Bourne Rugby Club Minis and Juniors

By Jeffery Hawkins,2014-05-20 14:55
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Bourne Rugby Club Minis and Juniors

    Bourne Rugby Union

    Football Club

    Mini and Junior Section

    Milking Nook Drove (off Spalding Rd.) Bourne, Lincolnshire PE10 0AX

    Chairman: N Powell. Secretary: S Jones. Treasurer: R Mellor


    Dear all

    Only 3 months left of this year's season !!! And as it's a while since our

    last newsletter we thought we would report on how the club has been


    Money, money, money

    Membership fee. You will now have paid your ?25 membership and your

    child will be registered with the RFU. Here are some key facts you may

    not know about your membership fee

    ? The rugby club only keeps ?10 of the ?25 fee (40%). The rest

    has to be paid to the Sports and Social club for the upkeep of the

    grounds and clubhouse.

    ? The season lasts approximately 35 weeks, which means each

    week costs 71p per week. Not bad eh?

    ? And bear in mind that the rugby club only takes 28p of that

    71p !!!!! (Remember the rest goes to the sports and social club)

    ? That 28p pays for match fees, entry into cups and festivals and the

    meal after the match for our team and the opposition

    So how do we raise money? Now obviously we can't survive on 28p per person per week so we have to raise money and we do this in the

    following ways

    ? Kitchen - raises money for the club each week so if you want to

    help then eat more and drink more !! Unfortunately the same

    doesn't apply to the bar. The bar money goes to the Sports and

    social club but it's still good to participate as the higher the takings

    the lower we can keep the membership fees.

    ? Bag packing - generally the kids enjoy it. At the last bag pack in

    Sainsbury's the children didn't want to go home when their hour

    was up. The good news is that we raised over ?900 of which we

    donate some money to the air ambulance

    ? Equipment - buying your kit helps the club so when you buy your

    shirts, socks, gum shields, hoodies etc etc you can bask in the

    knowledge you are boosting funds and the kit is of a high quality

    too and don't they all look lovely on the field in their matching kit?

And how do we spend the money?

    ? Last year we spent ?4,617.54

    ? Most of it is spent on training equipment such as tackle bags,

    marker cones, corner poles, post protectors, rugby balls, tag belts,

    bibs and sub suits to keep the players warm.

    ? We also paid for the coaches and referees training courses.

    This is because there are strict guidelines that say coaches must be

    qualified and CRB checked.

    ? We also paid for a first aid course to make sure your children and

    get the best care if it's needed.

    ? In addition we funded the selection boxes handed out at Christmas

    as well as medals and certificates at presentation evenings.

    Seal Of Approval What is this?

    Some of you may have heard that the club is working towards achieving

    this accreditation.

Community Rugby introduced the Mini and Youth Seal of Approval

    accreditation programme as a method of examining, maintaining and

    improving the provision of rugby in the mini and youth section of a rugby

    club. Building upon current good practice, the accreditation aims to

    recognise the effort and achievement of those clubs that reach, maintain

    and improve on the required standard of a club committed to the

    provision of quality rugby union experiences for young players.

    Community Rugby has worked with Sport England to integrate the Mini

    and Youth Seal of Approval accreditation with the Sport England Clubmark

    scheme to ensure that the safe, effective, child-friendly club standards are

    met. Any club awarded the Community Rugby Mini and Youth Seal of

    Approval will also have achieved Clubmark accreditation

Training at Schools

    In order to try and promote the club and integrate it into the local

    community some of our coaches are giving up their time and coaching at

    local schools during the week as well as at the club on Sundays.

    BGS (Nigel and Neal)

    RMTC (Dave and Mark)

    All local primary schools also attend a Tag Rugby Festival held every year

    at the club.


    Don’t forget all officers of the club are volunteers!

    Without them and other volunteers the club wouldn’t be able to function.

    A lot of ‘behind the scenes’ things happen other then on Sunday mornings

    and Thursday evenings (pitch inspections and maintenance, club house

    maintenance, picnic benches, fixture planning etc etc).

