Athletic Booster Club

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Athletic Booster Club

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    Athletic Booster Club

    Meeting Minutes from September 19, 2007 @ 7:00 p.m.


    Board Ron Schrader, Kathy Ignoffo, Barb Tegtmeier and Margie Cherwin

    Members Ruth Mullen, Debbie Weingart, Christine Wright, Bill Wiltse, & Becky Bright

    Coaches Zim (wrestling/graphics) Dann Giesey (baseball)

AD Report: Ron has spoken with Meier’s Fencing about replacing chain link fencing. The current

    estimate is $7,700, but Ron may be able to get that reduced a bit if they agree to put an ad in our

    programs. Ron spoke to soccer coach Rob Eastland regarding some upgrades for the soccer field.

    Coach Eastland would like two new soccer goals, which would cost about $2,700. He would also like a

    new sound system for the soccer field. Ron researched and found a system that could be purchased

    for about $2,800. The advantage to this system is that it is portable and can also be used for the Car

    Show in the future. Ron further reported that he is updating the school’s Wall of Fame. The cost of the

    project is about $9 to $10,000. Ron has already paid ? of the cost, and owes the other ?.

    Treasurer’s Report: Margie distributed an incomplete financial report. The values of the CD and Savings Accounts are correct; however, the checking account needs to be reconciled since the last thschool year’s regular booster meeting of May 16. Margie will complete and email copies to all present.

    The current value of the CD @ 9/8/07 is $5,672.57. The Savings account value is currently $39,238.24.

    The checking account value @ 5/16/07 was $4,919.53; however, all of the Car Show deposits, bills,

    concession proceeds and bills need to be accounted for since 5/16/07.

    New Business: Thank You Owed Kathy reported that we should acknowledge Dixon Realty Group for their generosity in providing new wall mats and the repainting of the school’s gymnasium. The

    original estimates obtained for the work amounted to over $64,000. Through other contacts, these

    costs were reduced to about $26,000. The painted gym and wall mats are a huge improvement for all.

    Kathy and Margie will prepare a letter thanking Dixon Realty and the painters as well.

    Coaches/Liaison Requests Zim stated he is still working on purchasing an embroidery machine for the Graphics Department, and hoping for monetary assistance. Zim also asked if we would like more

    hoodies for Homecoming, please send him an email as soon as possible. We will discuss and decide.

Dann Giesey reported he is in the process of trying to re-do the infield for the sophomore baseball field.

    He is awaiting bids on the infield sod, and may request a contribution from the Booster Club when the

    bids are in. Dann estimated the cost to be about $3,000. Dann stated this is best to do in the Fall so

    the sod has time to take root before the Spring rains. Dann reported the baseball team is still working

    with Hiller Park, and that field is in pretty good shape. Tiger Field is also open to us, and usually

    requests manpower to help with field maintenance rather than requesting donations. Dann reported

    last year the team put up the new fence at Tiger field. Dann also thanked the Booster Club for

    providing the new uniforms and equipment we agreed to last season.

    Old Business: Car Show Thank You’s We need to determine who will receive a plaque from us, and need to write the letter thanking all of our Sponsors. Kathy and Margie will draft a letter for review.

    Volunteers for Football/Soccer/Volleyball Ruth Mullen has scheduled almost all volunteers needed for the football home games. She has had trouble getting people to agree to work the Visitor’s side

    and we need to get helpers there for the final two home games. Becky Bright has volunteers to work

    the home soccer games, and Barb Tegtmeier has scheduled workers for volleyball matches.

Homecoming Week Activities The concession stands will be open for Fem Flag Football on Monday,

    for Soccer, Volleyball and Flick on the Field on Tuesday, Soccer, Volleyball and the Pep Rally on

    Thursday, and the football game on Friday. We will also need to provide the tent and tables for the

    Dinner for 8 at the Homecoming Game.

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    50/50 at McHenry Game Kathy stated that with the matching contributions received/pledged, we will have raised about $9,500 for the Nurnberg family. Kathy will give Margie the list of sponsors and

    contributions so that a check and letter can be presented to the family notifying them accordingly.

Pizza Provider We discussed the options we have regarding our supplier for pizza at home games.

    We used to have Pizza House, but then switched to MVP when he became a regular sponsor of our Car

    Show. However, MVP raised their prices this year without notifying us. Pizza House has agreed to

    charge us $8.50 for each pizza, while MVP was charging $9.00 for cheese and $9.50 for meat pizzas.

    When notified of the price we were quoted by Pizza House, MVP offered to meet the price, but use a

    lesser grade of cheese than he normally would. We put it to a vote, and by unanimous decision, all

    agreed to “award” our pizza sales to Pizza House.

