BAYLOR UNIVERSITY Hankamer School of Business Course No BUS 3305

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BAYLOR UNIVERSITY Hankamer School of Business Course No BUS 3305


    Hankamer School of Business

Course No.: BUS 3305 MWF 9:05 9:55 and 11:15 12:05

    Location: Cashion Room 403

Instructor: Karen Lancaster

    Office: HSB 103 (Garden Level)

    Phone: 254-710-4258

    Office Hours: Monday, Wednesday and Friday 8:15 8:50; 10:00 11:00 (and by


    Required Texts: Wall Street Journal subscription (already paid)

     MKTG, Lamb, Hair, McDaniel 2009-2010 edition

    (There is an on-line code in the book please save this so you can

    acess the on-line learning tools.)


    (From the Catalogue)

Designed to present a picture of the development and present status of our marketing system, to

    analyze the marketing task, and to examine the major policies that underlie the various activities

    of marketing institutions.


The most basic objectives of this course are to provide you with a broad introduction to

    marketing concepts, the role of marketing in society and in the firm, and the various factors that

    influence marketing decision making. Like other introductory survey courses, you will be

    exposed to and expected to learn the “language of marketing” (that is, terms, concepts, and

    frameworks) used by practicing marketing managers. However, it is also expected that by the

    end of the course you will have a solid understanding of the major decision areas under

    marketing responsibility, the basic interrelationships of those decision areas, and an appreciation

    of how to apply key frameworks and tools for analyzing customers, competition, and marketing

    strengths and weaknesses. In combination, then, the course should help you to develop insight

    about creative selection of target markets and blending decisions related to product, price,

    promotion, and place (i.e., the marketing mix) to meet the needs of a target market.

The key marketing concepts for each chapter are available in Blackboard. You will be tested

    over this list on the final exam.


    Grades will be calculated as follows. Final scores will be converted into course grades using the

    following scale:

    Component % of Final Total Points

    Grade Grade Required Marketing Plan: Group Grade 10% A 90-100

     B+ 88-89 Marketing Plan: 5 assignments 15% B 80-87 Peer and Self Evaluation 5% C+ 78-79 Marketing Concept Illustrations 7% C 70-77 Quizzes 10% D 60-69 Subject Pool Surveys -3 3% F 0-59 Exams (3 @ 100 points each) 30% Comprehensive Final Exam 20%

     Total 100%

You must earn the appropriate amount of points to earn the grade. That is, if you earn 79 points,

    you get a C+ in the class.

All questions about grades must be resolved by the last day of class (except the final exam grade).

Marketing Plan (30%)

    This is a group project that is designed to help you apply the concepts that you are learning in

    this class. It will also facilitate development of your communication, teamwork, interpersonal,

    and analytical skills.

You will be assigned a topic and will create a marketing plan to address the topic. This project

    will be 30% of your total grade. Points will be divided between the marketing assignments (15%),

    peer and self evaluations (5%) and the group presentation (10 %).

3 Exams (10% each) There will be three exams made up of multiple choice and true/false type

    questions. Each exam will be weighted equally. You may not use a phone or PDA as your


Marketing Concept Illustrations (7%) This assignment will allow students to show what they have

    learned by applying a marketing concept to a real life marketing situation.

Quizzes (10%) Coming to class prepared is a major part of your grade for this course. An on-line

    quiz through Blackboard will be given over each chapter in the text book. The quiz must be

    completed by 11:00 pm the night before the chapter is covered in class.

Subject Pool Surveys (3%) During the semester there will be opportunities to participate in

    marketing research surveys from Business School professors. I will announce or email when these

    are available. You must complete 3.

Final Exam (20% The final exam will be a cumulative exam bringing forward the concepts that we

    learned earlier in the class and applying them in conjunction with the later concepts. The exam will

    consist of objective questions.


Baylor University policies require that students, staff, and faculty act in academic matters with

    utmost honesty and integrity. It is the responsibility of each student to be familiar with the

    Honor Code and other university policies and procedures affecting academic integrity.

    Students are also encouraged to consider these suggestions:

    ? Review each class syllabus for expectations your professor may have

    regarding course work and class attendance that go beyond those stated in

    university policies and guidelines and the Honor Code.

    ? Be familiar with the importance of academic integrity in class.

    Understand how citations show respect for other scholars.

    ? Talk with your professor if you are confused about citation practices or

    other research standards.

    ? Make sure you understand not only what counts as plagiarism and

    cheating, but also how to avoid engaging in these practices. Manage your

    time, take notes correctly, and use the internet appropriately.

    ? Make sure you understand your professor’s guidelines about working

    with other students on assignments, receiving assistance from other

    students on assignments, citing sources, using notes or exams from

    previous or other classes, and accessing information during an

    examination. If in doubt ASK YOUR PROFESSOR!

