August 2004 (MS Word version only) - Ohio DeMolay, Tomorrows

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August 2004 (MS Word version only) - Ohio DeMolay, Tomorrows

     E - Connection

     God Bless the U.S.A.

     Volume 7, Issue 1 August 2004

     Christopher D. Grinstead State Master Councilor Jeff Shaw Executive Officer

     2004-2005 State Officers Do You Have A Picture of You or Your State Master Councilor Chapter Having A Great Time At DeMolay? Christopher D. Grinstead

     State Senior Councilor

    Edward A. Jones

    State Junior Councilor

    Alex S. D’Ettorre

    State Scribe

    Joseph R. Rehnert

    State Senior Deacon

    Richard E. Umbach

     State Junior Deacon

    Do You Want Everyone in Ohio DeMolay to Jason H. Reichert

    State Senior Steward See How Much Fun Your Chapter Has?

    Daniel C Shady State Junior Steward

    If you answered YES to either of the two Alexander Cunningham

    State Marshal questions above then you need to send the State John Clark IV

    Scribe those pictures for the Ohio DeMolay State Chaplain

    Eric W. Small Traveling Image Display. This is the picture nd2 District Representative board that was displayed at Conclave outside of Mathew T. Klepacz ththe Ballroom. This display will be at all State 4 District Representative

     Andrew Baughman activities, as well as set up at Grand Lodge and th 5 District Representative various other activities. So show the State how Patrick Brogan th6 District Representative much fun your chapter has, and send in those Troy Magrini pictures. Look for the display at all State th7 District Representative

    activities. Send Pictures to: Joseph R. Rehnert Jimi Johnson

     State Scribe State Council Advisor 22390 Mastick Rd. Jeff Rannebarger Fairview Park, OH 44126

     From Your State Master Councilor:

Brethren of Ohio DeMolay,

    I would like to start off this article by thanking you for attending Conclave and

    supporting that event to the fullest. It is truly an honor to serve you as your

    State Master Councilor. We will be starting a new program on the State Council

     DeMolay Activities are

    “No Smoking Zone

    Congratulations to the

     Recipients of the Ohio

     DeMolay Scolarship This


    From Your State Scribe:

    Hello Brothers of Ohio DeMolay,

     Wow, I can not believe how much fun I had at Conclave this past year. I hope that everyone had as much fun

    as I did. I have a feeling that every State Event this year is going to be a blast, and the most fun that you have ever had

    in DeMolay. The State Officers had an extremely successful retreat weekend, and are hard at work making sure that

    you have the most fun you have ever had in DeMolay.

     This year I would like to see every chapters Installation and Inspection advertised in the E-connection, as well

    as any and all events that Chapters and Districts would like to invite all of Ohio DeMolay to participate at. I know that

    if we just advertise the events in your home chapters that the attendance will increase and we can help Ohio DeMolay

    all over the state grow and have tons of fun. So any activities that you want everyone to know about, just send me an

    email, or let a State Officer or District Representative in your area know about the activity, so they can let me know.

     Lastly, this year I will be traveling with the Ohio DeMolay Picture Board. You may have seen this at

    conclave over the last few years. I would like to see every chapter represented on that board, so send in any pictures

    that you would like to show off to the State, and I will make sure that it gets posted on the Picture Board. But please

    remember that they must be DeMolay appropriate pictures. Well that’s all I have for this month, I look forward to

    seeing everyone around the state, and may God Bless all of you and your families.

     In DeMolay Service,

     Joseph R. Rehnert

     State Scribe

    From Your State Senior Councilor:

    My Brothers of Ohio DeMolay,

     Greetings from your State Senior Councilor. As I am now in charge of fund raising, I would

    like to tell you about the traveling DeMolay and More Store. Wherever I travel, the store travels with

    me. I have t-shirts, window stickers, and a small supply of DeMolay bobble heads left. This year, we

    are introducing new DeMolay hoodies. Since it is getting colder, you can stay in style, keep warm, and

    show everyone your love for Ohio DeMolay. I will be traveling around as much as possible, so you

    will have an opportunity to check out the merchandise. I am really excited about this year and I know

    that it's going to be a lot of fun. I am counting on everyone to work as a team to raise money for Ohio

    DeMolay. E-mail me ( with any questions you have.


    Edward A. Jones

    From Your State Junior Councilor: Brethren of Ohio DeMolay, I’d like to Welcome all to the new term, we’ve got an amazing corps of state officers this year that are going to be working their tails off for you. This year is going to be a blast as we begin to kick off our state events that are being planned round the clock to make this years state activities the absolute best. For information on events such as State Paintball, State Marksmanship Day and many others just go online and

     visit our website at, or, just ask any one of your friendly state officers. Be sure not to miss out on a New Ohio DeMolay T-shirt or Hoodie, which can be purchased from our State Senior Councilor, Brother Eddie Jones at any time. That’s all from the state’s south, And remember,

    DeMolay is what You make it!

     Yours, in DeMolay service and brotherhood. Alexander S. D’Ettorre State Junior Councilor

     From Your State Membership Chairman: Top of the Totem Pole: 1. Upper Sandusky 23 Get your chapter to the top of the totem pole. These chapters 2. Youngstown 11 will be reported monthly with any changes that arise. 3. Groveport 9 So go out, bring in your friends, and watch your chapter rise 4. Denbrook 8 to the “Top of the Totem Pole”. Hamilton 8 5. Painesville 7

     Ralph H. McMillan 7

    (The “Top of the Totem Pole” chapters are the top 5 chapters (ties included) st for new members initiated since January 1per DeMolay International.) stOhio DeMolay Numbers via DeMolay International since June 1:

     District: Chapters:

     First District 11 Upper Sandusky 9 Second District 4 Fallen Timbers 1

     Third District 0 Bowling Green 1 SJC’S Article Here Fourth District 0 Se-Lyn-Ma 2

     Fifth District 1 Denbrook 2

     Sixth District 0 Lawrence County 1

     Seventh District 0

     Total: 16

    What is Going on Around the State This Month: st1 District

     August st 21- Upper Sandusky Chapter Installation 7:30 pm

From Your Executive Officer:

     Please take time to read the “News and Views” link off the web site on a frequent basis. You'll find out details about many interesting things happening throughout Ohio.

I want to start out by giving a big THANK YOU to Brother MURAD SHORRAB who now joins the ranks of PAST

     Connection State Calendar of Events Ohio DeMolay

    August 2400 Bellsburg Dr. th 24- 4 District Initiation Dayton, OH 45459

     (937) 436-3018 September th 18- State Wide Majority Service th 25- State Paintball Editor: Joseph R. Rehnert

     State Scribe

    October 22390 Mastick Rd. th Fairview Park, OH 44126 16- Grand Lodge of Ohio Installation of Officers


     November th 13- State Flag Football Frenzy

     This publication is the Official Publication of Ohio DeMolay operating under the authority of

    DeMolay International, whose see is in Kansas City, MO.

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