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硕士生培养方案 Master Training Program


    (Discipline Code: 071003)

    Brief Introduction of the Discipline: The Department of Physiology at Southeast University is located in the Ding Jia Qiao campus. It is one of oldest departments in the school, was established by the pioneer and leader in Physiology then, Professor Cai Qiao in the beginning of 1950s. It has been approved for Master Degree Program since

    1986. In 2006, the joint laboratory of Ion Channels & Diseases has been established between the Department of Physiology and the Key Lab of Education Ministry at the Department of Genetics and Molecular Biology, School of Basic Medical Science. The Lab has been equipped with modern research tools mainly in the directions of electrophysiology and molecular biology. The research projects in the Lab have been supported by grants from the National Natural Science Foundation and the Science and Technology Ministry.

    Training Objectives: The program will provide systemic trainings in understanding one of the most important membrane signal transducer: Ion Channels. Through textbook teaching, literature reading and specific top analysis and discussion, our students will gain comprehensive knowledge and more importantly problem based learning skills in applying to their research practice. Also, the program will train our students in molecular biology and electrophysiology with extensive hands-on opportunities. The goal of this program is to prepare our graduates ready for engaging independent research in life science.

Research Direction:

    1. Molecular Mechanisms of Cardiac Electrophysiology

    2. Molecular Mechanisms of Hearing and Deafness

    3. Neurobiological Basis of Learning and Memory

    4. Ion Channels in Pancreatic Function

Training Period

    Generally, the students are expected to graduate in 3 years, no longer than 4 years.

Credit requirements and curriculum (see attached list)


    Literature Reading

    Students are required to read at least 50 papers on topics related to their thesis and research direction including 40 literatures in English and required to write a comprehensive literature review.

    Thesis Writing

    In addition to compliance with the provisions of the graduate school, thesis must be written in a systematic and

    complete manner, presenting clear concepts, correct argument, realistic description, concise writing structure,

    smooth and concise writing style, correct calculation, reliable data, and clear icons.

    Thesis Evaluation

    Thesis should be written based on students’ own study and experimental research. The findings presented in the thesis

    should have higher academic value and positive impact on economic development of China. Students are required to conduct at least two year of research and to present their report at a research conference at the state level before being eligible to apply for a Master's degree.


硕士生培养方案 Master Training Program

Attached List

    Course Course Credit CreTeaching Course Name Terms Exam Others Catalog Number Hours dits Method

    Dialectics of

    Nature and S000101 36 2 Fall Lecture Exam Scientific A Socialism Public Master Degree S000105 60 3 Fundamental Fall Lecture Exam English Courses Foreign

    S041999 18 1 language Spring Lecture Check


    Statistics in S042207 Fall 54 3 Lectures Exam Medicine

    Protocols in

    Biochemistry S041106 Spring 86 3 Lectures Exam B and Molecular Major Biology Fundamental Principles and Courses S041108 Technologies in Fall 65 3 Lectures Exam


    Molecular S041101 Fall 40 2 Lectures Exam Biology A

    C Select 1 Neurobiology Fall 54 3 Lectures Exam B041111 Major

    Compulsory Ion Channels Fall 36 2 Lectures Exam B041114 and Diseases Courses

    Practice Generally means teaching practice,

    Training production practice (clinical practice), or 1 quiz

    social survey.

    Selected Students of Arts, Management Science,

    Public and Medicine must attend at least 5

    Lecture/ public lectures held by graduate school. Compulsory 1 quiz Discipline Students of Science and Engineering Courses Development must attend at least 3 discipline

    Lecture development lectures.

    Academic Students must participate in at least 2

    Seminar & academic Seminars and academic quiz 1 Academic meetings, and give at least 1 oral

    Meeting presentation.


    (1) The minimum total-credit requirements of Master's curricula: 28 credits for students of science and engineering; 30 credits for students of

    medical science ; 34 credits for students of arts and management sciences. The minimum credit requirements of degree courses: 16 credits for students of science and engineering; 18 credits for students of arts, management science and medicine; other credits in


    硕士生培养方案 Master Training Program non-degree courses. In addition, students should have 3 credits from compulsory courses. (2) All courses are normally required to complete within one and half year after registration. Degree courses are normally required to

    complete within one year after registration.

    (3) Degree courses are subject to this course plan, non-degree courses can be chosen from Graduate Courses Catalog”.


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