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    February 2008

     Mission Statement

The Canoe Club’s aim is to allow any Bath University student to enjoy the benefits of paddlesport;

    improving fitness, building confidence, competition, increasing personal skills, teamwork and sociality; and to do this in a safe, appropriate atmosphere at minimal cost an opportunity unavailable elsewhere.

    We provide coaching and support as much as possible to enable individuals and teams to reach their

    potential in both recreational and competitive paddlesport. The Club caters for complete beginners,

    offering an introduction to the sport; through progressing novices and intermediates, providing

    opportunities and support for improvement; to advanced paddlers, helping to further experience and

    qualifications. We hope to spread the word that kayaking (and canoeing) is an enjoyable, exciting and

    challenging sport that can offer enjoyment for all.

Roles of Committee Members

    All committee members are expected to read and respond to email every day during term-time and

    frequently during vacations, to check the website regularly, and attend

    committee meetings as requested.



    ? Overseeing general running of the club

    ? Looking at constitution every two months to ensure tasks are being carried out. ? Being a representative and the first point of contact of the club when dealing with the SA etc Meetings

    ? Calling of club meetings

    ? Running of club meetings

    ? Attending SA meetings as instructed by the SA


    ? Signing finance forms in conversation with the Treasurer


    ? Sending out ‘this week’ email to members every week of term.

    ? Ensuring that they remain up to date with the activities of the committee ? Ensuring that the pigeonhole is checked every day.


    ? Working with incoming/outgoing Chair to produce a yearly Club Development Plan. ? Managing promotion of the Club at the Sports Fair at the beginning of the year. ? Ensure that all Committee members are designated Executive on

    Treasurer General - Finances

    ? Being aware of current financial situation and keeping the committee updated as required ? Keep adequate records of Club finances

    ? Signing finance forms

    ? Paying in money from trips and other events using the box in the Finance Office ? Resolving finance issues

    ? Liaising with the Kit Officer to apply for Special Equipment funds Meetings

    ? Calling of club meetings

    ? Running of club meetings in the absence of the chairman

    ? Attending SA meetings as instructed by the SA

Secretary Communications General ? Pursuing non-payees of trip costs etc ? Organising of bag packing and other sponsorship/fundraising events Meetings

    ? Recording and distributing of minutes to the committee within 2 days of the meeting ? Calling of club meetings

    ? Running of club meetings in the absence of the chairman and treasurer ? Booking of rooms for committee meetings


    ? Responsible for receiving and dealing with emails to ? Ensuring that the pigeon hole is checked everyday during term time.

    ? Responsible for snail mail correspondence


    ? Renewal of BCU Affiliation (annual)

    ? Updating constitution after AGM/EGM and passing to Webmaster for posting on website

Polo Captains (two roles Mens’ and Ladies’)

    ? Running of most polo sessions

    ? Ensuring sufficient coaches to run all swimming pool polo sessions

    ? Selecting polo teams for all polo tournaments and matches

    ? Organising trips to tournaments: Warwick, BUSA, SouthWest etc

    ? Organising entry into National/Regional leagues at the end of year for the following year. ? Running of Bath University Beginners’ Canoe Polo Tournament

    ? Checking of

    ? Ensuring that there are sufficient referees for every tournament.

Social Secretary

    ? Organising at least 1 social per term and at least 5 per year

    ? Organising Christmas social event, ie Christmas meal and Snow Ball

    ? Organising club clothing (eg: hoodies, polo shirts) using eg ? Awarding hero points on

    ? Maintaining a sociable atmosphere within the club

Competition and Transport Secretary (one role)

    ? Organising all competitive trips outside of polo, ie BUSA WWR, BUSA Slalom, NSR ? Non-polo competitive training sessions

    ? Arranging transport as requested by trip organisers, working to minimise transport costs and keep a good relationship with the Transport Office.

    ? Having a good working knowledge of Transport rules and procedures etc. ? Being first point of contact for the Club with the Transport Office. ? Ensure that the Club has an adequate number of drivers.

Coaching Secretary

    ? Arranging coaches (eg using a rota) for Tuesday night skills sessions and river sessions. ? Managing the progression of individual skills through pool and river sessions. (may include keeping a log of individual progress)

    ? Ensure that a range of trips covers all skill levels.

    ? Organising coaching courses (including a polo referee course if required)


    General ? Organising BCU star tests/CST/WWS+R etc where appropriate. ? Keep the website up to date with news, updates, photos, trip reports etc from members promptly. ? Maintaining of resources folder including uploading of minutes from each meeting within 2 days of receiving them.

    ? Maintenance of website (contacting host if it goes down etc) (ftp/telnet to, un=bathunic, pw=T0*****, database name=bathunic, pw=TO*******)

    ? Moderating forum and photo comments if required

    ? Maintaining of ‘admin’ items on website

    ? Encouraging members to update profiles.


    ? Administration of Committee Elections on

    ? Update Committee pages and administer privileges.

