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    Unit 4

Words and Expressions

    1.move in: take possession of a new home

    * You must come and see our new house when we’ve moved in.

    * We moved out on Monday and the new tenants moved in on Tuesday.


    move in

    move out

2.miracle: n. a wonderful unexpected event; remarkable example or


    * The launch of manned spacecraft Shenzhou is a miracle of modern


    * (= That her life was saved was a miracle.)


    miraculous adj.

    * It’s miraculous how much weight you’ve lost!

    * He made a miraculous recovery from his illness.


    1) n. offering of sth. valuable to a god; giving up of sth.

    * Some cultures practise animal sacrifice to their gods.

    * Getting rich isn’t worth the sacrifice of your principles.


    (= Her parents made many sacrifices so that she could go to university.)

    2) v. offer sth. to a god; give up sth. important for a particular purpose

    * Many teenagers sacrifice to their idols.

    * He sacrificed his life to save a drowning child.

    * Do you approve of sacrificing comfort to appearance?

    (= )


    1) vt.

     summon back; order sb. to return to a particular place

    * The government recalled its ambassador when war was declared.

    * The automaker recalled a lot of unsafe cars.

     bring back to the mind; remember

    * Can you recall your school days?

    * Try to recall exactly what happened.

    (= I don’t recall meeting her.) 2) n.

     the act of summoning back

* The recall of the general from abroad caused a scandal.

     the ability to remember

    * She has an amazing recall of her early childhood.

(= My powers of recall are not what they were.)


    recall sb. (from … to …) recall sth.

    recall doing sth.

    recall that …

    recall where, how, why, etc.

    CF: memorize, remember, recall & remind





    Directions: Fill in the blanks with the words above. Change the form where


    1) The film _______ him of what he had seen in Germany. (= reminded)

    2) He _______ every detail of that occurrence as though it happened

    yesterday. (= remembers)

    3) An actor must be able to ________ his lines. (= memorize)

    4) Please _______ me to write to Dave. (= remind)

    5) He _______ his last evening with his fiancée whenever he felt depressed.

    (= recalled)

5.spill: v. (cause to) run or fall accidentally, esp. over the edge of a container;


    * Some of the wine spilled on to the floor.

(= He knocked the bucket over and all the water spilt out.)

    * Who spilled the news?

    (= )

6.subdue: vt. bring under control; calm

    * Napoleon subdued most of Europe.

    * He managed to subdue his mounting anger.

    * Neither riches nor honours can corrupt him; neither poverty nor

    humbleness can make him swerve from principle; and neither threats nor

    forces can subdue him.

    (= , , )

    subdued: adj. unnaturally or unusually quiet in behaviour

    * He spoke in a tone of subdued satisfaction.

    * I felt strongly subdued as I drove home.

    * (= Carrie returned to her dormitory with a subdued heart when she heard

    she had failed in the exam.)

7. exclaim: v. speak or say loudly and suddenly, because of surprise or

    other strong feelings

    * The evil stepmother of Snow White looked in the mirror, exclaiming in

    dismay at her appearance.

    * He exclaimed that it was untrue.

    * He could not help exclaiming at how much his son has grown.

    CF: cry, shout, exclaim & scream

    cry shout


    scream Directions: Fill in the blanks with the words above. Change the form where


    1) The police _______ out a warning. (= shouted)

    2) A baby can _______ as soon as it is born. (= cry)

    3) Mary was ________ hysterically. (= screaming)

    4) She _______ her heart out when she heard of her friend’s death. (= cried)

    5) The newspaper _______ against the government’s action. (= exclaimed)

8.resemble: vt. look like or be like

    * Many college graduates discover that society does not at all resemble the

    way it is in their imagination.

    * Leo Tolstoy once said all happy families resemble one another, but each

    unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.

(= She resembles her mother in looks.)


    resemble sb./sth. (in sth.)

9.commission: vt. place a special order for, or appoint someone to do sth.

    * My father commissioned a real estate agent to sell our house.

    * He is commissioned to negotiate with the terrorists.


    (= He commissioned a statue of his wife.)

10 make sure of sth./that: take action so that something will certainly


    * There aren’t many seats left for the solo concert; you’d better make sure of


    * I’ll just make sure that the car has been locked.

* I think he has to go to the doctor to make sure it is not infected.

    * (= Make doubly sure that all the doors are locked.)


