Beginning a new school year is an exciting time for all of us

By Sue Gomez,2014-05-20 14:00
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Beginning a new school year is an exciting time for all of us



include (but are not limited to) CD players, CD’s, iPods, JUNIOR AND SENIOR KINDERGARTEN MP3 players, cameras, handheld electronic games, toys, REGISTRATION FOR THE 2009 2010 SCHOOL expensive watches and jewellery. Cell phones are YEAR discouraged, but if parents believe that they are essential for their child, students are to ensure that all cell phones Algonquin Ridge is now conducting are shut off, kept out of sight and not used on school Junior and new Senior property throughout the entire school instructional day. Kindergarten registration for 2009 The school cannot be responsible for any such items. - 2010. Appointments are not Students should avoid bringing large sums of money to necessary. To be eligible for attendance this school. Payment for lunch orders, field trips, or any other September, a pupil must be 4 years of age by school related purpose should be made to the homeroom December 31, 2009. Proof of birth date (original teacher as soon as the student arrives, preferably by Canadian Birth Certificate, Certificate of Canadian cheque. Citizenship, Canadian Passport, Permanent Resident Card/Record of Landing, or Statement of SAFETY REMINDER Live Birth (long version) MUST be submitted to the school before your child can be admitted to class in For the safety of all students, adults September. Additional valid documentation is visiting the school are reminded to required to register visa/foreign students. Families of please register at the office to sign in kindergarten students new to Canada or Ontario are and receive a visitor badge. This invited to contact the “Newcomer Welcome Centre” badge identifies you as a safe stranger at (705) 725 8360, ext. 310. Proof of address, in to anyone who does not recognise you. the form of a residential City of Barrie tax bill or, for those families who are renting accommodation within Adults who are picking students up from school during the school boundaries, a notarized Valid Rental the regular school day are asked to sign them out at the Agreement and Lease on lawyer’s letterhead, a City office. This will ensure that their absence is recorded and of Barrie utility bill or a valid Ontario driver’s license we know who picked them up. Parents of students will also be required at the time of registration. A whose classes are housed in our portables are asked to record of immunization is also requested to assist please respect these same procedures. Please report to the District Health Unit in meeting their requirements the office first and our secretaries would be pleased to under the Immunization of School Pupils Act (ISPA) assist you. to collect and maintain immunization records for every child registered in school. For further GRADE 8 GRADUATION INFORMATION immunization details, contact the District Health Unit at 1 877 721 7520. Please contact the school Grade 8 students and their families are office with any questions. We would appreciate your reminded that graduation will take place assistance in passing along this information to on Wednesday, June 24. Further details neighbours, within our school boundary, whose have been provided to graduates by their children may not presently attend Algonquin Ridge. teachers. Parents of Grade 8 students who wish to join Students presently attending Algonquin Ridge in various committees working to prepare for graduation are Junior Kindergarten do not have to register again for asked to contact their child’s homeroom teacher. Senior Kindergarten. UPCOMING GRADE 3 AND 6 EQAO TESTING SAFETY AT HOME PARENT PRESENTATION Parents/guardians of Grade 3 and 6 students are asked The Algonquin Ridge School Council has arranged to note the following information regarding EQAO testing. for Mr. Rob Heffernan, Public Education Co-ordinator for the Emergency Planning Department for the Grade 3 EQAO testing will be held on Monday, May County of Simcoe to speak to all interested 25, Tuesday, May 26 and Thursday, May 28. Algonquin Ridge parents concerning: Grade 6 EQAO testing will be held on Friday, May 29, -items to include in a family emergency Monday, June 1 and Tuesday, June 2. preparedness home kit -how to “shelter in place” Please avoid scheduling appointments for Grade 3 -any special arrangements for elderly family and 6 students that would take them out of the members or those with special needs school on these critical days. -making a family emergency preparedness plan EQAO testing will take six hours (two hours each for The presentation will take place in the Library on reading, writing and mathematics). Further information Wednesday, May 20 from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. We regarding Grade 3 and 6 EQAO testing will be provided to hope you will be able to attend. Please direct any students and parents in these grades. Any questions inquiries to the school office. Thanks to the School regarding EQAO testing may be addressed to your child’s Council for planning this event. homeroom teacher or the school office. SAFETY AND SECURITY OF ITEMS AT SCHOOL All students and parents are reminded that all valuable and/or treasured items should be ARE YOU MOVING? left at home for safe keeping. Those items may