    What goes into making a match happen?

    ? Fixture Secretary confirmation of fixture

    ? Coach- getting players ready …….. will we have enough?

    ? Team Manager organising kit and kitchen.

    ? Pitch inspections

    ? Organising referee

    ? Pitch being marked out. Flags post protectors

    ? Hot water for showers

    ? Bar facilities

    ? Kit collected and washed (youth teams)

    ? Showers and changing rooms being cleaned out

    ? Kitchen, plates and cutlery cleaned.

OK the volunteers don’t always get it right but the club is indebted to their

    time and effort.

    Thanks to all our volunteers

    With the introduction of Team Managers, Richard Kent, Dane Harbinson,

    Debbie Ledger, Anthony Hilliam Cooke, Lynn Bailey and Richard Hartley

    the load has been spread somewhat.

    And many of the parents volunteer in some capacity such as Harvey, Mo

    and Neil who sell kit in the shop, all of the coaches, Nick Legge who is our

    web master and publicity officer (and often bartender) and Melvyn, who

    organises our fixtures amongst other things.

    This month especially I would like to thank Leisel Pick for taking on the

    Kitchen manager’s role and being there week after week. As mentioned

    before the kitchen is vital as it’s our major fund raiser. Thanks also to the

    volunteers who go in and support her.

    I would also like to thank Debbie Ledger for taking over as membership

    secretary and getting us organised and Karl Cheek for organising the

    recent first aid course.

    Ray Mellor, who not only does the bar but manages our finances and keeps us stocked up from the cash and carry as well as standing in as coach and helping with the maintenance and running of the club Finally I would like to embarrass our Chairman and thank him for all the work he has done this season, and all the previous seasons. As Nick is one of the under 15 coaches he’s not always as visible as some may like. However is pivotal in keeping the club going. He attends conferences to represent the club. He marks the pitch out on Saturday ready for matches on Sunday. He does maintenance around the club in his own time and for no recompense other than seeing the club succeed and flourish. I think we all owe him our thanks.

    However if you can see room for improvement, which there always is, please let your Coach or Team Manager know, they meet regularly and your ideas can be implementated where practical. You could even get involved just let them know.

    Coaching - Get Involved!

    Coaching is, first and foremost, about working with people and encouraging players to enjoy the positive benefits of rugby and to help them achieve their potential.

    Coaches play a crucial role within rugby and can have a significant influence on the well-being and aspirations of the participants they coach. Anybody can coach, but to be an effective coach, you will need to fulfill a number of different roles and accept a variety of responsibilities. You will also need a good understanding of the coaching process and how to apply it so that you adopt a player-centred approach at all times. This may seem daunting, and you cannot expect to become an expert coach overnight. However, the RFU is well equipped to help you through the process of becoming an effective coach. The RFU is committed to ensuring that coaches are well-supported and capable of providing a really enjoyable experience for all participants through a range of qualifications, courses, seminars and support services to coaches.

    If you want to have a go contact the club will pay!

Coach Licensing

     The Rugby Football Union (RFU) is to trial a groundbreaking coach development programme, which is linked to a registration and licensing scheme, in three of its Constituent Bodies (CBs) this season. The pilot project will be launched in the Midlands East region, i.e. the CBs of Leicestershire, East Midlands and Notts, Lincs and Derbys, (NLD), and will run for 24 months from January 2009. So all of our coaches will soon be licensed in line with The Government’s UK Coaching Framework.

Social Events

    We are asked to put them on; some members have some great ideas. We go to the time and expense of organising them and unfortunately get very little support. For example: -

    Race night poor turnout

    Quiz night .. cancelled due to lack of interest

    Social at Smiths, rather than Clubhouse. All members informed, very few responses, 9 people turned up!

    Should we bother anymore? Did we advertise enough?


    In the past both parents and children have had some great fun at the club. Some even climbed Snowdon a few years ago.

    If you have any feedback, comments, criticisms or any messages you want to pass on then please contact any of us below.


    Nick Powell Suzanne Jones Ray Mellor

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