Belsher Family Reunion 2009

By Susan Hicks,2014-05-20 14:03
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Belsher Family Reunion 2009

    Belsher Family Reunion 2009

    Letter #2 April 2009

    Hello beloved family! Only 140 more sleeps until we get together again! I have a

    countdown set up on my computer as a friendly reminder. Reunion is coming quickly

    and there are a few important pieces of information we’d like to pass onto you:

1. Since our numbers are nearing the 400 mark (397 to date), our theme this year is

    Belsher 400, which was submitted by Cam DeRose. Thanks for your creative

    thinking Cam!!!

     ststndrd2. Reunion will be July 31, August 1, 2 and 3, held once again at Deer Valley

    Meadows near Alix, Alberta (45 minutes from Red Deer). A map will be sent out

    with directions prior to reunion.

     th3. Registration forms need to be sent in by June 15, 2009, to be sure you’re fed,

    watered and have a place to lay your head over the weekend. Please send your

    money in with the registration (prices can be found on the registration form).

4. Skit Night / Saturday Night Live! Something you either look forward to or

    dread, either way it’s always a good time for everyone! Once again the

    committee has given the MC of the evening permission to cut off any

    performance that succeeds 5 minutes. Short and sweet is key ?

5. Volunteers make the weekend possible! There are a few key areas that we are

    still in need of people to help out with

    1. Decathalon a morning that’s fun for all ages! We’re still looking for a

    family to plan and coordinate this event.

    2. Children activities volunteers are needed to provide and oversee

    participation games for children under 11 years, and those 12-15. This is

    only for a specific time, not the whole weekend.

    For more information on any of these areas, or other areas where help is needed

    please e-mail Cindy Dempsey at

    6. Fund raising Once again we’ll be having a silent auction and raffle during

    Belsher Reunion to raise some money. Thank you to those who have already

    contributed some of your time and talents to this. If you’re interested in

    contributing something please let us know by e-mailed Cindy Dempsey at

    7. Sing Song / Jam session start getting your voices and instruments in shape we

    look forward to your participation!

    8. T-shirts / Paraphernalia etc. As always traditional “Belsher” t-shirts are

    available for pre-order for those new to the family, or in case you’ve outgrown (of

    course you’d only have grown taller, not larger around, right?) or worn your old

    one out. Please be sure to include the correct spelling and number on the order

    form. Also available this year: stylish golf shirts, cosy hoodies, warm fleece vests,

    sun blocking baseball caps and back by popular demand “go mugs”

    9. Calendar New “Belsher” additions and corrections we want to make sure our

    calendar and family tree list is as accurate as possible. If you know of an error or

    omission from the past please let us know by e-mailed Glen Daniels at or Gail Sephton at

    10. Just a reminder about alcohol: keeping in respect the beliefs and values of Deer

    Valley Meadows we ask that absolutely no alcohol be taken into buildings on site.

    A recycling station will be set up for all empties.

    Love you and can’t wait to see you at Reunion this year! ~Catherine Furukawa (Alice’s granddaughter)


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