Black History Month Contest

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Black History Month Contest

January 2009 Mrs. Valerie Maher-Kaune

    Ms. Kasey Rathburn

    Important Events thth12-16 OAT Practice Test

     thBlack History Month Contest 13 Relational Aggression

    Meeting The Ohio Education Association, in nd16th End of 2 Nine Weeks cooperation with Clear Channel Radio, is NO SCHOOL proud to sponsor the fourth annual Black

     History Month contest for students. Ohio’s th19 MLK Day fourth through sixth grade students are

    NO SCHOOL invited to participate.

     Contest essays must be written on the topic thrd20 Beginning of 3 Nine “What does freedom mean to me as we

    Weeks & Fundraiser Kick Off honor Black History Month?” The essay

     contest offers students throughout the state rd23 Report Cards go Home the opportunity to learn about African-MLK Essays Due American contributions and the achievement

     of freedom against many odds. It also th30 MLK Breakfast Assembly showcases the creativity of the students and

     rewards them for their knowledge and talent.

     The student author of the winning essay will

     receive $50, the book “Martin Luther King,

     Jr.A photographic story of a life”, and

    ATTENTION PARENTS tickets for his or her classroom to the

    When dropping off your National Underground Railroad Freedom

    students remember they will Center in Cincinnati. not be permitted in the **Entries must be emailed to building until 8:30 am. If they arrive before this time they By 4 p.m. January 23, 2009. will be asked to wait outside. (see your teacher if you need internet help) **Each student may enter one essay no longer than 250 words Box Tops For Education Nestle’s Water Labels **Essay submitted must include: ~Contestant’s name ~Home address WRMS is collecting Box Tops for ~Telephone number ~School you attend Education to earn money for student Drop Off & Pick Up ~Grade Level ~School district activities. Each grading period, those Please remember that all ~Title of Essay students who have turned in a sheet of students should be picked up **Clear Channel Columbus Radio will select 25 Box Tops will earn tickets for our and dropped off in the auction at the end of each grading the winning essay parking lot and cross at the period. Please make sure the Box Tops **All essays become property of Clear crosswalk. are trimmed and securely attached to a Channel sheet of paper. The paper needs to **The winning essay may be used in various include your child’s name and promotions by OEA and homeroom teacher. We have collected Clear Channel, including radio over $800 in Box Tops this year. Thank advertisements and recognitions of winner you so much for your support. and essay. Visit the OEA website, Last year we had great success with our

    Nestle’s Water label collection and

    earned several pieces of playground

    equipment for our building. It is our

    hope that we will have as much success

    this year. Please cut off the ENTIRE Nestle’s water label and send it to

Physical Education Station Art News From Miss. Frick

    We are nearly half way through the school year, yet there is so

    much to do! Your kids have already experienced quite a few

    activities, including “Sneak Attack,” where perseverance and

    strategy are key. Then we worked on our volleyball skills. I’m still very proud of the students during this unit who made thtryouts for the staff/student game. The 6 grade won that th night in a close match, but the 5 graders surprised us all with

     a 26-24 win in a student-only game. I have never seen such

    focus! We also played “Shark Island.” That game is a non-stop

    and very aerobic. After this it was “Golf Awareness,” where the kids tossed bean bags in an imaginary golf course, all the while learning the etiquette of the sport and how to keep score. Next was “Mission Impossible,” a student favorite where . teams must work together to solve a nearly impossible

    mission…getting the whole team across the floor without a

    single person touching it! We also played “Wiffle Ball” and “Floor Hockey”. Most recently we had a “Heart Lab” where students found their pulse and recorded results for different levels of activity. We also were able to determine a healthy

     heart by measuring how long it took for our target heart rate to return to our resting heart rate. Still to come this school year are games including “Battleship” and “Wedgie Ball” where strategy and cooperation are important for success. Sports we will be playing include Badminton, Basketball, Soccer, and Track. We also will have activities like “Initiative Stations,”

    and “Acrosport.” Hopefully, I can jam in a few more surprises

    this year. Yours in Fitness, Mr. Wilson


    For helping out the Art Department with YARN DONATIONS! Saturday School Information They were greatly appreciated and kept the weaving project Student behavior is a necessity when housing some 600 fifth and afloat!! sixth graders in order to keep them all safe and focused. When The response was overwhelming. What a great group of folks... students choose not to comply they flow through a continuum of From Miss Frick in the Art Room consequences from redirection from staff, points off good behavior plans, detentions, DMR (Discipline Management Room) first one- half day to full day of DMR and on up to Out of School suspension Dress Code Alert: and expulsion. At any time a child would be assigned a Saturday Parents please continue to help us with our dress code. If School the parent will be contacted and given a minimum of 24 violations continue spirit days will be limited. Also be hour notice in order to make transportation arrangements. aware that disciplinary actions will be taken for dress Students have been aware of this process since the beginning of code violators. school.

     When a child is assigned a Saturday School they are to arrive Helpful Reminders:

    between 7:50 and 8:00 AM. The doors will be closed promptly at ~ No hoodie s 8:00 AM for security reasons. Students will not be permitted to ~ No gym shorts, athletic or serve their time if they are not on time. If a student fails to attend, pajama pants is tardy, fails to bring work, or disruptive and uncooperative during ~ Stretch pants or spandex the Saturday School session, they will be removed and upon return will be issued an automatic 3 days Out of School ~ No shirts with writing on them Suspension. Saturday School ends promptly at 11 AM. Parents are responsible

     for all transportation. Please be prompt for pick up. Students are to bring work to do and a book to read. They will not

    be permitted to sleep, listen to or play with any electronic games or

    devices. This is not a tutoring session or social event; this is a

    disciplinary consequence and will be treated as such.

