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    thst28 31 AUGUST 2009

    Team Bulletin #1



    (03) 9488 9482 OR 0419 371 729 OR

    1. Venue & Dates

    The School Sport Australia Athletics Australia Schools Cross Country Championships are being

    held at “Willandra”, Nowra, New South Wales. The Championships this year are being

    conducted by School Sport New South Wales in conjunction with Athletics Australia.

    Both the individual races on Saturday 29thst August and the relay events on Monday 31 August

    will be conducted at “Willandra”, Nowra.

    Course Venue: “Willandra”

    Browns Mountain Road

    Via Illaroo Rd

    (Approximately 10km north west of Nowra)

    Competing teams will be ACT, NSW, QLD, VIC, SA, TAS and WA.

    2. Team Officials

     Coaches / Managers: Erik Albers Oakleigh South Primary School

     Lyn Barge Carrum Primary School

    Geraldine Gamble Oatlands Primary School

     Andrew Healy Berwick Primary School

    3. Team Officials Accommodation Your officials will advise best how to contact them in due course.

The Bounty Motor Inn

    271 Princes Highway

    Bomaderry NSW 2541

     Telephone: (02) 4421 2233

4. Flight Information

     Meet at the QANTAS Group Check in area at 7.00 am

    Melbourne Tullamarine to Sydney on Qantas Flight QF416

    Departing Friday 28th August, 2009 at 8.30am Arriving Sydney at 9.55am

    Sydney to Melbourne Tullamarine on Qantas Flight QF465 stDeparting Monday 31 August, 2009 at 7.00pm Arriving Melbourne at 8.30pm

     Return fare = $218 / One Way fare = $142

If you are seeking your son or daughter to return home with you independently of the team in your care, you

    will need to urgently submit an Independent Return Travel Request form (due urgently Friday, 31st July, 2009)

     see Team Documentation. NB. It is assumed that you will be traveling home with the team unless an

    Independent Return Travel request form is returned directly to me & approved otherwise you will be charged a

    full return fare.

    NB. Your child will need to have photo identification (preferably) or some means of identification eg. Photocopy

    of a Birth certificate extract for boarding at both Melbourne & Sydney departures.


     Uniform for travelling will be:

    ? VPSSA Tracksuit Pants

    ? VPSSA Track Jacket

    ? VPSSA Navy Polo Shirt

    ? Team Vic Socks

    ? Own light coloured runners

    5. Documentation

    Please note that all relevant documentation, Team Bulletins, attachments and registration

    information will be posted on the VSSSA website.

    You will need to go to the VSSSA website

    ? Click on Sports

    ? Click on Cross Country th? Click on State Team Information August to your Team Manager: It is a condition of School Sport Australia that each player completes the required Official ERIK ALBERS Documentation (attached as a separate document). Please print, complete and return by Friday VPSSA STATE CROSS COUNTRY TEAM MANAGER 7OAKLEIGH SOUTH PRIMARY SCHOOL



Phone Number: 9570 1016

    Mobile Number: 0402 857 283

Please ensure that all forms are completed using your child‟s full name (ie. Sam or Will should be

    Samuel or William).

    Documentation must be received by Friday 7

    th August.

    Please also find additional documents attached separately as outlined below:

    ? A sample media release should you wish to contact local media.

     Attached as a word document so you can add further information about yourself.

    ? A sample letter to prospective sponsors should you wish to make contact with local

    businesses to raise funds for the trip through sponsorship.

     Note that Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD) regulations

    prevent you from seeking sponsorship from tobacco or alcohol companies or related

    industries. There are also very strict rules on advertising on competition gear. If you have

    any questions concerning this, please do not hesitate to give me a call.

    ? Information regarding our insurance cover with Worldwide Sports Insurance

    ? Accommodation Form (further info in section 7)

    6. Costs & Payment

    Invoices will be forwarded as soon as possible. It is anticipated the total cost will be

    approximately $800 - 1000, which includes airfares, transport, team administration and host state

    levy, compulsory team uniform, educational excursion and insurance. Uniform costs will obviously

    be lower for those who have previously been a member of a VPSSA team and thus already have

    the compulsory uniform.

    Payment can be made by personal cheque, bank cheque, school cheque or money order made out to

    the VPSSA by Friday 14

    th August. NB. No credit card facilities are available

    Please contact Howard Louis on 9488 9482 if you foresee difficulties in finalizing payment by this date.


     th August. 7. Accommodation

    We are expecting that families will be attending the Championships and that all team members Suggested Team/Parent Accommodation: will be accommodated with them, either at home or staying somewhere in Nowra. Please note The following website has accommodation information; that accommodation costs are additional to the cost estimates provided above in Section 6. Please fill in the Accommodation Form (see the Team documentation) on the VSSSA website and return to your Team Manager, Erik Albers by Friday, 7

    8. Itinerary/Program

Friday 28 August Teams to arrive at Sydney Airport between 10.00am and 11.30am and travel to

    Nowra & Willandra.

