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Berita STM August 2002 Volume XIX No. 3

Worship in Crisis

Bishop Julius Paul of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Malaysia invited me to present a lecture on the topic The

    Relevance of Traditional Churches at their Synod on May 24, 2002. Having recognized the changing trends in

    both the society and contemporary churches, we are still convinced that traditional churches, especially mainline denominational churches, are still relevant. We need to reinvent our heritage and traditions progressively and prayerfully in order to contribute positively to the general health and growth of the Church. We have to re-appreciate our wonderful heritage and re-appropriate our tested traditions for the present and the future. In the process we need to restate the basics, and to be examined by the fundamental principles of the teaching in the Bible. We need to think critically on three areas, namely worship, pastoral leadership, and church order and structure. May I begin with worship here.

In recent years we see a dramatic change in worship styles in churches everywhere. Paul Basden, in The Worship

    Maze: Finding a Style to Fit Your Church (Downers Grove: IVP, 1999), helpfully distinguished five different worship

    styles. Liturgical worship, as in the Catholic and some high Anglican churches, is very formal and structured, with a fourfold pattern of adoration, confession, proclamation and commission. The key text behind this tradition is Isaiah 6:1-8. Traditional worship, as in the Anglican, Lutheran and Methodist churches, are less structured but guided. With reference to key texts of Col 3:16 and Eph 5:19-20, the emphases are on praise and preaching. Revivalist worship, as in the early Wesleyan movement, tends to be more emotionally charged, with enthusiastic songs and dynamic preaching. The contemporary Praise and Worship style allows more freedom in terms of expression and looks to 1 Cor 12-14; 1 Tim 2:8 and Psalms Ps 47:1, 63:4 & 150 for examples. Broadly speaking, it is rather informal, outwardly celebrational and physically expressive. It seeks to bring believers into intimate communion with the immanent Lord of love. Lastly, Seeker Worship takes non-Christians as the target audience and thus adjusts the worship order to be as user-friendly as possible.

    As one can see, the mood of the worship is drastically different in different styles. The musical instruments used are also very different. And one may wonder why the different styles are attracting different kinds of people. The question is, can we ignore the current challenges and different expectations? Some may feel very strongly for heritage and argue against changes. But some have opted to abandon whatever traditions. Our conviction is to reinvent the heritage for the modern world. Ultimately, we need to ask ourselves, is our worship bringing glory to God and drawing people nearer to God?

Rev Dr Ezra Kok

    thThe STM 20 Graduation Service

     thDate : 19 October 2002 (Saturday) Time : Tea - 3.00 p.m.

     Service - 4.00 p.m.

    Venue: Seremban Campus

    Speaker: Dr Sientje Merentek-Abram

     (Executive Director & Dean of ATESEA)


Bishop Emeritus C N Fang, who was the first bishop of the Methodist Church in Malaysia and also one of the ththfounding fathers of STM, was called home to the Lord on 5 May, 2002. The funeral service was held on 10 May.

    The late Bishop Fang, together with the late Bishop E B Muthusami of ELCM and the late Bishop Tan Sri J G Savarimuthu of DWM, were founding members of STM. The demise of Bishop Fang is a great loss to the STM Community. While serving as Bishop of the Methodist Church in Malaysia, he was also the President of the Chinese Annual Conference. He served as the first President of the Council of Churches in Malaysia from 1975-77 and was also one of the founding fathers of the Christian Federation of Malaysia, which was formed in 1985. Before his retirement in 1988, he helped to form the World Federation of Chinese Methodist Churches. Our heartfelt sympathies and deepest condolences go to Mrs Fang and the family. As he desired, the family has donated his personal library and some archival materials to the STM Library. We express our sincere gratitude to the family. May the Lord continue to comfort and uphold them.

STM Quiet Day & Music and Worship Seminar

    The second semester began on 17 June with a Quiet Day for students and faculty. Dr Simon Chan, the Academic Dean of Trinity Theological College in Singapore, led us in reflecting on the theme Resting in the Lord. He pointed

us back to the essential basics of sabbath, solitude and surrender in the Christian life. His sharing challenged us to

    reevaluate our lives in the light of Gods call. The next day, a Music and Worship Seminar was held. This was open

    to church pastors and worship leaders. Dr Chan gave a short but thought-provoking session on the Theology of

    Worship, while Mrs Chan shared about music in worship and how to enrich our worship with songs from around the

    world. It was, on the whole, a beneficial and enjoyable seminar for many who attended.- Miss Ho Gaik Kim

     Mission Trips

Mission Trip to The Bethany Home

     rdAll students are required to attend a mission trip during their studies in STM. On 20-22/5 a group of 3 year

    students went to the Bethany Home in Perak under the guidance of Rev Dr Solomon Rajah. The purpose of the trip

    was to expose students to Christian social ministry, especially caring for disabled children.

