my new room homework

By Miguel Brooks,2014-06-24 19:41
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my new room homework



     Aclose Bcloset Copen

     Atable Bdesk Cvegetable

     Amirror Bfan Cminute

     Acolour Bcold Ccool

     Abedroom Bbathroom Cfloor

     Ahealthy Bsweet Csour


    1、一个大衣柜 2、一面新的镜子 3、两张绿色的床头柜 4、我的新房子 5Small and nice 6on the first floor 7On the second floor 8A baby rabbit 9My new flat 10On the third floor 三、用恰当的Be 动词填空。

    1There a small kitchen in the room. 2There some milk in the glass(杯子).

    3There a boy and two girls under the tree.

    4There two rabbits and a hen?母鸡?in the room. 5There green curtains and a new air-conditioner.

    6We rabbits.

    7It on the fourth floor. 四、用havehasthere isthere are填空。

    1My mother a yellow dress(连衣裙).

    2 a mirror on the desk. 3I a computer.

    4 some flowers in the garden. 5She some dresses.

    6They a nice garden.

    7 A mooncake and some dumplings. 8We pork and some beans. 9 some books and a pen in the bookcase?书柜?.


     yellow closet bed air-conditioner trash bin bathroom

    1I like my .It's preety. 2I have an in my living room. 3--------Are your curtains ?

     --------No,they are pink. 4Look,this is my . My clothes are in it. 5I have a and a in my bedroom. 六、根据首字母提示完成下列句子。

    1what's your living room l ?

    2C and look at my bedroom. 3I have my o computer now.

    4T is a new mirrror and a new bed. 5The end tables are b .

    6-----What can you s in Zoom's room?

     -----I can see big phone. 7I have a t bin in my room.

    8The chair is in f of the desk.

    9The air-conditioner is c .

    10There is a (镜子) on the wall.

    11There is a doll u the bed.

    12There is a fork o the table.

    13There are two end tables ?在床的附近?. 14There is a small chair ?在门后? 七、连词成句。

    1there\ is \end tables\bed \a \two\and

2are\ books \ there \ shelf \ the \ on \ many .

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