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    Caldicot School

     Behaviour and Discipline Policy

    Date Approved by Governors…2003………… Date Reviewed by Governors…………………

Committed to Achievement Calon i Lwyddo


1. Opening Statement

A happy school is an orderly and disciplined school, where there is a clear definition

    of acceptable behaviour which reflect the ethos of the school.

     Our values of:

    Honesty, tolerance, respect, self esteem, self discipline and responsibility

    underpin how we behave within and outside our school community.

     The two principles that underpin our Behaviour Policy are:

    o Every pupil has the right to learn without interruption.

    o Every teacher has the right to teach without interruption.

2. Aims

We intend to create a caring learning environment by pursuing the following aims:

    ? To promote good behaviour and discipline at all times;

    ? To promote self esteem, self discipline, proper regard for authority and

    positive relationships based on mutual respect;

    ? To promote a positive attitude to learning;

    ? To provide a safe environment free from disruption, violence, bullying and any

    form of harassment;

    ? To ensure fairness of treatment for all;

    ? To provide consistent and effective support for staff and pupils;

    ? To ensuring that staff, pupils and parents are aware of the expected

    standards of behaviour and work together to uphold them.

    3. Outcomes We seek to achieve the following actions by adherence to this policy.

    A school is a microcosm of society and therefore it cannot ignore the patterns if

    behaviour that often pervades society. Nevertheless, we will strive to ensure that

    these outcomes are achieved.

    1) The establishment of expected standards of behaviour, based on a

    consensus of essential values and beliefs.

    2) A commitment from pupils and staff to achieve high standards of work and

    behaviour from all pupils.

    3) The philosophy of trust, responsibility and self disciplines to be evident within

    the school.

    4) The assurance that the policy will be consistently applied.

4. Process and Procedure

4.1 Roles and Responsibilities

    The Governing Body will, in consultation with the Headteacher, staff and


    ? Establish the policy for the promotion of good behaviour and keep it under


    ? Ensure that it is communicated to pupils and parents annually and is non-

    discriminatory and the expectations are clear;

    ? Support the school in maintaining high standards of behaviour.

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    Committed to Achievement Calon i Lwyddo

    The Headteacher will:

    ? Be responsible for the implementation and day-to-day management of the

    policy and procedures

Staff, including teachers, support staff and volunteers, will;

    ? Be responsible for ensuring that the policy and procedures are followed and

    applied consistently and fairly;

    ? With the support of the Headteacher, have a responsibility for creating a high

    quality learning environment, teaching good behaviour and mutually

    supporting one another in the implementation of the policy on a daily basis.

The Governing Body, Headteacher and staff will:

    ? Ensure there is no differential application of the policy and procedures on any

    grounds, particularly ethnic or national origin, religion, gender, disability or


    ? Ensure that the concerns of pupils, parents and carers are listened to and

    appropriately addressed.

    Parents and carers: ? Have responsibility for the behaviour of their child both inside and outside the


    ? Will be encouraged to work in partnership with the school to assist the school

    in maintaining high standards of behaviour;

    ? Will have the opportunity to raise with the school any issues arising from the

    operation of the policy.

Pupils will:

    ? Be made fully aware of the school policy, procedures and expectations and

    be expected to conform to them;

    ? Respect the authority of staff;

    ? Have a responsibility to ensure that incidents of disruption, violence, bullying

    and any form of harassment are reported.

4.2 Mr Gareth Whitcombe, Deputy Head, will have oversight of this policy and the

    Key Stage Pastoral teams, who will manage the transactional issues of the

    policy with the support of all staff.

    4.3 Procedures

    The procedures arising from this policy will be developed by the Headteacher

    in consultation with the staff. The procedures will have a clear rationale and

    will be made explicit to staff, pupils and parents in the Caldicot School Code

    of Conduct. The procedures will be applied fairly and consistently and

    promote the idea of personal responsibility to the school community. The

    Codes of Conduct will be reviewed annually and are attached to this policy as

    Appendix 1.

4.4 Rewards and Recognition

    A school ethos of encouragement and praise is central to the promotion of

    good behaviour. Rewards and recognition have a motivational role in helping

    pupils to realise that good behaviour is valued. Integral to the system of

    rewards is an emphasis on praise, both informal and formal, to individuals

    and groups. The Rewards System is contained within the Caldicot School

    Rewards Policy and is reviewed annually.

    4.5 Discipline

    It would be unrealistic to expect excellent behaviour to be achieved constantly

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    Committed to Achievement Calon i Lwyddo

    and therefore a strong, fair and firm disciplining code of practice must exist to

    ensure that our high standards are maintained and are an example to all,

    promoting a calm, secure learning environment for our pupils.