    ? Running of ‘move to next year’ scripts BEFORE freshers’ fair

    ? Renewal of domain name

    ? Renewal of web host ( or whatever the current host is)

    ? Renewal of website sponsorship

Kit Officer


    ? Maintaining an up-to-date inventory for insurance purposes

    ? Maintaining all club tangible assets (boats, decks, club kit, ropes in pool, goals etc…) by

    encouraging care of equipment by members and arranging repair of damaged or retirement of

    ‘dead’ kit promptly.

    ? Ensuring that all club kit is marked as belonging to ‘University of Bath’ or with

    ‘’ etc ? Working with trip organisers to organise kit for trips and ensuring that kit is counted out and in.

    ? Responsibility for Club first aid kit,


    ? Ensuring all equipment checked/tested for safety and functionality at start and end of year and

    destroying/disposing of defunct/unwanted equipment by appropriate means.

    ? Organising the repair of polo boats

    ? Work with the Treasurer to apply for Special Equipment funds

    ? Acting as a point of contact between our club and the Bath Town Club, ensuring that a Committee

    member attends a Bath Town Club’s meeting if necessary

Unassigned Committee Members’ Duties


    ? Help with maintenance of club kit (managed by Kit Officer)

    ? Running of trips not already specified

    ? Presenting a good example to members

    ? Any duties, reasonably assigned by the committee..


    ? Promotion of the Club at the Sports Fair (managed by Chair)

    ? Organisation of Blues Awards Dinner

Club Members’ Duties


    ? Updating of My Profile’ on the website. In particular mobile number, experience, coaching and

    first aid qualifications, medical information.

    ? Disclosing (in confidence if preferred) all medical information relevant to own or others’ safety

    on the water.

    ? Signing up for all trips attended on the website, completing all relevant details ? Signing up for pool sessions on the website as directed in emails

    ? Attending all activities he/she has signed up for and notifying ASAP if this is not possible. ? Paying for all club trips attended promptly, including any trips where you do not turn up or cancel

    at late notice

    ? Complying with the Club’s normal operating procedures particularly the safety section. See

    website for details.


    The Club shall form part of the University of Bath Sports Association and as such, shall adhere to all

    its guidelines and policies.

    The Club pays a yearly fee equivalent to 20 memberships to Bath Canoe Club for use of their

    boathouse and facilities.

    The Club may choose to be affiliated to the British Canoe Union with membership number


    Membership of the Club shall be open to all students of the University of Bath.

At the discretion of the committee and the Sports Association other people may join the club as

    associate members provided they contribute to the club in ways that its current members cannot.

The subscription fee shall be determined annually by the Committee and the Sports Association and

    must be paid on and a swim test completed before participation in any club activities.

The Club shall allow its members to store their boats and kit in the part of Bath Canoe Club’s

    boathouse rented to the Club for that purpose on the condition that if an item remains in the boathouse

    for six months without the owner renewing membership, it shall become the property of the Club.

Club Meetings

    A club meeting may be suggested by any member and can be approved and organised by the Chair, the

    Treasurer or the Secretary. All committee members are expected to attend except where agreed

    otherwise at the previous AGM and shall have voting and speaking rights. Ordinary club members may

    suggest items for the agenda and attend without speaking or voting rights, but may speak with

    permission. There shall be at least three Committee meetings per term.

Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Committee Elections

    The election of Officers of the Club Committee shall take place prior to (via, or at

    the Annual General Meeting of the Club around the week after the Easter break as agreed at a

    committee meeting. All new committee members shall sign a copy of this constitution to declare they

    will fulfil their role including (but not limited to) the items mentioned in this document. Speaking and voting rights are granted to all members at the AGM. The total voting power of ordinary members on

    policy issues shall not exceed that of half the present committee. With regard to voting members for

    committee positions all votes count as equal. For the 3 weeks following elections, both the outgoing

    and incoming Committees will perform their jobs to facilitate the changeover. Committee positions

    must be held by current students and must include Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.

Amendments to the Constitution

    Amendments to the Constitution must be passed by two thirds of those present and two thirds of the old

    committee present at the AGM (or at an EGM with the same majorities). It may also be exceptionally

    changed at an ordinary club meeting where the Chair is present with a 100% committee vote.

    The Club shall allow its members to store their boats and kit in the part of Bath Canoe Club’s boathouse rented to the Club for that purpose on the condition that if an item remains in the boathouse

    for six months without the owner renewing membership, it shall become the property of the Club.

We, the Committee of Bath University Canoe Club for the year ……………., do

    undertake to fulfil the roles as described above, to the best of our ability.

    Chair Name: Signature: Treasurer Name: Signature: Secretary Name: Signature: Polo Captain Name: Signature: (Ladies’)

    Polo Captain Name: Signature: (Mens’)

    Social Secretary Name: Signature: Competition and Name: Signature: Transport


    Coaching Name: Signature: Secretary

    Webmaster Name: Signature: Kit Officer Name: Signature:

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