    The Bethany Home is an auxiliary social ministry of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Malaysia (ELCM). It is

    recognized by the Malaysian government as an institution for social work. The Home houses about 20 children with

    special needs and provides learning programmes for about 145 special children. The STM students had first-hand

    experience by helping the teachers of these special children, and were divided into two groups to have better

    interaction with the staff and children. submitted by Edmund Hunt

Mission Trip to Skudai Taman Universiti

On 11-16/6, under the guidance of Rev Wong Tik Wah, 9 students from the Chinese department went on their

    mission trip to Taman Universiti, Skudai. With the grace of God, they were involved in the following ministries:

    (1) Prayer walk.

    (2) Visited a Rehabilitation Centre for teenagers, testified and shared Gods word while worshipping with them. (3) Helped to spring clean an orphanage, prepared a special lunch and dinner for them, decorated their classroom

    and spent time with them.

    (4) Shared with the students of Taman Universiti Secondary School (II) on Knowing myself, To discover ones

    values and issues on sex education.

    (5) Organised a two-day retreat for the students of Taman Universiti Secondary School (II) with the theme To live

    a wonderful life.

    (6) Shared at the Taman Universiti Chinese Methodist Chapel and Ka En Chinese Methodist Chapel for STM

    Sunday worship services.

The students benifitted and were blessed by this mission trip. The team would like to thank the pastor and

    members of Taman Universiti Chinese Methodist Chapel for their full support towards the mission trip. Glory be to


Passover Meal

     thSTM celebrated the Passover Sehar meal on Maundy Thusrday, 28 March at the dinning hall, with the aim to understand the Jewish background to the Holy Communion observed in the Church today. The background of the

    Lords Supper lies in the Jewish Passover meal that Jesus celebrated with the disciples before his arrest and trial.

    With Rev Anthony Loke, our Old Testament lecturer, as the leader of the passover meal, all the faculty members,

    students and staff participated in this meaningful celebration.


Rev Dr Ezra Kok

    Gave an exposition on Acts 9-14 and conducted Sunday Service at St Barnabas Anglican Church, Klang on 20-

    21/4; gave a special talk on vocation & full time ministry to Kinta District CAC Youth Fellowship at Ipoh Chinese

    Methodist Church on 27/4; attended the Graduation Service at Trinity Theological College, Singapore on 11/5;

    gave a special lecture on The Relevance of Traditional Churches at the Synod of Evangelical Lutheran Church held in Sitiawan on 24/5; speaker for Penang Jelutong Chinese Methodist Church Family Camp on Growing thTowards A Healthy Family Church from 25-27/5; attended the 4 Mission Conference of the World Federation of Chinese Methodist Churches held in Penang on 4-8/6; theme speaker on The Eschatology of Paul for Singapore

    Jubilee Presbyterian Church Camp held in Bangi on 12-15/6; conducted Bible Study on Galatians for Merlimau

    Chinese Methodist Church at STM on 28-29/6; speaker for revival meeting at Tampin Chinese Methodist Church

    on 12-14/7.

Rev Tan Jin Huat

    Conducted an exposition on Ephesians at Praise Baptist Church on 28/4 & 5/5; facilitator for Preaching Seminar at

    Scripture Union‟s ON Institute Training for staff workers in East Asia region on 20-22/5; speaker for SS Gospel

Chapel Church Camp held at Frasier‟s Hill from 24-27/5; conducted Leaders Training Session at St Columbas, Miri

    on 19-21/7; facilitator for Preaching Seminar at Klang Chinese Methodist Church on 27-28/7

    Rev Anthony Loke

    Taught on Old Testament Survey at the Adults Bible Study for 6 Sundays (April-May) at Whitefields Assembly

    Seremban; speaker for KL Wesley Church Family Camp on 25-27/5; speaker for Grace Chapel Kota Kinabalu

    Church Family Camp held at Kundasang, Sabah on 30/5-2/6; taught Seminar on Book of Isaiah at Wesley Methodist Church, Teluk Intan on 29-30/6; speaker for Bountiful Grace Methodist Church Family Camp held at Port

    Dickson on 19-21/7.