    Course inspection between 2.30pm and 3.30 pm

     Opening Ceremony 4.00pm

     Mayoral Reception Nowra council Chambers 5.30pm

    Pre Championship Technical Meeting (Team Officials only ) 6.15 pm MAYORAL RECEPTION

    Following the opening ceremony the Mayor of Nowra will host a reception at the Council

    Chambers. Invitations will be forwarded to each member body and competing teams closer to the event

    but unfortunately we will need to limit the participation to one Team manager per member body and two

    competitors ( we are suggesting one 12 Years & Under and one 13+ team member). It is anticipated that

    the mayoral reception will commence at approximately 5.15pm. General Managers to coordinate.

Saturday 29 August Individual Cross Country Program

    EVENT PROGRAM Time Event Distance Laps 9.00 11 Years Boys & 11 Years SWD Boys 3000 m 1 X 3000 m 9.15 11 Years Girls & 11 Years SWD Girls 3000 m 1 X 3000 m 9.35 13 Years Boys 3000 m 1 X 3000 m 9.50 13 Years Girls 3000 m 1 X 3000 m 10.10 12 Years Boys & & 12 Years SWD Boys 3000 m 1 X 3000 m 10.25 12 Years Girls & 12 Years SWD Girls 3000 m 1 X 3000 m 10.45 13 -19 Years AWD Boys & Girls 3000 m 1 X 3000 m 11.10 16/17 Years Boys & National Schools 6000 m 2 X 3000 m

    Team Championship & ISF World

    Schools Selection Trial

    11.40 18/19 Years Girls & U20 AA 6000 m 2 X 3000 m 12.10 10 Years Girls & 10 Years SWD Girls 2000 m 1 X 2000 m 12:25 10 Years Boys & & 10 Years SWD Boys 2000 m 1 X 2000 m 12:40 Open Women 8000 m 2 x 4000 m 13.25 16/17 Years Girls & National Schools 4000 m 1 X 4000 m

    Team Championship & ISF World

    Schools Selection Trial

    13:50 18/19 Years Boys & U20 AA 8000 m 2 x 4000 m 14:30 Open Men 12000 m 3 X 4000 m 15:20 14/15 Years Boys 4000 m 1 x 4000 m 15:40 14/15 Years Girls 4000 m 1 x 4000 m

     Officials Dinner (Team Officials only) Bomaderry Bowling Club 7.00 7.30pm


    Sunday 30 August Educational Excursion Jamberoo Recreation Park

Please note: The drive to Jamberoo Recreational Park will take approximately 35 45 minutes from

    Nowra. The team will be transported to the excursion & will depart Nowra (departure point to be confirmed

    closer to the event) by 9.00am.

Monday 31 August Relay Program

     Time Event Distance Laps 8.00 AWD Relays & 10 Years Boys & Girls 6 x 1000m 1 x 1000m 8.30 AWD Time Trials 1000m 1 x 1000m 8.40 Boys 14/15, Girls 14/15, 16/17, 18/19 5 x 2000m 2 x 1000m 9.20 Girls 11, 12 4 x 1500m 1 x 1500m 9.45 Boys 11, 12 4 x 1500m 1 x 1500m Composite Teams 6 x 1500m 1 x 1500m 10.10 13 yrs Boys and Girls 5 x 1500m 1 x 1500m 10.50 Boys 16/17, 18/19 5 x 3000m 2 x 1500m 11.45 13 Years Boys and Girls Time Trials 1500m 1 x 1500m Boys 14/15, Girls 14/15, 16/17, 18/19 Time 11.55 2000m 2 x 1000m Trials 12.10 Boys 16/17, 18/19 Time Trials 3000m 2 x 1500m

    12.45 Presentations & Closing Ceremony Post Championship meeting (Team Officials only) - 1.30pm

Teams Depart 2.30pm


    As part of the Event, the NSW School Sport Unit will be selling a Souvenir Hoodie. It will be in the two

    blues and feature the SSA Logo. All sizes will be adult sizes unless otherwise stated. The “Hoodies” will

    cost $40.00 (GST Inclusive) each.

    These will need to be pre ordered. Size Range XXS,XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL(please note that all sizes are based on adult sizing). The Order Form is below and needs to be returned to Howard Louis ( School Sport

    Victoria) by 28

    th July, 2009. This will be coordinated for the VSSSA / VPSSA team by the Project Officer,

    Howard Louis (School Sport Victoria) asap.

See the School Sport Australia - Souvenir Hoodies Order Form on the VSSSA website, please fill it in &

    return to Howard Louis by email on or Fax: 9488 9499 or mail:

    Attention: Howard Louis, Project Officer, VSSSA / VPSSA Cross Country State Team, PO Box 13, Coburg,

    Victoria, 3058 by 28 July, 2009

    If ordering, this will be included on your invoice & collected at the event.

