Cosmobridge schedule attach

By Vanessa Simmons,2014-05-19 11:52
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Cosmobridge schedule attach

    Cooperation schedule 1. Market launching stage

     From May 27,99 To June 6,99

    COSMOBRIDGE (1).Affirm the Master Reseller authorization of BTEF506.

    (2).Provide the technical materials of IP products for market



    (1).Write the market materials information.

    (2).Draw the spot test system topology & circle of IP product,

    which will be explained by COSMOBRIDGE to customer.

    (3).Lay stress promotion on the most important customer such as

    China Unicom.

    2. Arrange test on the spot :

     From May 27,99 To June 6,99


    (1). Modify IP system diagram design.

    (2). Preparation and shipment of experiments.

    (3). Before June 14 commercial and technical introduction with

    selected customers

     (4) Sign an agreement with BTEF on IP system test.


    (1). Introduce IP system test plan to customers and assure test site. (2) Assist COSMOBRIDGE on technical introduction and business conversation

    (3) Sign an agreement with COSMOBRIDGE.

    4.Test on the spot:

     From June 21,1999 To August 5,1999


     (1) Before June 28 ship the equipment for testing to the spot;

     (2) Before July 5 finish the equipment testing

     (The technical support of the COSMOBRIDGE should get to Beijing before June 28.);

     (3) From July 5 to August 5,calling testing.


     (1) Before June 28 complete the preparation of the spot.

     (2) Before July 5 assist COSMOBRIDGE in testing equipment.

     (3) From July 5 to August 5 attend testing.

5.Maintain and technical training:

     From July 5,1999 To July 10,1999

     COSMOBRIDGE and BTEF organize the operation train to customers.

6.Including the spot test and Business Negotiation

     From July 19,1999 To July 24,1999

     (1) COSMOBRIDGE and BTEF (506) organize the technical

    analysis and the commercial conversation.

     (2) Achieve the sale contract.

7.Introduce to other users (not the tester)

     From May 25,1999 start

     BTEF (506) prompt products to other users at the same time and COSMOBRIDGE provide the comprehensive technical support.

8.From now on COSMOBRIDGE and BTEF (506) keep the

    continuous communication track:e-mail to each other to exchange information. It is necessary to visit each other when it is important.

     BTEF appoint to be the fixed track

    means .


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