Rev Dr Philip Siew

    Speaker for Presbyterian Southern District Youth Camp held at Rompin on 1-3/5; speaker for Mission Revival

    Meeting at Mega Chinese Methodist Church on 3-4/5; interpreter for the Chinese Annual Conference Spiritual

    Fathering Camp held at Port Dickson on 20-23/5; speaker for Baptist National Career Youth Camp held at

    Cameron Highlands on 26-29/5; speaker for Ampang and Ayer Itam Chinese Methodist Churches‟ Retreats held at thCameron Highlands on 29-31/5; Theme speaker for the 4 Mission Conference of the World Federation of Chinese

    Methodist Churches held at Penang on 4-8/6; speaker for the Japanese Christian Fellowship Father‟s Day Service

    in PJ on 16/6; spoke at a Bible Exposition Conference at Muk En Chinese Methodist Church on 28-30/6; speaker

    for Rasah Jaya Baptist Church Family Camp held at Port Dickson on 19-20/7; speaker for Lay Preachers‟ Training

    Seminar on Natural Church Development in Klang on 27/7.

Rev Dr Solomon Rajah

    Participated in the Natural Church Development Seminar held at Melaka Bethel Church on 14/5; attended the

    Synod Meeting of the ELCM Diocesan Assembly held at Sitiawan on 24-26/5

Dr Voon Choon Khing

    Attended Seminars of the CGST/Regent College Summer School held in Hong Kong on 9-15/6; attended the

    Christian Counselor‟s‟ Conference held in KL on 24/6.

Rev Wong Tik Wah

    Speaker for Evangelistic/Revival Meeting at Kg Jering on 12-13/4; attended the Natural Church Development

    Seminar in Melaka on 14/5; attended Thomas Oden‟s Lectures on „Looking at Church Tradition from John

    Wesleys point of view at Paya Lebar Methodist Church, S‟pore on 21-23/5; retreat mentor for Kuching, Sibu & Miri

    Christian Teachers Revival Camp held in Sibu on 27-30/5; speaker for World Vision “30 Hour Famine” Sunday at thHelp Institute, KL on 2/6; attended the 4 Mission Conference World Federation of Chinese Methodist Churches

    held at Penang on 4-8/6; speaker for CAC Selangor District Youth Camp held in Genting on 28-30/6; speaker for

    Evangelistic, Revival Meetings and Sunday Service at Bahau Chinese Methodist Church on 12-14/7.

STM Faculty Visit to Trinity Theological College, Singapore.

    The STM faculty members visited Trinity Theological College, Singapore from 9-11 May. They had fruitful

    discussions with the faculty of TTC during their stay there and attended the TTC Graduation Service on 11 May.

    We want to thank the TTC Principal, Rev Dr Ngoei Foong Nghian and all the faculty members for their warm



    We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the following churches who invited our lecturers to conduct STM

    Sundays for the period of April to July 2002. We are also very grateful to some of the churches (not listed) who

    observed STM Sunday on their own.

    April 7 Emmanuel Methodist Church PJ 八打灵以马内利堂 Rev Dr Ezra Kok 郭汉成 四月7 Whitefields Assembly (C) Seremban 芙蓉庄稼福音堂(中文) Dr Voon Choon Khing温俊卿

    April 14 Sri Petaling Chinese Meth. Chapel KL 大城堡卫理布道所 Rev Dr Ezra Kok 郭汉成 四月14 St Marks Church, Seremban 芙蓉圣马可堂 Rev Tan Jin Huat 陈仁发