     are at school. It is recommended that families record for If you know that your child(ren) will not be returning reference the serial numbers and descriptions of all family to Algonquin Ridge next fall, kindly call or send a bicycles. note to the office to inform us. This information becomes very useful once we begin the early stages Skateboards and scooters must be picked up and carried of planning for the coming school year. on school property for everyone’s safety. Please label

     them clearly with your name. The school cannot be

    THIRD TERM REPORT CARDS responsible for any skateboards or scooters brought to

     school. Please speak to your child’s homeroom teacher Third term report cards will go home with students on regarding storage of the skateboard or scooter during the Monday, June 22, 2009 for JK/SK “A” to Grade 8 instructional day. students. JK/SK “B” students will receive their report

    KISS-N-RIDE UPDATE card on Tuesday, June 23. All report cards will

     contain a Parent/Student Response form. Please

    complete it and return it to your child’s teacher by It is imperative that all drivers using the kiss-n-ride area Thursday, June 25. exercise extra care to keep our students safe. Please

     ensure that traffic flows in a single line. Drivers need to

    FINAL SCHOOL DAY FOR STUDENTS AND be constantly looking for students and adults who are FINAL PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT DAY crossing the kiss-n-ride area and who may be hidden by

     other vehicles. Rain makes our pavement slippery, so The final instructional day for students will be please leave extra space between vehicles and signal Thursday, June 25. Friday June 26 is a Professional your intention to merge when returning to the traffic flow Development Day for teachers so there will be no after picking up or dropping off students. Please respect school for students on that day. the guidance and support of our student safety patrollers

     and adult supervisors who are there to assist with the

    MORNING ARRIVAL AND AFTERNOON safety of our students. For student health and reducing

    DEPARTURE OF STUDENTS traffic congestion and vehicle emissions in the kiss-n-ride,

     we continue to suggest that walking to and from school

    Our morning supervision of students will allow students the opportunity to receive healthy fresh

    in the schoolyard commences at air and exercise, perhaps under the supervision of a

    8:35 a.m. until student entry at parent, neighbour or older student, if necessary. Please

    8:50 a.m. daily. For the safety of respect the posted anti-idling signs and turn off your

    all students, parents are asked to vehicle’s engine when waiting for students in the kiss-n-

    ensure that students arrive between ride.

    8:35 a.m. and 8:50 a.m. when supervision is provided for students outside. Student Adults picking up or dropping off students on foot from achievement is often linked with daily, on-time, the front of the school are reminded to set a good student arrival so please encourage and assist your example for our students by walking across the driveway students so that they arrive by 8:50 a.m. The in the designated area at the front of the school with the dismissal bell for students rings at 3:20 p.m. Those aid of our student safety patrollers whenever they are on students who are not staying at school for a duty. supervised extra-curricular activity or who are not accompanied home by a parent/guardian are We continue to seek parent volunteers who would be reminded, for safety, to leave the school grounds willing to assist with supervision in the kiss-n-ride area promptly upon dismissal and go directly home or to a any morning from 8:30 to 9:00 a.m. or any afternoon from designated caregiver. 3:15 to 3:30 p.m. Please leave your name in the office if

     you are able to assist.



     The next School Council meeting will be held in the

    Library on Tuesday, June 2 at 6:30 p.m. Please send Our lost and found is filling up again with clothing items of any agenda items to the school office for School all kinds. The lost and found is located in the storage Council Chair Jillian Fenik by May 30. room across from the main office. Please check the lost

     and found for missing items on a regular basis.

    Any parents wishing to be part of the

    Outdoor Improvement Committee in We kindly ask that parents label their child’s

    order to assist School Council in belongings, especially lunch bags. Every

    determining funding priorities for couple of weeks it is disappointing to see the

    improvements to our school yard, are asked number of lunch bags that must be thrown in to please leave their name and contact information in the garbage because they invariably get put in the lost the office for parent Caroline Okumura. and found with uneaten food left in them. Ensuring that

     your child’s name is visible on the lunch bag will help

    BICYCLE, SKATEBOARD AND SCOOTER alleviate this very smelly problem.


     Other items that are handy to have labelled now that the

    Now that the spring weather is warmer weather is here: Removable clothing such as

    finally here, some students may wish sweat shirts, and “hoodies”, hats and jackets as well as

    to ride their bicycles to school. shoes.

