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    The World Is Getting Smaller and Smaller

    (CET4 94.1)

    1. 现代化的交通工具越来越发达 2. 人与人之间的交往越来越频繁 3. 结论

    Many of us have such an experience that when you travel to a distant place and think you

    know nobody there, but to your surprise you run into one of your old classmates in the street.

    Perhaps, both of you could not help crying out “ What a small world!”

    Why the world is getting so small? For one thing, modern technology has made it possible

    for people to move from place to place within a short period of time. The modern transportation

    such as jet can take people from one corner of the world to another within hours. For another, with

    the development of modern society, people are contacting with each other more frequently.

    Everyday they may contact lots of people known or unknown. The more advanced a society, the

    more frequently people may meet with each other.

    Based on the above discussion, it is not difficult to draw a conclusion that with the

    improvement of communication and the advance of society, the world will be getting smaller and


    We Need to Broaden Our Knowledge

    (CET6 94.1)

    1. 科学技术是社会发展所不可缺少的 2. 社会科学和自然科学相互渗透 3. 现代大学生需要广博的知识

    Knowledge is power, especially scientific and technological knowledge. Science and

    technology are the motive power of the social development. Without them human society

    could never have developed from primitive society to modern society. Therefore, to conquer

    and transform nature, we must master scientific knowledge.

    However, like scientific and technological knowledge, social knowledge is also essential.

    Without it we can not understand society and don't know the law of the social development.

    As a result we are unable to govern society. Therefore, besides scientific knowledge we need

    to master social science, philosophy, politics, history, aesthetics, etc. so that we can know

    society from all perspectives and form a correct world outlook.

    To meet new challenges in the 21st century, we university students should lose no time to

    acquire as much knowledge as possible both in technological and social science so that we

    will become qualified successors of our modern times.

    My Ideal Job (CET4 94.6)

1. 人们对职业各有不同的理想

    2. 我理想的职业是什么 3. 我怎么为我理想的职业作准备

    When people are asked about what they are going to do in the future, usually there are

    different answers. Some want to be teachers, others like to be doctors, and still others may want to

    become scientists and so on.

    What is my ideal job? To tell you the truth, my ideal job is on business. This idea came into

    being when I was a child.

    Now, I am majoring in Industry and Foreign Trade. I’m sure what I am learning now will

    give me a lot of help and preparation for my future job. So from now on, I must work hard, since

    my future job requires rich knowledge and skills. On the one hand, I should master my specialty

    knowledge. On the other hand, I should have a good command of other knowledge and skills.

    Besides, I must spend time improving my English because English is very essential in doing

    business with foreigners. In a word, I will work as hard as possible to be a qualified businessman.

    The Career I Pursue (CET6 94.6)

    1. 我理想的事业是什么? 2. 为什么我选择这个事业? 1. 怎样为我理想的事业做好准备?

     Many a time in my life I have been thinking about my future career. My idea kept changing

    from time to time, but now, I have made up my mind to become a teacher after graduation. There

    are many reasons for my decision, but in general, they come down to three major ones.

     As a teacher, you are your own boss. You won’t be kept under close watch every hour of any

    supervisor. You can teach in the way you like and nobody will say “No” to you. In addition, you

    can enjoy the pace of academic calendar, the winter and the summer vocations, which offer you an

    opportunity for reflection, research and writing. Above all, being a teacher, you enjoy yourself by

    watching the development of your students, which gives you a sense of accomplishment.

     However, teaching is a demanding career, which requires not only a high sense of

    responsibility but also broad knowledge. Moreover, a qualified teacher should have a good

    understanding of the teaching principles, the teaching methods and the teaching skills. So I must

    work as hard as possible to meet what is required as a teacher.

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