     Chin Hock Chinese Meth. Church Manjung 卫理公会清福堂 Rev Wong Tik Wah 黄迪华

     Kg Jering Chinese Meth. Church Manjung 哲仁新村卫理公会 Rev Wong Tik Wah 黄迪华

     Sepang Chinese Methodist Church 卫理公会雪邦堂 Dss Margaret Chen 陈秀英

    April 28 Ipoh Cantonese Methodist Church 怡保卫理公会广东堂 Rev Dr Ezra Kok 郭汉成

    四月28 Gunung Rapat Chinese Methodist Church 昆仑喇叭卫理公会Rev Dr Ezra Kok 郭汉成

     Port Dickson Chinese Methodist Church 波德申卫理公会 Dss Margaret Chen 陈秀英

    May 19 Seremban Wesley Methodist Church 芙蓉卫斯理堂 Rev Dr Ezra Kok 郭汉成 五月19 Whitefields Assembly (E) Seremban 芙蓉庄稼福音堂(英文) Rev Dr Ezra Kok 郭汉成

    June 9 Penang St Pauls Church (C) Service 槟城圣保罗堂(中文) Rev Dr Ezra Kok 郭汉成 六月9 Christ Church Penang 槟城基督堂 Rev Dr Ezra Kok 郭汉成

    June 16 Skudai Chinese Methodist Chapel 士古来卫理布道所 Rev Wong Tik Wah 黄迪华 六月16 Kajang St Catherines Anglican Church 加影圣嘉特琳堂 Dss Margaret Chen 陈秀英

    June 23 Muk En Chinese Methodist Chapel, Cheras 蕉赖沐恩布道所 Mr Chew Kean Kee 周建基 六月23 Faith Methodist Church Cheras 卫斯理信心堂 Rev Anthony Loke 陆彦辉

    June 30 Bountiful Grace Meth. Church Sban 芙蓉卫理公会恩庆堂 Rev Dr Ezra Kok 郭汉成 六月30 Teluk Intan Wesley Methodist Church 安顺卫斯理堂 Rev Anthony Loke 陆彦辉

     Muk En Chinese Methodist Church Setapak 卫理公会沐恩堂 Rev Dr Philip Siew 萧帝佑

     Banting Chinese Methodist Church 万津卫理公会 Rev Dr Solomon Rajah

     Chinese Meth. Cantonese Church KL吉隆坡卫理公会广东堂 Dr Voon Choon Khing温俊卿

     Chinese Meth. Church Pudu Branch 卫理公会半山芭分堂 Dr Voon Choon Khing温俊卿

     Merlimau Chinese Methodist Church 万里望卫理公会 Mr Chew Kean Kee 周建基

    July 14 Tampin Chinese Methodist Church 淡边卫理公会 Rev Dr Ezra Kok 郭汉成 七月14 Our Saviours Church KL 吉隆坡救主堂 Dss Margaret Chen 陈秀英

     St Gabriels Church KL 吉隆坡圣加百列堂 Dss Margaret Chen 陈秀英

    July 28 Bercham Wesley Methodist Church 巴占卫斯理堂 Rev Dr Ezra Kok 郭汉成 七月28 Grace Methodist Church Ipoh 怡保卫斯理恩典堂 Rev Dr Ezra Kok 郭汉成


Dr Tim Dearborn, the Director of the Institute for Global Engagement, a division of World Vision USA and a lecturer

    at Fuller Theological Seminary and Regent College, visited STM and had lunch with the faculty on 3 May. We are

    very grateful to Mr Goh Keat Peng, Director of World Vision Malaysia, for arranging the meeting.


STM Alumni HomeComing Day

    27th June 2002 was the first STM Alumni Homecoming Day. 28 alumni ranging from the first batch of 1983 to

    recent graduates of 2001 came for this event. Some alumni came from as far as Kota Bharu, Teluk Intan, Ipoh,

    Yong Peng, Melaka, Jerantut and Bentong. The event began with the Thursday morning chapel service where Rev.

    Dr. Viji preached on 'Sin'. It was a timely message as not many preachers would touch on this subject and be

    willing to put themselves under the indictment and conviction of the sermon. The alumni were hosted by STM for a

    Community Lunch with the students and faculty. At 2.30pm, the alumni met with the faculty for a time of informal

    sharing. Many helpful suggestions were given on how to improve the Alumni Fellowship as well as STM. The Homecoming Day continued with tea with the students at 4.30 pm and a friendly volleyball match between alumni

    and students. The score was 2-0 in favour of the students but the alumni will be back next year, hopefully in better

    shape! The day‟s programme ended with a subscription dinner in a local chinese restaurant with some of the

    faculty members. It was a wonderful time of catching up between alumni and faculty. Rev Anthony Loke

News From Abroad

    Pastor Kang Phal Da Ra Cheat from Cambodia was with us from 1998-2001 and graduated in October 2001 and

    returned home to serve the Lord. He is now a faculty member of the Phnom Penh Bible School (the largest Bible

    School in Cambodia) and teaches New Testament studies. In a letter to STM, he said that he missed all the friends

    he had made while here.