     Students who bring bicycles to

    PLEASE NO DOGS ON SCHOOL PROPERTY school are reminded to wear their

     helmet to and from school. Bicycles are the

    responsibility of the students who bring them. The Kindly adhere to the posted request on our property to school cannot be responsible for any bicycles keep dogs away from the school grounds. We appreciate brought to school. Bicycles are to be left at the your assistance and support. bicycle racks on the south side of the school.

    SUN SAFETY Students are advised to lock their bicycles when they

     Thanks to everyone for remembering that Algonquin

    Now that the warm spring weather is Ridge is working hard to be a nut-free school. Please

    here, we all enjoy spending more remember to send snacks and lunch items which contain

    time outdoors. A sun hat, appropriate no tree nuts of any kind. Thank you for your assistance.

    protective clothing and sunscreen are

    HELP FOSTER GOOD HEALTH WITH HEALTHY all advisable to protect skin from the

    ROUTINES sun’s harmful rays. We encourage students to use

     all of these safety tips on a daily basis at school.

     The following healthy practices will help foster good

    SCHOOL CALENDARS FOR 2009 2010 health at home, at school and in the community:

    A copy of next year’s school calendar is attached to -Wash hands well and often with soap and warm water this newsletter for your convenience. Please save it for at least 15 seconds.

    for reference over the summer and use it at home -Cover your mouth and nose when you sneeze or cough. when the new school year begins next September. -Contact your family doctor and stay at home if you are ill. These calendars are available through the Simcoe -Cough and sneeze into your sleeve or arm. County District School Board Home page. Search -Keep doing what you normally do, but stay home if you for calendars under 2009/2010. are sick.

     -Talk to a health professional if you experience severe

    EASTER FOOD DRIVE flu-like symptoms.

     -Avoid sharing food, beverages or personal items. Thanks to all Algonquin Ridge families who sent in

    donations of non-perishable food for our Barrie Food For additional information regarding healthy living, you Bank Easter food drive in April. With your help the can also call Telehealth Ontario at 1 800 454 8302

    school community contributed almost 500 pounds of or Your Health Connection at 721 7520.

    food for needy Barrie families.




     JK/SK to Grade 6 students will be All SCDSB school volunteers are required to submit participating in the annual Jump Rope for a valid criminal record check, with a vulnerable Heart event at the school on Friday, June sector screening, completed within the previous six 12. Grade 7 and 8 students will participate months, to the school office before they begin or in the annual Hoops for Heart event on continue to volunteer. Thank you to the many Monday June 15. Thanks to all family and community Algonquin Ridge volunteers who have already members who have sent in pledges for both events. completed this requirement. If you wish to volunteer Collection of pledges is now completed. All money raised at the school or on a school-related field trip and you goes to the Heart and Stroke Foundation. have not yet submitted a valid criminal record check,

    S.O.S. SAVE OUR QSP MAGAZINE please do so before commencing or continuing any

    SUBSCRIPTIONS! volunteer activities. Please submit all criminal record

     checks (original copies) in a sealed envelope

    indicating that a criminal record check is enclosed. If The QSP magazine fundraiser will be returning this fall. you wish to volunteer at more than one SCDSB Please ignore those notices from the publishers and school, list the schools on the front of the envelope support our school fundraiser by renewing your with your name. If you require your original copy to subscriptions through our school next fall. Save any price be returned, please let the secretaries know before discount coupons you receive as they will be honoured. you seal the envelope. Criminal record checks are If you wish to order before the fall, our school will earn

    additional funding if you order at available from the Barrie City Police. The school will

    gladly provide a letter of introduction to any parent Remember, if you ever have a question regarding your who is seeking a police check. QSP subscriptions, you can always call QSP Customer

     Service at 1 800 667 2536. If you have already submitted a criminal record

    CONGRATULATIOINS TO OUR JUNIOR BOYS check, it is now time to complete an annual Offence

    BASKETBALL TEAM Declaration in order to maintain your volunteer

     status at the school for the coming 2009 2010

    school year. Offence declarations are available at Bravo to the Junior Boys Basketball team for the school office. Please contact the school office playing with excellent sportsmanship and with any questions. Current school volunteers do not winning their zone tournament. require a new criminal record check for next year if

    CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR PRIMARY AND they complete and submit an offence declaration.



