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The State WAP will use qualified, independent firms or State staff to provide quality control inspections for all residential dwelling units receiving WAP


    Quality Control

    The State WAP will use qualified, independent firms or State staff to provide quality

    control inspections for all residential dwelling units receiving WAP services. These

    inspectors will assist the WAP in meeting the following objectives:

    ? To provide services in a manner that meets the highest level of

    professionalism and to comply with standards established by the Department,

    the federal government, and the industry; and

    ? To provide services in a timely fashion and with the highest level of resource

    accountability possible in accordance with the scope of work provided.

A. Qualifications of Inspection Companies and Individuals

    The inspection firm(s) or individual(s) who perform inspections must possess the

    following minimum qualifications:

     1. At least three years recent experience in providing residential property

    inspection services or three years of closely related experience;

     2. Certification in quality control disciplines from the Weatherization Training

    Center, Williamsport, PA, any other recognized WAP training center, or a

    private or public training facility authorized to convey certification in

    residential inspection services;

     3. Certification in the use of diagnostic equipment (i.e., blower door,

    combustion efficiency test equipment) from the Weatherization Training

    Center, any other recognized WAP training center or the equipment


     4. Other qualifications which are required by Title 21 Procurement (if an

    independent firm is hired) or other standards as set forth by the WAP.

B. Description of Inspection Services

    The following are mandatory components of the inspection process:

     1. Perform a blower door test to verify results of air infiltration reduction

    achieved by the local agency;

     2. Perform a combustion efficiency test of the central heating system (fossil

    fuels) to verify results of furnace service contractor;


     3. Perform a walk-through inspection of the property to verify the installation

    of materials as recorded on the Work Order and Invoice documents

    provided by the local agency;

     4. Document resource accountability issues and major violations of WAP

    protocol on the Quality Control Inspection Form;

     5. Document customer comments and obtain customer signature on the

    appropriate forms which verifying the work performed; and

     6. Complete the Quality Control Inspection Form in the prescribed manner and

    forward the original to the Department and a copy to the local agency.

    C. Procedures for Inspection Service

    1. Inspection Submission and Sampling

    If a third party independent contractor is hired to perform the quality

    inspections on 100% of completed units, WAP staff will continue to perform

    inspections. WAP inspectors are required to review not less than 20% of

    each batch provided to the Department by local agencies. This percentage

    will be reviewed unless an inspector finds a pattern of missing or inferior

    work in their random sampling. A higher percentage or all dwelling units

    may be inspected.

    a. WAP staff will inspect only those units that have been “officially”

     received, logged, and reviewed by the Department prior to the scheduled


    b. WAP staff are prohibited from accepted Dwelling Unit Reports deemed

     “ready to go” by the local agency but not yet reviewed by the


     2. Inspection Procedures

     The following procedures are provided as a guide for performing the quality

     control inspection services:

     a. Inspector schedules an appointment with the customer to visit the

     dwelling and perform the inspection;

     b. Inspector arrives at dwelling equipped to conduct all necessary tests and

     services at the appointed time;

     c. Inspector performs blower door test, combustion efficiency test, and

     walk-through inspection as appropriate and required;

     d. Inspector records comments and quality assessment on the quality


     control form. Inspector also records variances in resource accountability

     between work order and/or invoice and inspection findings;

     e. Signature of customer is obtained (signature must be a resident

     adult); and

     f. Inspector distributes the inspection form in the manner prescribed by the


     NOTE: Each dwelling unit must be inspected and the inspection report

     submitted to the State office and the local agency within ten calendar

     days after being notified of its completion by the local agency.

    3. Acceptance of Work

     To clarify standard inspection protocols, please note the following:

    a. A unit will fail if materials reported as installed can not be found;

    b. No unit will be failed for missed opportunities regarding air infiltration

     reduction unless the inspector uses a blower door and can verify that

     substantial air leakage still exists;

    c. A unit may fail if major WAP services were missed (e.g., no attic

     insulation installed and could have been, no furnace work performed

     etc.) and the file does not indicate why the service was omitted; and

    d. A unit will fail if health and safety measures are still required to protect

     the family.

D. Customer “No-Show” Policy

    It is anticipated that a small percentage of units will not be inspected due to a variety

    of extenuating circumstances including:

    ? Customer moves/dies & property is vacant or occupied by a second party; or

    ? Customer is unavailable after several attempts to re-enter and inspect.

    The following are the procedures for reporting "no show" properties:

     1. Local agency completes the WAP services and forwards the Work Order and

    Dwelling Unit Report/Invoice (DUR) to the assigned inspector. Local

    agency will convey landlord contact information for rental properties.

    Inspector will be responsible for contacting landlords/property managers to

    seek assistance in completing the inspection process, as required.

     2. Inspector must make several attempts to enter the property, including:


    a. Contacting the customer by telephone to schedule appointment;

    b. Forwarding of a letter setting a time and date for the inspection;

    c. Conducting an unscheduled site visit to the dwelling; and

    d In the case of rental properties, performing the previous steps with the

    landlord as well as the customer.

     3. Inspector returns the Work Order and DUR to the local agency with the

    signed Customer Contact Form. No Quality Control Inspection Form is


     4. In the event that an agency exceeds their allowable percentage for "no show"

    properties and still retains production that cannot be inspected, the State

    WAP staff should be immediately notified for advice on how to seek

    reimbursement. Decisions regarding these matters will occur on a case by

    case basis. The Department reserves the right to remedy these situations in

    whatever fashion it deems is in the best interest of the State.


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