    ? Understand that penalties can result from dishonest conduct, ranging

    from failure of the assignment to immediate expulsion from the


For more information see the Baylor University Honor Code on the Academic Integrity Web

    page or contact the Office of Academic Integrity at 710-8882

Students in this course are expected to abide by the Baylor University Student Honor Code as

    outlined in the Student Handbook. Students who violate the Honor Code will suffer the


Any evidence of dishonorable conduct (i.e., cheating) as outlined in the Baylor Honor Code

    ( will result in at least an "F" in this


All Honor Code violations will be reported to Baylor University’s Office of Academic Integrity and

    will follow the student through their entire time at the university. Please guard your ethical

    reputation beginning now.

All books/notes/electronic devices must be out of sight during exams. If I see a mobile device

    during an exam you will receive a “0” on the exam. All hats and hoodies must be removed. You

    may not leave the classroom during an exam..


Bonus Points: The following will serve as opportunities for bonus points this semester:

    Tell Me About Yourself! 5 bonus points on an exam (not the final exam) Marketing Detective 5 bonus points on an exam (not the final exam)

    Ethics Business Forum 5 bonus points on an exam (not the final exam) Attendance The bonus points for attendance will be counted from the first day of class until the

    first exam; the first exam to the second exam; the second exam to the third exam; and the third

    exam until the final. If you have perfect attendance during the period between exams, you will

    receive 5 bonus points on the exam. If you miss a class during the first time period, you may

    start over and, if you have perfect attendance during the second time period, you will receive 5

    bonus points on the second exam.

     Please be aware that there will be no opportunity given at the end of the term for extra work. My

    advice is to take advantage of every assignment given throughout the semester. They add up.

    Questions about Grades: All questions/concerns/appeals about grades posted in blackboard must be addressed by the last day of class. In other words, I will not investigate a grade for you

    the day of finals or after you have taken your final, etc.

Blackboard: All course information for this class is available using the Blackboard software.

    This includes the course syllabus (in “Course Syllabus”) and all external assignments and

    quizzes (in “Assignments”). Also, I’ll post all PowerPoint lectures to the “Course Documents”

    section for each class. All class correspondence will be sent to your Baylor e-mail via


Office of Access and Learning Accommodation: Any student who needs learning

    accommodation should present documentation to the instructor during office hours immediately

    at the beginning of the semester. The student is responsible for obtaining appropriate

    documentation and information regarding needed accommodations from the Baylor University

    Office of Access and Learning Accommodation (OALA) and providing it to the instructor early

    in the semester. The OALA phone number is (254) 710-3605 and the office is next door in the

    Paul L. Foster Success Center.

    Food and Drink Policy: Food and drink are strictly prohibited in Cashion with the sole exception of water. Should you forget and bring food or drink into class, I will quietly and

    professionally ask you to remove them from the classroom.

    Absence and Makeup Policy: Per Baylor University policy, you must be present for at least 75% of your class meetings or you will automatically receive a grade of “F” in the course. This

occurs upon the event of your 12th absence from the course regardless of whether the

    absence is “excused” or “unexcused”. I place a high value on classroom time. Please see the

    university policy on “excused” absences.

Attendance will be taken at every class (including the first class). Three tardies equal one

    absence (which will cause you to lose the attendance bonus points). It is your responsibility to

    let me know, by writing a note, after class that you came in late.

Makeup exams, quizzes, or homework will be scheduled with the instructor. All make-up/late

    work must be turned in within 48 hours of the absence or it will not be accepted. It is the

    responsibility of the student to check for new assignments when absent.

All concerns about grade postings must be submitted prior to each exam. At the end of the

    semester I will not go back to the first of the semester to administer make-ups or accept late work.

Viewing Tests: I will not return tests or scantrons during class. Your grade will be posted on

    Blackboard. You are encouraged to come to my office to review your test if you have any


Emails: Email is the best way to reach me outside of class. When you email please include your

    first and last name and section number (or class time is fine). When you email remember that I

    am your professor, not your best friend. I expect sentences with subjects, verbs and punctuation,

    - not “text” shorthand. Make sure that you are looking far enough ahead on your schedule that

    you do not need to email at 1:17 am! I do not normally check email after 5:00 pm or on the

    weekend. Also, read your syllabus. Many questions can be answered there!

    Frequently Asked Questions

What do we call you? You may call me Mrs. Lancaster or Prof. Lancaster.

    What if I don’t like my group? Your groups are assigned randomly. This will be an opportunity to meet new people and learn to “play well with others”. Your group is your group.

What do I do with my cell phone or ipod or any other technology that becomes available in

    the next 15 minutes? Turn them off. I won’t make or receive calls or texts, listen to music or play games and expect the same respect from you. It’s just 50 minutes you can make it!!

Can I take the final with a different section? If you have three finals scheduled on the same

    day as your MKT 3305 final, you may switch sections. I will need to see a copy of the university

    exam schedule with your exams highlighted.

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