    1) vt. copy exactly; repeat

    * I’ll get these notes typed up and duplicated. * This research merely duplicates work already done elsewhere.


    (= Some say in a very short time, computers may not only duplicate the

    human brain, but far surpass it.)

    2) n. copy

    * Is this a duplicate or the original?

    * The secretary was asked to prepare the contract in duplicate.

    * If you’ve lost your key, I can give you a duplicate. 3) adj. identical; doubled

    * a duplicate set of keys (= ) * a duplicate receipt/form (= /)


    1) v. give or offer (one’s services or help) willingly or without being paid

    * Many people volunteer to fund the establishment of Hope Primary Schools

    and enable dropouts to return to classrooms.

    * She volunteered (her services) for relief work.

(= She volunteered financial support.)


    volunteer sth.

    volunteer to do sth.

    volunteer (sb.) for sth.

    2) n. person who offers to do sth. without being compelled or paid

    * Princess Diana’s special satisfaction came from volunteer work. * One volunteer is worth two pressed men.


    an aid-the-poor volunteer volunteer labour

    volunteer service

13.illustrate: vt.

    1) supply a book, article, lecture, etc. with pictures

    * He donated 5,000 well-illustrated textbooks to dropouts.

    2) explain by examples, pictures, etc.; serve as an example

    * Aesop’s fables illustrate moral maxims. * Olympic Games illustrate what high standards our players must achieve.

(= To illustrate my point I have done a comparative analysis.)

14.go with: be gained with or included with esp. as a result; match or suit

    * Disease often goes with poverty.

    * We must go with the times/tide.

(= Happiness doesn’t always go with money.)

    * These new curtains don’t go well with your carpet.

    15.crack: v. (of the voice) become harsh; break without complete separation of parts; hit sharply

    * Thunder cracked and rumbled.

    * I dropped a plate and cracked it.

    * We must, according to law, crack down on all kinds of crimes and social

    evils such as gambling, drug abuse and illegal trafficking ().

(= He fell out of the window and cracked a bone in his arm.)

    * A cracked bell can never sound well.

    (= /)

16take over: gain control over and responsibility for (sth.)

    * After his father retired, Tom took over the family business.

    * Was it in 1948 that the Government took over the railways in Great Britain?


    (= Peter will take over as general manager when Bill retires.)

    * Would you like me to take over the driving for a while?

17 cradle:

    1) n. a small bed for a newborn baby; the place where sth. begins

    * The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.

    * The Yangtze River Valley is another cradle of Chinese civilization running

    parallel to, if not earlier than, the Yellow River Valley.

    * from the cradle to the grave

    (= )

    2) vt. hold gently as if in a cradle

    * She cradled the baby in her arms.

    * He was cradled in luxury.

    * She had been cradled a child of fortune in the house of her uncle.

    18.inspire: vt. 1) put uplifting thoughts, feelings or aims into

    * The trainer inspired the team to even greater efforts.

(= He inspired confidence in everyone he works with.)

2) fill with creative power

    * The beautiful scenery inspired Li Bai to write his greatest poetry.

    * He inspired his students with a vision of freedom.

    * His passion for romantic literature inspired him to begin writing.


    inspire sb. to sth.

    inspire sb. to do sth.

    inspire sth. in sb.

    inspire sb. with sth.

Useful Expressions

1. full of life

    2. move in

    3. arouse one’s interest

    4. a big pink bow 5. dining room

    6. a loud crash

    7. turn around

    8. put together …

    9. a victim of pneumonia 10. a lost time

    11. fond memories

    12. Where there’s a will there’s a way.

    13. in touch with 14. make sure

    15. race by

    16. no way

    17. a gaily wrapped gift 18. go with 19. get through 20. take over

    21. leave off

    22. tears of joy

    23. a close copy of sth. 24. a likelier explanation

Proverbs and Quotations

1. Kindness will creep where it may not go.

2. Fortune is good to him who knows to make good use of her.

3. Love begets love.

4. The supreme happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved.

     Victor Hugo, French novelist


5. We have no more right to consume happiness without producing it than

    to consume wealth without producing it.

     George Bernard Shaw, British dramatist

    —— G.

6. It was the policy of the good old gentleman to make his children feel that

    home was the happiest place in the world; and I value this delicious

    home-feeling as one of the choicest gifts a parent can bestow.

     Washington Irving, Father of literature of the United States


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