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Dispersing, Penetrating And Leveling Agents

    Packing Product Main component Ionic Appearance Characteristics and use

     Anionic dispersing agent with excellent dispersing

    performance and stable to head eater. Highly Semol WS-100 Special arylsulfonate Anion effective for dispersion of anionic dye, vat dyes,

    pigments, etc. and stabilization of the dye bath.

     Shows excellent effects as a dispersing agent for

    dispersed dyes. Also superior in prevention of Compound of nonionic Anion / Semol FS-10 machine-staining. When used with E/C blends, it and anionic surfactants Nonion provides superior salt-resistance and prevention of

    staining on cotton.

     Provides superior wetting & penetration, and has

    excellent effect on the dispersion of direct, acid, vat

    Succinol Dialkly sulfosuccinate Anion disperse and naphthol dyes, so provides a clear

    appearance of dyeing.

     Shows superior effects when used as a penetrating

    and leveling agents for continuous dyeing of Compound of nonionic Nonion / Succinol CS cotton/polyester blend ad cotton. and anionic surfactants Anion

     Features superior deforming, deairing and Compound of nonionic Nonion / Penetgene W penetrating performance. Essential for scouring and and anionic surfactants Anion 以上資料由 懷德生技化學股份有限公司 提供 dyeing processes for materials with poor

    Dispersing, Penetrating And Leveling Agents

    Packing Product Main component Ionic Appearance Characteristics and use


     Penetrating agent for mercerization. Contains no

    creaylic no acids. Senka CNS 3300 Alphatic Alcohol Sulfate Anion

     Penetrating agent for mercerization. Shows reliable

    penetrating performance even in high-density ACS-27 Alphatic alcohol sulfate Anion caustic soda solutions.

     Dispersing and leveling agent with remarkably

    effective prevention of staining on cotton and salt Compound of nonionic Nonion / Merigal AM resistance. Suitable for one-bath dyeing of polyester and anionic surfactants Anion and cotton blending.

     Leveling agent for nylon. Has affinity for both acid Compound of special dyes and nylon fiber. Particularly effective for dyes Migregal N-11 Ampholyte surfactants of fast and milling types.

     Leveling agent for nylon. Shows a excellent effect in Compound of special similar dyeing speed of dyes of leveling and fast Migregal N-22 Anion surfactants types. Also has effect on dispersion and prevention

    of redeposition of acrylic size. 以上資料由 懷德生技化學股份有限公司 提供 Migregal 2N Highly sulfated oil Anion Show superior covering and solid properties when

    Dispersing, Penetrating And Leveling Agents

    Packing Product Main component Ionic Appearance Characteristics and use

    used with dyes of leveling and fast types as leveling

    agent for nylon, wool, silk and blends of these.

     Leveling agent for polyamide and protein fiber. Compound of special Particularly effective when used with dyes of fast Migregal 3N Anion surfactants and milling type.

     Effectively prevents streaky dyeing of nylon textile Compound of fabric. Also shows good compatibility with mixed Barrynon N-10 Ampholyte amphoteric surfactants dyes.

     Shows marked effects when used as a leveling

    agent for wool with a wide range of dyes from Compound of Migregal WA-10 Ampholyte chrome dyes and common acid dyes to 2:1 amphoteric surfactants pre-metallized dyes. Also applicable to many

    different dyeing machines.

    Compound of Gives excellent color yield for reactive dyeing of ethoxylated fatty amines wool. Also effective in the prevention of skitteriness Migregal WB Ampholyte and amphoteric and tippy.


     Leveling agent for wool. Shows superior leveling Compound of Migregal GWL-212 Nonion property for various types of dyes from fast and 以上資料由 懷德生技化學股份有限公司 提供 ethoxylated fatty amines milling types to 2:1 pre-metallized dyes. Also

    Dispersing, Penetrating And Leveling Agents

    Packing Product Main component Ionic Appearance Characteristics and use

    applicable to many different dyeing machine from

    cheese dyeing machine to liquor flow dyeing


     Leveling agent for wool shows superior leveling Compound of properties when used with chrome and milling Migregal GWL-216 Nonion ethoxylated fatty aminls types

     Migration-type leveling agent for acrylic fibers. In Quarternary combined used with retarders, shows superior Aclan KTN Cation ammonium surfactants leveling performance. Also effective as a stripping


     Leveling agent suitable for the rapid dyeing Alkyl quarternary method. Shows superior effect as a retarder for Aclan KRS-2 Cation ammonium surfactants acrylic fiber.

     Leveling agent with superior emulsification and

    dispersion of knitting oil of knit materials. Also Derivative of aromatic Anion / Esqual NS suitable for one-bath souring & dyeing. Effective for surfactants Nonion solution of dyeing problems due to residual

    knitting oil after scouring.

     Leveling agent for polyester. Shows superior Compound of nonionic Anion / Esqual T-150 emulsifying and dispersing properties for oil and 以上資料由 懷德生技化學股份有限公司 提供 and anionic surfactants Nonion wax, as well as good leveling performance.

    Dispersing, Penetrating And Leveling Agents

    Packing Product Main component Ionic Appearance Characteristics and use

    Prevents machine staining.

     Leveling agent for polyester Singosen. Has superior Compound of nonionic Anion / Esqual T-300 migration properties. Contains no carriers. and anionic surfactants Nonion

     Leveling agents for polyester alkali dyeing. Shows Compound of nonionic Anion / superior dye dispersion and leveling properties in Esqual TA-721 and anionic surfactants Nonion the alkali bath. Also disperses residual acrylic size

    and oiling agents, etc.

     Dispersion leveling agent for reactive dyeing of

    cotton. Particularly effective in the prevention of Anionic high molecular Multifine 40 Anion scums due to calciumion. With its marked surfactant prevention of secondary coagulation of dyes, the

    agent is effective with turquoise blue dyes.

     Frosting inhibitor for continuous dyeing of rayon. Compound of anionic With its excellent wetting and penetrating Antifrost SR Anion surfactants properties, it provides level dyeing by eliminating


    以上資料由 懷德生技化學股份有限公司 提供

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