    School Sport Australia Souvenir Apparel will also be on sale at the event.


    To view the Cross Country venue and course visit the following address:

Event information and course map & video link are also on the VSSSA website.


    11. RAFFLE

Each year, the VSSSA conducts a „State Team Raffle‟, specifically designed to assist team

    members to raise funds towards their team‟s participation costs in School Sport Australia

    Championships. The raffle is organized in such a way that the actual cost of running the raffle

    (permits, printing, prizes) forms part of the administration levy paid by each team member, across

    all of our sporting teams.

    You will receive four raffle books in the near future, with which you can raise $400 towards your

    team costs. You will be invoiced for this amount on your account. However, your account will also

    include a reimbursement for the same amount, acknowledging that you have raised $400 towards

    the team costs by selling or buying tickets in the raffle.

    Any unsold tickets will go into the raffle under your name. There is no need to write your name on

    each ticket as we have a record of the numbers of the tickets allocated to you. thWhen you return your tickets, we request that you remove the cardboard back and bundle them up in numerical order. This will greatly assist us when we come to audit the raffle. Please note there is September. no need to separate and fold each ticket butt. If you have the misfortune to lose some of the books, you will need to complete a statutory declaration stating the numbers of the tickets lost. All raffle ticket butts (whether sold or unsold) MUST be returned to Attention: Howard Louis, All raffle tickets (sold or unsold) MUST be returned to the School Sport Office by Monday 14VPSSA Cross Country Raffle Tickets, PO Box 13, Coburg, Victoria, 3058 NO LATER THAN

    MONDAY SEPTEMBER 14th, 2009.

    12. Educational Excursion

    A part of all School Sport Australia Championships is an educational excursion. This is one part of

    School Sport Australia Events that makes them unique compared with other athletics


    The Educational Excursion will take place in Nowra on Sunday 29 August. All team members and

    team officials will meet at a designated time & meeting place in Nowra to be transported as a team

    by coach.

    The excursion will be to the Jamberoo Recreational Park. Lunch will be provided

    for the 12 years and Under competitors.

Please note: The drive to Jamberoo Recreational Park will take approximately 35 45 minutes

    from Nowra.

    nd13. VPSSA / VSSSA Team Presentation Day Saturday, 22 August, 2009

     ndThe team will hold a compulsory Presentation Day on Saturday, 22 August, involving a team

    meeting to discuss details of the event, social team-bonding activities & official team photograph.

    Team members will be officially acknowledged and presented with their Victorian uniform and

    team medal. This year the Presentation Day will be held in conjunction with the VSSSA team & it

    will be a great opportunity to get to know the older students and the VSSSA Team Officials. Many

    of the VSSSA Team Members began their running careers in the VPSSA Team and some have

    even gone on to represent Australia internationally at the World Schools Championships this

    could one day be you!

    Please note the following details:

    DATE: SATURDAY, 22nd AUGUST 2009

    TIME: 10am 12.00pm approximately. NB. There is also a local race on at the

    University of Ballarat in the afternoon after the Presentation ceremony.

    More details to follow as soon as possible.

    VENUE: University of Ballarat, Mt. Helen campus, University Drive, Mt. Helen



    Please note:

    Other VPSSA teams hold a series of training days, which allow team members and their

    families to get to know each other. The Cross Country Team asks that you attend on just

    the one day, being the only opportunity where the whole team can get together and begin to

    bond as a team. The VPSSA sees this as an integral part of the School Sport experience,

    and we do appreciate your efforts to participate in the day’s activities, especially those of

    you who may have some distance to travel.

    Should there be an issue with your child’s attendance on this day, we ask that you discuss

    this with your Team Manager, Erik Albers on 0439 035 362 . More details of the training

    session will be forwarded to you in due course by the VPSSA Cross Country Team


14. Photography:

    Information from our official photographer, „Sports in Focus‟, will be issued to you as soon as

    possible. Team photos will be taken on Saturday 22 August at the Presentation Day in Ballarat.

    Photos will be available for viewing and ordering directly from „Sports in Focus‟.

    Please note that in order for you to be a member of a VPSSA team, your school MUST BE

    AFFILIATED WITH THE VPSSA or VSSSA. Students should follow this up with sports

    coordinators as soon as possible. Your place in the team is dependent on your school

    being affiliated.

    Information updates will be forwarded to you as they come to hand.

    If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to give me a call on either phone number

    listed below.

     Yours faithfully,

     Howard Louis

     School Sport Victoria

     Department of Education & Early Childhood Development

     Phone: 9488 9482

     Fax: 9488 9499

     Mob: 0419 371 729















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