established, the following touch-tone commands can be sent to the 3622:

    1 Talk only mode

    2 Listen-only mode (low gain)

    3 Listen-only mode (high gain)

    7 Reset 5-minute countdown timer

    8 Deactivate module and initiate 5-minute Callback window

    9 Deactivate module

    Microphone Control

    The 3622 comprises three microphone inputs able to support up to two microphones per input. Listen-only mode

    grants you more control over the microphones and enables you to activate or deactivate any of the three inputs.

    By default, microphone input 1 is active (low gain) when the 3622 is activated.

    4 1 Activate microphone input 1 only

    4 2 Activate microphone input 2 only

    4 3 Activate microphone input 3 only

    4 0 Deactivate all microphone inputs

    Activate all microphone inputs 4

    Speaker Control

    The 3622 comprises two speaker outputs that can be controlled via the telephone. When the 3622 is activated,

    speaker 1 is active. To switch between speakers, use the following touch-tone commands:

    Activate speaker 2 7

    Activate speaker 1 0

    Relay Output

    To control the 3622’s relay output, use the following touch-tone commands:

    # 9 Activate relay output

    # 0 Deactivate relay output

    Open Collector Outputs

    To control the 3622’s open collector outputs, use the following touch-tone commands:

    5 X Activate open collector output (X = open collector output number)

    6 X Deactivate open collector output (X = open collector output number) 4: LED Indication

    The 3622’s LED indicator provides additional information on the current status of the module. The following table

    provides a summary of these status modes.

    LED Indication Status

    Flashing once every five seconds 3622 in Standby mode

    Flashing twice every five seconds Five-minute Callback mode

    Flashing three times every five seconds Alarm occurrence, waiting for Acknowlege code

    Steady LED 3622 active

5: Technical Specifications

    Model Number 3622

    Microphone Inputs 3 microphone inputs, max. 2 microphones per input

    Speaker Outputs 2 speaker outputs

    Outputs 1 relay output

    7 open collector outputs (500mA max. per output, 700mA max. for all outputs) Operating Voltage 10 - 14VDC

    Current Consumption 35mA (standby) 200mA (active)

    Dimensions 147mm x 81mm


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