Set-verbal phrase

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Set-verbal phrase



     Laern a word with me! Don??t look down upon me! I know much more than you!




     As a verb: put sth/sb in a particular place or position; to cause sb/sth to be in a particular state,to start sth. happening; to arrange or fix sth so that others copy it or try to achieve it

     set apart set against set about set aside set back set down set in set off set on set out set up set forth

     Set about

     Set about sb : to attack sb;

     e.g. He would certainly defend himself if anybody sets about him. Set about sth : to start doing sth; e.g. She set about the business of cleaning the house.

     Set back

     Set sth/sb back: to delay

     the progress of sth/sb by a particular time e.g The bad weather set back the building programme by several weeks.

     Set off

     set off: to begin a journey;

     e.g We set off for London just after ten. Set sth off: 1,to make a bomb,explode e.g A gang of boys were setting off fireworks in the street. 2, to start a progress or series of events; e.g The president??s remark set off a frantic round of activity in the White House. 3.to make sth more noticeable or attractive by being placed near it. e.g That blouse sets off the blue of her eyes. Set sb off (doing sth): to make sb start doing sth such as laughing,crying or talking

     Set down

     Set sb down: (of a bus or train,or its driver)to stop and

     to get off e.g. Passengers may be set down and picked up only at the official stops. Set sth down: to write sth down on paper in order to record it;to give sth as a rule.principle,etc. e.g The standards were set down by the governing body.

     Set against

     Set sb against sb : to make sb oppose a friend,relative,etc.

     e.g. She accused her husband of setting the children against her. Set sth (off) against sth :to judge sb/sth by comparing good or positive qualities with bad or negative ones[?ÑÒ?ÊÂÎïºÍ

    ÁíÒ?ÊÂÎï×??È?Ï??È?ºâÀû?×] e.g. Set against the benefits of the new

    technology, there is also a strong possibility that jobs will be lost.

     Set aside

     Set sth aside: 1, to move sth to one side until you

     need it 2, to save or keep money or time for a particular purpose e.g. She tries to set aside some money every month. 3, to not consider sth,because other things aer more important e.g Let??s set aside my personal feelings for now. 4, to state that a decision made by a court of law is not legally valid e.g. The verdict was set aside by the Appeal Court.

     Set up

     Set sb up: 1,to provide sb with the money that

     they need in order to do sth e.g A bank loan helped to set him up in business. 2, to make sb healthier ,stronger,more lively. E.g The break from work really set me up for the new year. Set sth up: 1, to build sth or put sth somewhere e.g The police set up roadblocks on routes out of the city. 2.to make a piece of equipment or a machine ready for use e.g She set up her stereo in her bedroom. 3,to arrange for sth to happen e.g I??ve set up a meeting for Friday. 4,to create sth or start it e.g A fund will be set up for the dead men??s families.

     Set out

     Set out :1,to leave a place and begin a journey

     e.g They set out on the last stage of their journey. 2,to begin a job ,task,etc.with a particular aim or goal e.g She set out to break the world record . Set sth out :1,to arrange or display things, e.g We??ll need to set out some chairs for the meeting. 2,to present ideas,facts,in an organized way,in speech or writing e.g He set out his objections to the plan.

     Set on

     Set on/upon sb: to attack sb suddenly

     e.g. I opened the gate, and was immediately set on by a large dog. Set sb/sth on sb: to make a person or an animal attack ab suddenly; e.g. The farmer threatened to set his dogs on us.

     Set apart

     Set sb/sth apart (from sb/sth): to make

     sb/sth different from or better than others; e.g. Her clear and elegant writing sets her apart from other journalists.

     Set forth

     1,to start a journey (literary) 2,set sth forth: to present sth or make it

     known. e.g. The president set forth his view in a television broaadcast.

     Set in

     (of rain,bad weather,infection,ect)to begin and seem likely to continue. e.g. The rain seemed to have set in for the day.

     Panic on the stock market ?ß?ß?ßa wave of selling. A. got in C. set about B. set back D. set off

     You must set the initial cost of a new car ?ß?ß?ß the saving you??ll make on repairs. A. against C. aside B. down D. up

     I to make the dress by myself,but in the end I had to ask for help. A. set out C. set off B. set about D.set on

     Her bright red scarf set her from the other girls. A.back C. about B. apart D. off

     His views were fully in a writtern statement. A. set forth C.set aside B. set off D.set down

     Darkness before they reached the village. A.set off C. set out B. set in D. set down

     As soon as she got home,she set ?ß?ß?ßpreparing dinner. A. to B. about C.forth D.out Many observers believe that a new economic recession has set ?ß?ß for that country. A. out B. off C.down D. in

     The debate is still going on whether people should continue to be forbidden to set ?ß?ß?ß fireworkers in big cities during national holidays. A. off B.out C.up D.to


     That??s all!


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