April 17, 2008 - Mo MAGIC - Home

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April 17, 2008 - Mo MAGIC - Home



    Thursday, April 17, 2008, 11:00am - 1:00pm PST

African American Art & Culture Complex

    762 Fulton Street

    San Francisco, CA 94102


    Vallie Brown opened the meeting and explained that she would facilitate the meeting today, because

    Sheryl is attending a conference. Winnie Kwei of Wu Yee Children’s Services will present, as well as

    Caitlin Kelly Henry of Safety Network

    Wu Yee Children’s Services Winnie Kwei

    - Non-profit; offers services to families with children ages 0-5; childcare and preschool services

    - Preschool For All Program

    o Free preschool program for 4-year-olds

    ? 2 Requirements:

    ? Family has to live in SF

    ? Child must turn 4 before Dec. 2 of each new year

    o In partnership with the First Five Program

    o Available to low-income families

    o Brochure lists locations

    o Ongoing events (see flyer)

    o Please contact Winnie for more information at 415-856-8144, or at

Safety Network

    Caitlin Kelly Henry

    - Community organizing

    o Developing programs in Public Housing

    - Westside Courts Housing Development

    o Annual Plan (see flyer)

    ? The San Francisco Housing Authority (SFHA) is required by the Dept. of Housing

    and Urban Development (HUD) to make an Annual Plan every year

    ? Residents have the right to voice their opinions regarding how the Housing

    Authority should operate

    ? e.g. regarding resident services and programs

    - Sewing program and cooking program available culinary and life skills class, prospective

    gardening program

    o Need donations monetary, materials and time

    - Partners with community groups to coordinate clean-up days; mural projects

    - Works with Transition Taskforce to address maintenance issues

    - Public Housing Tenant Protection Act; e.g. right of tenants to stay at same site

    - Organizes trainings; connects residents to trainings and programs; scholarships; weekend

    training available in Oakland, re: picking an issue; mapping a campaign; outcome

    - If interested in starting a program, contact residents first; make proposal if they are interested;

    schedule Tenant Association Board Meeting; clear it with Denise Kimbald; need insurance


Spring Dance Update

    Next Friday, April 25, 6pm-11pm @ the West Bay Conference Center (1290 Fillmore Street)

    - Semi-formal: no baggy jeans, hoodies, or sweatsuits

    - CHANGE: Youth need dance pass; signed by community organization or community center; or

    be accompanied by parent/guardian

    o If you don’t have a parent or guardian, you won’t be let in

    - Security: 4 police officers; parents; grandparents community will act as security

    - Code of conduct; all welcome, but there are certain expectations for behavior

    - No in-an-out privileges

    - Good opportunity for CBO’s to outreach; there will be an audience for service providers

    - Structure of dance: Food served buffet style; dancing; photos for youth & adults Polaroids;


Summer Planning Update

    Meeting next Thursday, April 24, 2008, 10:00am-1:00pm

    - Chance for service-providers to share with the group

    o What kind of programs; days and time

    o Special Events

    - We will compile everything so we can coordinate; we will distribute community calendar

Subcommittee Updates

Community Health

    - Combined Health Fair/Backpack giveaway August 23 @ Ella Hill Hutch

    o Have to fill out form in order to receive backpack

    o Working with Captain Casciato & DW to make sure everything’s clean

    o This year we will have tables set up so service-providers can talk to people and inform

    them of opportunities

    o Working w/ Lt. Slade to get vans

    o Outreach to senior citizens; hoping to connect seniors with youth, because seniors say

    they are scared of youth

Economic & Vocational

    On April 10, we met with the MYEEP coordinator, DCYF Youth Workforce Program Officer, and the

    Mayor’s Office Violence Prevention Director to discuss youth employment and summer planning

    - We would like to develop a program where we can bring in youth from MYEEP and train them to


    o Youth need guidance and supervision; supervisors and CBO’s overwhelmed; sometimes

    cannot give them the guidance they need

    o Need more training; basic skills; staff don’t have time to mentor kids

    o How do we structure the program so that it is successful?

    o Ask merchants if they have jobs available; willing to hire youth

    o Job Fair for youth

    ? Mock resumes; merchant participants

    o Have talked to merchants; some are worried about the summer when youth are out of

    school; some merchants are willing to work with us and hire youth

Enterprise Program

    Contact: Takija Gardner at 415-678-7551, or at

    o Creating process for MYEEP youth

    ? May 7, May 14 Workshops, 1pm-3pm @ Wallenberg High School

    ? Taught by representative from Enterprise

    ? Mock interviews, job-training skills

    ? 4-hour program

    o Prospective additional programs at John Muir

    o Youth automatically added to database so they can receive job postings and find out

    about other opportunities

Career Launch @ the Boy & Girls Club

    Contact: Marisa at 415-221-6100, or at, Technology Director; Tori, Teen


    - Online program; all MYEEP kids go through program and create resume

    o Visiting kids can come in and request help on their resume

    o Every Monday at 5pm @ Ernest Ingold Boys & Girls Club

Career Development Program @ the Booker T. Washington Community Service Center

    Contact: 415 928-6596

    - Help prepare youth for work e.g. how to give notice if you’re not going to be available to

    work; know what your duties are; based on trainings with MYEEP

Brothers For Change

    Contact: Pastor Erris Edgerly at 415-724-5009

     th- Workshop on the 26

Social Justice

Programs in Public Housing

    Any CBO’s interested in facilitating program, please contact Omar Khalif at Urban Services

Youth Film Program

    o Plaza East, Hayes Valley, King/Garvey

    o We submitted grant to Arts Commission

    o Film workshops

    o Community members willing to help youth create films; e.g. help with costumes,


    o Working with Film Society and Lucas Productions

    o We would like to have a film festival

    ? Talking w/ Kabuki Theaters

    ? Looking at September

    ? Film Society and Lucas Productions will be judges

    ? We have asked them to offer internship to winner of festival

Calendar Updates/Announcements

Hayes Valley

    Looking to start Container Gardens

    o Vegetables; plants; herbs

No More Violence Seminar (scheduled for April 25) POSTPONED

     th Annual SF Public Defender Juvenile Justice Summit, May 14, 9:00am-4:00pm 5San Francisco Public Library Main Branch, Koret Auditorium (100 Larkin Street at Post)

Western Addition Summit, Thursday May 15, 8:00am-3:00pm

    Sponsored by the Buchanan Y, Mo’MAGIC and Ella Hill Hutch

    - All-day event, 8am-3pm

    - Please contact Ericka Green at 415-240-6082

    Mo’ MAGIC Fundraiser, Thursday, May 8, 2008, 6:00pm-8:00pm at 1300 on Fillmore

    - We are asking people to spread the word so we can raise money to fund Mo’ MAGIC programs;

    please make checks payable to AAACC

Prospective Mo’ MAGIC Retreat

    - Please contact us with ideas/suggestions

Lily Street Block Sale, Saturday, April 26, 9am-2pm, BBQ begins at noon

    BBQ Benefit for John Muir PTA last year funded Teacher Appreciation Day

    NERT will provide emergency-response training

    If you have donations, drop off at Lily and Buchanan

MONS Third Annual Graduation Ceremony at City Hall

    Deadline to RSVP: May 16, 2008 at 5pm

Handful Players Final Performance, Sunday, May 18, 2008, 1pm, at Yoshi’s SF

    Village Project

    Free reception

     rdSF Sheriff’s Community Programs 3 Annual Ex-Offenders Career Fair

    May 6, 2008, 8am-2pm, at the St. Mary’s Cathedral (1111 Gough Street at Geary) Employers; paid training programs; support services & resources; 415-575-6450

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