Bryant Players Minutes 10292007 This weeks meeting will be

By Esther Hall,2014-05-20 15:17
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Bryant Players Minutes 10292007 This weeks meeting will be

    Bryant Player’s Minutes


    This weeks meeting will be devoted to brainstorming ideas for the Helping Hands Christmas Event. We will be

    deciding what our group wants to do for the kids and figure out what needs to be done before the actual event.

    E-Board/Social Chair/Director and Ass. Minutes:


    -Chris Wither (A Bryant Players Alumni) has two arm chairs which he is willing to donate to us. Thanks Chris!

    -Help Hands Christmas Event

     - cookies, story/sing along, gingerbread houses, arts and crafts, coloring -finished teacher/thank you letters

    -going out to different businesses this week

    -going to see if Extravaganza wants to put an advertisement in our playbill -SPAC meeting

     -SPAC wants to have a huge fundraising dinner for the Make A Wish Foundation

     -The next SPAC event is going to be voting awareness in the roto, does anyone have any ideas? -Going to Home Depot with Paul M. to return something

    -Paula is still in contact Ester, they are playing phone tag.

    -Del is going to try to get most of his Playbill stuff to Chris before Thanksgiving Break -Working on getting someone to co-sponsor Rocky Horror Picture Show with us. Katie

    -Set building went well this weekend!!! Thank you Sabela, Cris, Michelle, Brian O., Annie, Ben, Miles, Garrett, Del,

    Brian Ko, Paul, Kyle, Thanks. Sorry if we forgot anyone

    -Katie is in contact with Rich Hurley to get all the details needed to hold our Rocky Horror Performance -Everything is book for Death By

    -Auditions for February show are booked


    -In contact with Smithfield Magazine (thanks Krissy), Providence Journal, and The Phoenix about placing ads for

    death by

    -Also in contact with Cecila Cooper in University Relations. I’m hoping to get more information from her about off

    campus advertisements. I’ll be meeting with her sometime this week

    -Myself and Matthew St Peter (love of my life) will be ordering more give-aways for the next show. -I’ve requested information from the cast for my teacher letters, Del’s parent letters, and Chris’ blurbs. CAST

    MEMBERS: please do your best to get this back to Paul, Amber, or and e-board member ASAP! Thanks!!! -Chris is going to teach me how to get some cool fonts.

    -I will have a marketing schedule for Del for Death by Chocolate by our next E-board meeting. Matt

    -Waiting for the money that Center for Student Involvement has as addition revenue from Doctor Death to be placed

    into our account.

    -Talked to Karen about the Center for Student Involvement’s BJ’s card

    -Due to the budget cuts our group received last year, please be frugal when making any purchases for the Players.

    Just because Matthew gives you a budget, doesn’t mean you have to spend every last cent of it. We need all the

    money we can get, there is no room for unnecessary purchases.

    -FROM NOW ON: EVERY SINGLE purchase must be approved by Matt before made. -Matt worked with the budget and got really sad and angry. :-p


    -Is working on uploading pictures onto the website.

    -Looking into getting playbills printed elsewhere

    -FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO WANT A BRYANT PLAYERS HOODIE: Please bring a 30 dollar down payment

    to Matt or Chris within the next two weeks. There maybe an additional charge once we figure out the exact price of

    the hoodies. Thanks Biddies.



    -Tickets for the PPAC Musical are in!!!

     -I still need money from Paula and Amber

    -Getting in contact this week with Trinity Rep to arrange ticket prices for The Christmas Carol in December

    -Next Social Event: This Saturday, November 3rd, 2:00pm The Newport Trip

     -Will be sending out an e-mail with more info

    -Going to next week's E-board meeting to discuss Broadway ticket prices and new plans for next semester

    Amber and Paul

    -We held a read through and it went well

    -Made a tentative schedule that will be distributed to the cast

    -Discussed Character development and props

    -Dick enters fully...Oh!


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