Beef Buns Margie will ask Val’s to cut the bread for the Italian Beef sandwiches larger. The sizes we

    have been getting from Val’s are too small to justify the $4 charge, and we had been giving patrons 2 sandwiches for $5 to compensate.

    Homecoming Fireworks We discussed the request from CARES to contribute toward the Fireworks at the Pep Rally, and agreed to donate $500 as we did last year.

    Homecoming Signs Ruth Mullen asked if we were going to have the street along Skyhawk Drive decorated again. Margie stated last year we had to provide the posterboard, markers, and streamers

    for the cheerleaders to decorate with. Ruth will again prepare signs for each member of the Varsity

    Football team, and questioned how to get stakes for the signs. Bill Wiltse offered to give Ruth the

    stakes she will need.

    Keys for Concession Stands Margie stated the Booster Club has purchased new locks for the concession stand. There are some missing keys from previous board members, and we want to be

    sure the stand is secure. Margie asked Ron how many copies of the keys he would need to provide for

    Custodians. Ron said he only needs the one set that will be kept in his office.

    Treasurer Position Margie stated that she had two people who expressed an interest; but that one did not have a student currently enrolled at JHS. The other said she might be interested unless she found

    a new job, which she reportedly has. Please keep the position in mind, and recommend candidates to

    the Board. Margie will continue to act as Treasurer until a replacement is nominated and voted in.

Ray Chevrolet of Fox Lake Recognition Kathy reported that the School District and Administration

    would like to formally recognize Ray Scarpelli and Ray Chevrolet for their contributions to Johnsburg

    Schools. Kathy stated that over the past 4 years or so, Ray Chevrolet has donated between $70 and

    $80,000 to Johnsburg Schools between the Car Show, the Big Play program, the Driver’s Education

    cars, the After Prom donated car, and a brand new Suzuki donated to the Auto Shop class for the

    students to take apart and reassemble as a learning aide. After some discussion, it was agreed it

    would be best to recognize Ray at the Homecoming game, possibly right after the National Anthem.

    Kathy suggested a plaque from Artrageous to include a picture of the dealership, and Johnsburg High

    School. Ron will need pictures for the plaque to be prepared. Kathy & Ron agreed Kevin Shelton

    should present the plaque to Ray Scarpelli.

    Program Advertisements Ron reported that Dan Frytag has been taking pictures of our Athletes, and offering to print them for a fee. We agreed that since Dan is doing this as a business, he should be

    required to pay for an ad in the programs to promote this service. Margie reported that Air1Wireless

    had asked her how they can place an ad in the program. Margie will get the information to Ron for

    Air1Wireless to be included in the Winter program.

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    Sarah Kelly Memorial - Ron reported he had spoken to Deb Kelly about her ideas for fundraising to help the Athletic programs at JHS in her daughter’s name. The Kelly family would like to purchase a

    new scoreboard for the gym, and would like to have Senior students fundraise in Sarah’s name. Kathy

    had spoken to her also, and explained that the Booster Club could not officially assist with raising

    funds in Sarah’s name, as it would be unfair to the other students who also passed away, as well as

    future students. Ron discussed the idea of making our annual Donkey Basketball event a memorial to

    Sarah, since she was killed in an accident the night of the event. Deb Kelly was open to the idea, and

    stated she has been promised Cubs tickets and White Sox tickets to be used to raise funds. We could

    raffle the tickets at Donkey Basketball, and give the proceeds to the Sarah Kelly Scholarship fund.

    Margie will email C.J. Cordell (the Donkeyball owner) and try to reserve April 19, 2008, as the date for

    next year’s event.

    Publicity for Booster Club Ruth Mullen questioned how funds were distributed from the Athletic Booster Club funds raised. The requests for contributions/donations are discussed and decided

    amongst the Board. Ruth recommended the Booster Club ask that an article be included in Info12

    and/or the JWN (Johnsburg Weekly News) informing the public of the money raised for the Nurnberg

    Family, and of the purchases made by the Booster Club in recent years. Apparently most of our

    members and parents are not aware that the Booster Club has provided the new uniforms and/or

    warm-ups for various sports. Margie will revise the announcements that were used for the Nurnberg

    50/50 raffle and email it to Meg Oeffling at JWN, and Beth Seger for the Info12. Margie will prepare a

    list of the recent purchases approved by the Booster Club for possible distribution through the

    school’s listserv so that parents will know the good things we’ve done for their students.

    thNext Meeting: The next regular Booster Club Meeting will be held on October 17 at 7:00 p.m., in the

    JHS Conference Room.

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