BME Social Committee Meeting

By Warren Perez,2014-05-20 14:34
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BME Social Committee Meeting

    BME Social Committee Meeting Minutes

    June 2, 2004

Attending: Elaine Wong, Karen Kennedy, Jamie Brownhill, Cheryl Dunham


    ? No submissions to logo competition

    ? Jamie will finalize design initially suggested

    o Snake and iron ring, including the colour red

    ? Logo will preferably done in time to get paraphernalia before people graduate at the end of

    the summer

    ? Paraphernalia printing cost will be about $200 plus cost of materials

    ? Need to get an estimate of what kind of paraphernalia people want and how many

    o T’s, long sleeves, hoodies, women’s T’s, hats, bags…

Picnic th? Date Monday June 14, 12 noon

    ? Send email to ask for RSVP and how many vegetarians

    ? Place Gibbons Park check on BBQ restrictions

    o Or, here at Engineering using close by fields for activities ? Food

    o Hamburgers and hotdogs

    o Vegetarian option veggie burgers/dogs

    o Toppings for burgers (lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, cheese, ketchup, mustard,


    o Salad (tossed salad, potato salad, coleslaw…)

    o Pop

    o Chips

    ? Activities volleyball, frisbee, soccer… ? Name Tags th? Rain date June 21 (email to be sent the morning of the 14 to postpone)

    ? Person in charge of organizing Jamie or Sara??

Organization of committee

    ? Name BMESC Biomedical Engineering Students Committee

    ? Chair Elaine Wong

    ? Finance Jamie Brownhill

    ? Communications Lauren Hastie

    ? Diana will maintain control over the orientation for new students and the Christmas party

    ? Have someone to communicate with other grad groups to do joined activities


    ? A budget is required for the BME Executive Committee to include in their budget

    ? Ideas for events to include in budget (to be discussed further at next meeting):

    o Theme Park

    o Beach Day

    o Golf/Mini golf

    o Pool Tournament

    o Running Club

    o Shooting Range

    o Sports Ultimate Frisbee, 3 on 3 B-ball Tournament, volleyball…

    o Coffee House

Action Plan:

    ? Emails to be sent out:

    o Numbers and what kind of paraphernalia

    o Picnic number of people and how many vegetarian ? Ask Diana:

    o To find out about BBQ and where at Gibbons Park

    o How to purchase items

Next Meeting: Wednesday June 7 at 3:30

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