    4.6 Sanctions

    Sanctions are needed to respond to inappropriate behaviour. A range of

    sanctions are clearly defined in the procedures. These include:

? Detention

    ? Extra work

    ? Letters home

    ? Parental interviews

    ? Time Out

    ? Referral to Progress Leader or Key Stage Manager

    ? Monitoring of work and behaviour ‘on report’

    ? Fixed term exclusion

    ? Permanent exclusion

    Pupils need to be clear why the sanction is being applied and what changes

    in behaviour are required to avoid future sanctions. The Pastoral Teams will

    work with our pupils to provide support and guidance to help them achieve

    good behaviour to stay on ‘track’. The Codes of Conduct provide further

    detail on how this operates in practice (see Appendix 1).

    4.7 Training

    The Governing Body will ensure that appropriate training is provided for all

    staff on all aspects on behaviour management in order to support the

    implementation of the policy as a regular feature of the In-service Training


    4.8 Interrelationship with other school policies

    In order for the behaviour and discipline policy to be effective, a clear

    relationship with other school policies has been established, particularly

    equality of opportunity, special educational needs, code of conduct and anti-


    4.9 Involvement of outside agencies

    The school works positively with external agencies. It seeks to ensure that

    the needs of all pupils are met by utilising the full range of external support

    available, including the educational welfare service, the LEA educational

    psychologist and behaviour support officer, Youth Access workers and the

    local police.

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    Committed to Achievement Calon i Lwyddo

5. Monitoring, Evaluation and Review

5.1 Mr Whitcombe and the pastoral Teams will annually review the policy and

    make any further recommendations to the Governing Body.

5.2.1 The Governing Body, in consultation with the Headteacher, the Pupil Liaison

    Group, staff and parents, will regularly review this policy and associated

    procedures in order to ensure its continuing effectiveness.

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    Committed to Achievement Calon i Lwyddo





    - 6 - Committed to Achievement Calon i Lwyddo



    Come to school on time. ?

    Wear full school uniform. ?

    Be fully equipped for lessons and activities. ?

    Complete all homework on time. ?

    Listen to instructions. ?

    Behave in a polite and courteous way to pupils, ?

    staff and visitors.

    Try our best at all times. ?


    ? ? Stay on site during the day in the Walk quietly without running or area for your Key Stage. shouting.

    ? ? Keep the school site clean and Keep to the right hand side.


    ? ? Do not leave site unless you Line up outside classrooms have permission from your quietly. Progress Leader or Form Tutor

    and a pass from the relevant


    Committed to Achievement

    - 7 -

    Committed to Achievement Calon i Lwyddo



    1. KS3/4 A dark blue round-necked sweatshirt with white School logo.

    KS4 Dark Blue V-necked or full zipped sweatshirt with white school


    2. A white polo shirt with black School logo. 3. Black trousers.

    Sensible black shoes. No trainers. Black or white socks. 4.

    A plain black coat. No fur of any kind or logos. Hoodies are NOT 5.

    acceptable in any colour. Reflective strips are permitted.

    6. School waterproof fleece jacket or school tracksuit top with school


    7. Scarf plain black or white.


    1. KS3/KS4 A dark blue round-necked sweatshirt with white School

    logo. In KS4 a dark blue v-necked or full zipped sweatshirt with

    white school logo

    2. A white polo shirt with black School logo. 3. Black trousers/skirt knee length.

    Sensible black shoes. No trainers. Black or white socks. 4.

    A plain black coat. No fur of any kind or logos. Hoodies are NOT 5.

    acceptable in any colour. Reflective strips are permitted.

    6. School waterproof fleece jacket or school tracksuit top with school


    7. Scarf plain black or white.

    - 8 -

    Committed to Achievement Calon i Lwyddo



Take responsibility for their own learning. ?

    Support the learning of others. ?

    Behave in a non-threatening and courteous way. ?

    Treat with respect school property and other students’ ?

    possessions. Safeguard their own and others’ health and safety in the school ?


    Provide your own equipment daily and not rely on others. ?

    Bring into school only those items necessary for the school day. ?

    Committed to Achievement

    - 9 -

    Committed to Achievement Calon i Lwyddo



Be punctual to lessons. ?

    Enter the classroom sensibly. ?

    Stand behind our seats, until greeted by the teacher and told to ?

    sit down.

    Listen carefully and quietly to all instructions. ?

    Write down the aims for the lesson. ?

    Place on the desk the right equipment for the lesson, (pen, ?

    books, etc.)

    Put our Pupil Planner on the desk at the right page. ?

    Put up our hand if we do not understand or want to ask a ?


    Record all homework and coursework in the Pupil Planner. ?

    Put away all equipment at the end of the lesson. ?

    Place chairs under tables and stand quietly until the teacher ?

    dismisses pupils. Leave the room in a quiet and orderly manner. ?

    Committed to Achievement

    - 10 -

    Committed to Achievement Calon i Lwyddo

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