the call of the wild

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the call of the wild



     The Call of the Wild 0841051149 ºÎÐñæ? Jack London. (2001), The Call of The Wild, Ìì?òÈËÃñ?ö?æÉç The Call of the Wild Jack London The Author Jack London, the well-known American realism writer, was born on January 12, 1876, San Francisco. Before London was born, his parents, Flora Wellman and William Chaney, had a serious quarrel. Then they departed. Later Wellman got married with John London. Poverty and the lack of happiness led Jack London to psychologically maturity much earlier. He started to work since he was ten. He was once a newsboy, a can worker, a head of the gangsters, a thief stealing oyster, and then a cop hunting for those thieves???? Meanwhile, London was self-educated. He learned mainly by reading books in the library. In 1885 he read Quida's novel Signa, which describes an unschooled Italian peasant child who achieves fame as an opera composer. He credited this as the seed of his literary success. From then on, he read a lot of literature works, which helped him to develop his writing ability. During Jack London's short life, he made many adventurous trips all around the world. In 1897, he joined the Klondike gold rush in the arctic area. He made a fortune there but scurvy resulted from the lack of fruits and vegetables sent him back. Jack London once lived in the slum in London, which enabled him to observe life there carefully and directly. He went to Nagasaki in 1904, where he was arrested by the Japanese police as a Russian spy. In 1906, as


     The Call of the Wild a wealthy writer, London decided that he would make a global travel in ship sailed by himself. However, his plan failed when he arrived in Australia because the boat broke down. There is no doubt that these experiences provided London with a lot of writing materials. As a voluminous writer, Jack London finished 19 river novels, more than 150 short stories, 3 plays and a lot of essays and papers. Among them, his most famous pieces are The Call of the Wild, White Flag, The Sea-Wolf, The Iron Heel, and Martin Eden. Jack London was one of the first Americans to make a lucrative career exclusively from writing. And he lived a very luxuriant life. His first marriage ended up with a divorce. But he still didn't find it happy with his second wife. In his later years he lived a distraught life. His beloved daughter became aloof towards him. His friends betrayed him for wealth. His business failed and left him a big amount of debt. His health was destroyed by uremia. Above all, it was that he had exhausted his talents that tolerated him most. On November 22nd, 1916, at the age of 40, Jack London died of an overdose of morphine, which many people believe to be suicidal. The Summary of the Story The Call of the Wild tells a story about a

    giant dog named Buck. Buck is stolen from a comfortable home in the sun-kissed south and forced to learn to survive in the freezing Alaska as a sled dog. Chapter ?ñ: Into the Primitive Buck lives in the Judge's home where all the animals are governed under his authority and where he lives happily with the Judge's family. However, one servant betrays the Judge and steals Buck away. Buck is sold to Perrault and Franois who work for the Canada government


     The Call of the Wild to send official documents and letters in the northland. Then Buck is sent to the north country from his warm hometown. Chapter ?ò: The Law of Club and Fang First time in his life, Buck has to learn the skills to survive in a group of savage dogs in the snow and ice area and he does it well. He has to dig a hole in the snow to sleep at night to keep him warm. And he has to forget about his table manner in the civilized world, otherwise the food will be eaten up by other dogs. And the core part is that always he should take care of the club of the humans and the fang of the dogs in such a place. At the same time, Buck is taught to pull the sled with his group members. He does a good job in adapting to the new environment and his new life. "And not only did he learn by experience, but instincts long dead became alive again." Chapter ?ó: The Dominant Primordial Beast Under the fierce conditions of trail life, the dominant primordial beast secretly grows and grows in Buck's heart. The present leader of the dog group, Spitz is very hostile towards Buck perhaps because of an unaware realization of Buck's threat to his leadership. After several fights, a war finally breaks out between Spitz and Buck. Buck gets the victory at last while Spitz is killed. Chapter ?ô: Who Has Won to Mastership As is natural, Buck takes the leadership. Buck excels in giving the law and making his mates live up to it. The general atmosphere of the team picks up. The dogs leap as one dog in the trace. However, a Scotch half-breed takes over the team. It is no light running now because this is the mail train, carrying word from the world to the men who seek for gold in