Last Chance!

    Last chance to get your very own small wooden replica

    of Waggoner Road Middle School! It’s a great way to

Graphing Contest Winner!

    A big thank you to the Meijer store on East Broad St. for donating a $50 gift card for the

    graphing contest in December. Questions

    were asked daily and each student selected

    as a daily winner was placed in the drawing for a $50 Meijer Gift Card. The winner was Mykaela Lupton from Mrs. Drury’s homeroom. We hope Mykaela had fun shopping over the holidays!

     Pathfinders News

     Mrs. Branson’s Math Class

    Congratulations to the following students for

    reaching their timed test goal in multiplication

    after a ten-week challenge: Abeal Ayalew, Larenz Brown, Devin Burkhart, Rafael DeJesus, Jada Glasgow, Ceri Goff, Dionna Goley, Mark Gooden, Zach Greenawald, Nikola Kurbatfinski, Jayce Rubel, Alexa Schoonover, and Treveon Towns. To date, the flowing students have also mastered their division timed

     test goal: Abeal Ayalew, Devin Burkhart, Zach

     Greenawald, Alexa Schoonover, and Reilly Tate. Finally, in our Study Island challenge, we have

    two survivors so far: Ceri Goff and Treveon

    Towns. Congratulations to all of our Math Masters!!! Mr. Shipton’s Language Arts Class Congratulations to Mark Gooden for reaching his strive for 25 goal. Mark met this goal in early December and has read over 38 books to date. Way to go Mark!

     Mrs. Slanec’s Language Arts Class Congratulations to Leya Teferi and Miquelle

    Fowler for reaching their strive for 25 goal. Leya Band News

    met this goal in early December and has read From Mr. Kuhn Reminder: and passed over 25 books to date. Way to go All newsletters Both the Holiday Concert and the School Leya! Miquelle just read and passed 25 books will be posted Performance were a HUGE success!! for the New Year! Way to go Miquelle! on the district thCongratulations to both the 5 Grade Band Mrs. Slanec’s Social Studies Class website under thand the 6 Grade Band for two Students in Mrs. Slanec’s class wrote business Waggoner Road OUTSTANDING performances!! I’m very proposals and created holiday gift products for Middle School proud of all the band students that put the “Holiday Gallery Hop”. They earned a profit numerous hours of practice, time, and of $353 and donated the proceeds to “Adopt a effort into making these concerts so special! Family”, The American Cancer Society, and the Thank you to everyone that took time out of Franklin County Animal Shelter. Way to show their busy schedule to attend the your giving spirit and make a difference in the performance. I want to say a special thank community, Pathfinders! you to Ms. Rathburn for taking time out of her

    busy schedule to narrate both of the fifth

    grade performances. Now it’s time to prepare

    for our next performance!! rd3 Practice Record Rewards

     A half pound Hershey Chocolate Bar was

    rewarded from a random drawing to one

    student from each class that turned in their

    completed/signed practice record. The

    winners are... thth5 Grade 6 Grade Ceri Goff Lexi Biller

    News From Mrs. Dutney

    Does your child have health insurance? Did you know that children under 19 and pregnant

    women can get free & low cost health care

    coverage through Healthy Start! Healthy Start covers the following: * Doctor Visits

    * Eyeglasses

    * Plus Many More!

    It is easy to apply. Just call 1-800-324-8680 to get an application or drop by school and ask for

    one. No face-to-face interview necessary! *Eligibility is based on household size and income


    In need of other resources contact Kathy Dutney, school social worker @ WRMS

    ENERGY ASSISTANCE PROGRAMS Need assistance with utility bills? The Ohio

    Department of Development (ODOD) offers

    several programs to help low-income Ohioans pay

    their utility bills and improve the energy

    efficiency of their homes. If eligible, you can

    apply for the Home Energy Assistance Program

    (HEAP), HEAP Emergency (E-HEAP) Winter and

    Summer Crisis Programs, Percentage of Income

    Payment Plan (PIPP), and Home Weatherization

    Assistance Program (HWAP). For E-HEAP and PIPP, an appointment is required at a local

    provider agency. To find out more about these

    programs please call: 1-800-282-0880

    Need Clothing/Furniture Assistance? THE SHEPHERD’S PLACE 866-1680 Offering Relational Aggression

    free used clothes for adult and children What is relational aggression and why is it

    JOSEPH’S COAT 866-4386 offers free clothing important?

    Relational aggression is a form of bullying, seen to families in need.

    mainly in girls. RA is a form of emotional and CHARITY NEWSIES Ask your School Social

    psychological violence. RA can take different forms Worker for a referral

    such as malicious gossip, spreading rumors, social Kathy Dutney: 595-0883 exclusion, and cyber bullying. Learn what you can do to keep your child safe Plan to attend our next

    Geography Bee Parent Program thTuesday January 13 7:00 On November 26, all eyes were focused on thSafety in Technology and Relational Aggression the stage for WRMS’s first 5 grade

    Presented by Katherine Mielke, School Resource Geography Bee. Four students from each Officer at RHS And Kathy Dutney, School Social team took to the stage to vie for top Worker at WRMS honors and trophy. The sixteen students

    who earned the opportunity to represent

    their teams are -

    TEAM MASTER MINDS & PATHFINDERS C.J. Armentrout Connor Richardson Karmain Seay Cole Losoncy Kristyn Morton Mark Gooden Brendin Carly Perkins

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