Bryant Players Minutes 11122007 Tomorrows meeting Ryan and

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Bryant Players Minutes 11122007 Tomorrows meeting Ryan and

    Bryant Player’s Minutes 11/12/2007

    Tomorrow’s meeting Ryan and Paul will be talking to you about a few social events and show stuff! Bring your

    hoodie money for Chris, if you want a hoodie! And know you schedule because I’ll be passing around Ticket Table

    Sign-ups for Death By!!!



    -Put his name and Katie’s name on the list so we can now access the booth in Janikies -sent out invitations for Death By’s pre-screening

     sounds like some people who might work with us.?-contacting the School of Vocal Arts in regards to a musical director


    -Rocky went well

    -Set building will be this weekend with Katie and Garrett

    -Invoice from Rocky for Matt


    -Finished designing the rapid printing flyers

    -going to rapid printing to print them

    -sent Chris some blurbs

    -Working on teacher letters (still need some information from some cast members) -ticket table sign up will be coming around this meeting

    -In last week’s minutes there were a few marketing ideas, one of them being mini-chocolate bars. Paula knows of a company who prints wrappers for candy bars so we are looking into that! Thanks Paula. Matt

    -receipts + invoices

    -did concessions at rocky horror

    -spent more money than everyone else did on concessions<3

    -contacted person in charge of the theatre department at RIC about a musical director. They are going to pass on the

    word. He spoke with him over the phone and e-mail.

    -Also contacted Trinity Rep, they are going to try and pass on some information. -best bet would be to get a senior musical theatre major


    -Patty’s going to give him contact information of a musical director that she knows -Taking picture of cast pictures this week

    -has almost all of the cast members blurbs

    -bring dollars to meeting for hoodies, holler.


    -"25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee" is on Sunday! Meet in PLC lot at 12pm, need 2 more drivers

-Upcoming Social Events:

     -Boston Shopping Trip, TBA

     -Christmas Carol, December 4th


    Pre-screening has a greenlight from my end.

    I haven't fixed the exact time yet but it will be Monday November 26th. All Bryant Players are invited and encouraged to attend and bring a friend


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