     The Call of the Wild the North Pole. The heavy work wears them down. The dogs are short of weight and in very poor condition. An old dog, Dave, who has taught Buck how to pull the sled, becomes too weak to go any further. It is left behind and killed. Chapter ?õ: The Toil of Trace and Trail The long, hard and restless trip weakens the dogs to an extremity. Since Buck and his mates can't move any further, fresh batches of dogs are sent to take place of the tired ones, who are sold to two men named Hal and Charles, and a woman called Mercedes. They have no experience in life in the arctic at all. Neither do they listen to other people's advices. After a short time, they run out of dog-food

    and there comes the underfeeding. When they finally arrive at John Thornton's camp, Buck decides that he wouldn't follow them any more. They sold him to John Thornton who is very kind-hearted and who saves Buck's life when Hal wants to beat Buck to death. Chapter ?ö: For the Love of a Man Buck recovers very well after a long rest with John, who not only saves Buck's life but also is an ideal master because John sees the dogs as his children. Buck loves his master very much. And this love grows and grows. He saves John's life twice and he wins a big amount of money for John by pulling a sled weighing half a ton. However, at the same time, the shades of all dogs, hail-wolves and wild wolves revive in his memory passed from his ancestors. He wants to go into the forest and be with those wolves while the love for John Thornton draws him back. Chapter ??: The Sounding of the Call John Thornton and his friends find a shallow placer where gold shows like yellow butter.


     The Call of the Wild They settle down there. Now that there is little for the dogs to do, the call of the wild beckons Buck more frequently. Buck goes to the forest alone more often and he likes to hunt for animals. He makes friends with a wild wolf. One day when he comes back, he finds that there is a battle in the valley, John Thornton is dead. Buck goes crazy and kills a lot of Yeehats people who causes this disaster. After his revenge, Buck finally returns to the wild and acts as a leader of the wolves. "But in the summers there is always one visitor to that valley where he muses for a time, howling once, long and mournfully, and then he departs." Comments "He sings a song of the younger world, which is the song of the pack." The last sentence of this novel vanished before my eyes. I was deeply indulged in this story. I was thinking about why I loved this story so much and why this novel enjoyed a timeless popularity. Perhaps the answers lie among Buck's struggle to survive, dogs' belief to do well in their own position, Buck's love of John Thornton, and the call of the wild, etc. Buck lives in the warm south since he was born. But when he is stolen to the north, Buck' bravery and intelligence are revealed in his fast learning and quick adapting. What is more important that living? Between life and death, Buck chooses to live, although torturously. This reminds me of those who were buried under the ruins in the earthquakes. Only those who never gave up hope for rescue had the chance to be saved. No matter how hard it is, we must fight and struggle to live our life to the fullest. Dogs in the sled team work very hard and they are very loyal to their position, especially the old dog Dave. He never wants to abandon his responsibility in the team. when death approaching, he feels desperate because he couldn't pull the sled any more. And for Buck,


     The Call of the Wild even though he doesn't like this job, he still

    bears up well to the work, taking pride in it and seeing his mates do their fair share. While in modern society and the human world, it appears horrible that people are enthusiastically talking about how to build up "special relations" to the authority, deceiving and lying to each other. It seems that for them life is a mask-wearing process rather than a hard work. Buck's adoration for John Thornton touches me at the softest place in my heart. "For two days and nights Buck never left camp, never let Thornton out his sight. He followed him about at his work, watched him while he ate, saw him into his blankets at night and out of them in the morning." When I read these words, my tears couldn't help bursting out of my eyes. Can a man devote himself so much as Buck does to loyalty, friendship and love? After John Thornton died, Buck still returns to his master every year to grieve. Since Buck comes to the primitive north land, a call from memories of those long dead, a call from his nature, a call from the wild has been echoing in his mind. Every time he kills other animals, runs in the forest and sits beside the fire, the beast hidden in his blood is beckoning him to follow his desires. John Thornton's death breaks up the last tie between Buck and humans. Buck finally fulfills his long longing for the wild. As Petofi's poem reveals, "Liberty and love, these two I must have. For my love, I will sacrifice my life; for liberty, I will sacrifice my love." For Buck, "wild" is not only a symbol of the jungle law, "but a headspring where streams out love, passion, bravery, loyalty, friendship, venture, competition and tolerance", and freedom. As civilized human beings in the civilized society, we never get the right to choose a life we want and live according to our nature. This might be one answer to the question why so


     The Call of the Wild many people love this story. To be a dog running on the snow land and hunting for food can only be a wildest idea in our dreams. We are lost "civilized" humans in the desperate cities.



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