    VOLUNTEERS! Congratulations to our Primary Choir and our

     Junior/Intermediate Choir. Both groups

    thWe were delighted to see the many participated in the 26 annual Barrie Kiwanis parent volunteers who attended our Music Festival and had rave reviews! Both choirs Volunteer Appreciation Lunch on Friday, earned Gold Awards from the adjudicators. May 8. To all our volunteers who were unable to attend, please accept our NATIONAL ACCESS AWARENESS WEEK MAY 31 sincere thanks for the time and effort you give in TO JUNE 6, 2009 order to assist staff and students in so many ways. We will be recognizing National Access Awareness Week during the week of May 31 to June 6. We will be helping NUT-FREE REMINDER to raise awareness while sharing our belief in the importance of inclusiveness by reflecting on the ways our

    Following a very successful student talent show held school community can improve opportunities for

    recently during the school day, student participants will be people with disabilities and assist with the

    performing for their parents and friends on the evening of identification, removal and prevention of barriers.

    Thursday May 28 at 7:00 p.m. Participating students will Thank you for supporting the school in these efforts

    be issued admission tickets for their family and friends by taking time at home to discuss changing physical

    once the final number of participating students has been and attitudinal barriers for those with special needs.

    determined. Further details will be provided to In so doing, we are developing the attributes of

    participating students by Mrs. Gill. The audience is respect, caring and empathy and creating a society

    asked to bring a donation for the Barrie Food Bank when of inclusiveness of people with physical disabilities.

    they attend the evening performance.

     For additional reading please review the following TH ANNIVERSARY OF STEELE STREET PUBLIC 50websites: SCHOOL

    Former students and staff of Steele Street Public School,

    36 Steel Street Barrie, are invited to take a trip down wto_choose.htm thmemory lane with friends old and new for the 50

    anniversary of Steele Street Public School. The reunion

    event will take place on Saturday, June 20, from 1:00 p.m.

    to 4:00 p.m. A $5.00 registration fee for former students NO CHILD WITHOUT FREE MEDIC ALERT

    will be payable at the door. Visit www.steelestreet MEMBERSHIP FOR STUDENTS AT OUR SCHOOL to view old class photos, order reunion

    t-shirts and RSVP for this very special celebration. During April, the school sent home information from

    Please contact Kathy Wiles, Principal, Steele Street the Canadian Medic Alert Foundation about a

    Public School at 728 9292. program to protect children and provide school

     officials with help to address concerns about

     students living with chronic medical conditions,

     allergies or special needs. The No Child Without

    LEMONADE AND BAKE SALE program was developed to ensure children from th birthday receive Medic Alert JK/SK up to their 14thIn addition, Carter’s family is having their 4protection at no cost to the parent, school or school

    annual Lemonade and Bake sale on Sunday, board. The program is being funded by the stMay 31 from 1-3 p.m. at their family home Canadian Medic Alert Foundation, Lions Clubs

    at 36 Edwards Drive (off of Hurst, before Big across Canada, grants from the Government of

    Canada and corporate and local businesses. Bay Pt. Rd.) Please stop by for some lemonade, baked Students receive a choice of a bracelet or necklet goods, raffle prizes, a jellybean guessing contest and listing their medical conditions, allergies and/or more. Your support and donations are appreciated (if medications with their identification number, a wallet you are able to help with raffle prizes or bake sale card, access to the 24 hour emergency hotline, donations, please contact Michelle Roulston 722-0151). notification of personal emergency contacts at the time of emergency and a follow-up with parents after You are also welcome to join Carter and his family and ththe emergency call is made to the hotline. If you did friends “Team Carters Chase” on Sunday, June 14,

    not receive a brochure, please contact the school starting at Heritage Park, as they do the JDRF Walkathon. office. If you choose to participate in the program, Please go to for more information. contact Medic Alert directly after obtaining the brochure. Your child’s Medic Alert identification and wallet card will be sent to you within two to three weeks. Visit to learn more about the program.


    Rainbows is a peer support program for

    children, youth and adults who have

    experienced a death, divorce or life-altering loss.

    The group is presenting speaker Marc Kielburger,

    Chief Executive Director of Free The Children, on

    Monday, May 25 at 7:00 p.m. at Barrie Central

    Collegiate, 125 Dunlop Street West in Barrie. Be

    inspired as Marc shows you how the 3 C’s can

    change you, your family and the world. Tickets are

    $15 each (cash only) and are available from:

    Chapter’s Barrie (76 Barrie View Dr.), Rainbows

    (office at 80 Bradford St, Suite 514, Barrie) and

    Investors Group (north- Suite 103, 128 Wellington St.

    W. or south 138 Commerce Park Dr., Barrie).

    Tickets can also be purchased online at


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