Ms Yeak Ngok Moi (1998) who got married in January 2002


Karthikan Sibanyanam (2000) married Ms Rosanna Nath Nicholas on 6/7/2002

    Karthikan Sibanyanam 校友(2000) Rosanna Nath Nicholas结婚之喜。

Benny and Jade Ng (2000) were blessed with a baby boy in January this year.

    Benny Jade Ng (2000) 校友於今年一月蒙神赐予一位男婴。

Ms Ling Hua Hiong (1999) and husband Mr Sakthivel (STM library staff) were blessed with a baby girl, Sue Ann

    Ling Sakthivel, on 31/5.

    林华香校友(1999)与丈夫Sakthivel先生(图书馆职员) 531日蒙神赐予一位女婴。

Chinese TEE

    The Chinese TEE was launched on 14/4 at the St Peters Church Ipoh. About 100 people attended the service.

    The first course, Old Testament Survey, by Rev Canon Ng Moon Hing & Rev Frank Lin was well received by 60

    attendants of which 39 people have registered officially. The next course is „Basic Christian Doctrine‟ which commences in July.

English TEE

    Courses from September December 2002

Kuala Lumpur / Petaling Jaya

    Ethics at Work 16, 22 & 23 Nov Miss Ho Gaik Kim & others

Seremban Campus

    Contemporary Issues in

    Missions 2-5 Oct Dr Tormod Engelsviken


    Interpreting the NT 4-7 Sept Mr Lim Kar Yong

Kota Kinabalu

    Interpreting the NT 2-5 Oct Mr Lim Kar Yong

    Contact - Ms Sarah Yap, The TEE Director E-mail:


     Description Amount RM

    1. LCD Projector (1,600 Lumens brightness) 18,000.00


    2. Pentium IV Notebook Computer 5,500.00


    3. Baby Grand Piano 25,000.00


    4. Upright Piano for new Chapel 8,000.00


    5. 3 units of OHP 250 Watts (@ 800.00) 2,400.00

    三架投影机 (250瓦特)

    6. 1 unit of OHP 400 Watts 1,000.00

    一架投影机 (400瓦特)

    7. Laser Printer (networked with extra memory) 3,500.00


    8. Digital Camera (2.1 pixel with 2X Zoom) 2,500.00


    9. Video Camera (for recording Homiletic lessons) 2,000.00

    一加录影机 (上讲道学课堂用)

    10. New 10 Seater Van 70,000.00


    11. 3 units of PA System for Lecture rooms (@ 1,500.00) 4,500.00


    12. 2 units of Loud Hailers (Megaphone (@ 300.00) 600.00


Thank You STM Building Fund Committee

    On June 26 2002, the STM Building Fund Committee called for the last meeting. We are very thankful to the Lord

    for all the members and all their hard work. The Committee was set up in 1993 by the Council to oversee the

    building project of the STM campus in Seremban. Through their faithful service and tireless effort the Building

    Fund Committee together with our former Principal, the Rev Dr Hwa Yung, raised over RM10 million for the

    building project in 7 years. Funds were raised locally from churches, individuals, philanthropists and through fund-

    raising dinners that were held in the Klang Valley, Johore Bahru, Ipoh, Penang and Kuantan. Besides raising

    funds locally, the Committee also toiled tirelessly to solicit funds from our overseas partners. We praise and thank

    God that the building was completed in 1997 and by January 1998, the academic year began at our own new

    campus in Seremban.

To the Building Fund Committee we record our sincere and heartfelt thanks and appreciation. The members had

    faithfully served in the Committee to ensure that the task entrusted to them would come to fruition. We are

    indebted to God for using them as His instruments to bless us with a beautiful campus.


Total Donation and Income 10,994,123

Total Expenditure to Date 10,796,255

Balance of Building Fund 197,867

With the completion of the building project, Mr. Peter Lee, Chairman of the Building Fund Committee, hosted an

    Appreciation and Thanksgiving Dinner at the Smokehouse Restaurant KL as a fitting closing of the Building Fund

    Committee. Thanks be to God.

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