Ataxia UK Publication and Products List

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Ataxia UK Publication and Products List

Publications List


     Our publications are free. Your donations help us to print more leaflets, and to update our information more regularly. Publications on Ataxia and Ataxia UK Please tick the appropriate boxes if you wish to receive any of the following:

     Information on ‘Cerebellar ataxia About Ataxia UK

     Information on ‘Friedreich’s ataxia’ Ataxia UK Annual Review

     ‘Genetics and ataxia’ Latest copy of The Ataxian magazine

     ‘Getting a diagnosis’ a family’s experience of Choose version: genetic testing Audio Cassette version

     ‘Getting the best from Neurological Services’ Large Print version (Neurological Alliance) By email as a PDF

Information for Medical Professionals

     ‘Management of ataxia: Guidelines on Best ‘A GP’s approach to the ataxic patient’ Synapse Clinical Practice’ Ataxia UK Dec 05 04 p 5

     ‘Management of ataxia: Guidelines on Best ‘Information on cerebellar ataxia’ Clinical Practice Summary for GPs’ Ataxia UK

     ‘The patient’s journey: the progressive ataxias’ ‘Information on Friedreich's ataxia’ BMJ Oct 05 331 p 1007 9

     ‘The inherited cerebellar ataxias’ Synapse ‘Centers of excellence for the care of people

    March 06 05 p 6 with progressive ataxias’ BJN Sep 06 v15 p932

Research Information Sheets

    Information on individual projects is available on Ataxia UK’s website. If you cannot access the website, please see the overview of research funded by Ataxia UK in the first instance and contact the

    head office if you would like to receive more information on specific projects mentioned

     An overview of research funded by Ataxia UK Stem Cell Research Winter 2008/2009

     How common are the ataxias? Results from Hope for gene therapy RNA interference epidemiological study in Wales

     International ataxia research conference May Gluten ataxia


     Vitamin E and Coenzyme Q10 trial into Touch therapy results Friedreich’s ataxia

     Project on co-ordination in people with ataxia SCA17

Medical Information Sheets

     Doctors’ Questions & Answers from recent Accredited Ataxia Centre (London) Ataxia UK’s Annual Conferences (Questions on Accredited Ataxia Centre (Sheffield) ataxia answered by neurologists with special

     Tackling Bladder Problems interest in the ataxias).

     Swallowing and Speech

     Pain in Ataxia ? Information sheets for specific SCA types:

     Episodic ataxia (types 1 and 2) SCA 1 SCA 2 SCA 3 SCA 6 SCA 7 DRPLA (Dentatorubral-pallidoluysian atrophy)


Other Information

     Sight Problems ‘It works for me’; personal observations from

    people with ataxia

     Sex, emotions & relationships: the impact of A diagnosis of Friedreich’s ataxia a parent’s ataxia perspective

     What to do if you can’t sign your name/Signing Later Onset Ataxia: ‘It works for me’ - some tips your name without a signature on everyday living

     Parenthood Starting University or College

     Insurance Finding work

     Aids and Equipment Benefits Fact Sheet

     Getting a carer’s assessment Keyboard & mouse alternatives

     Later Onset Ataxia some personal Driving with ataxia experiences

     Later Onset Ataxia: ‘Brenda’s story’ one DVD and information booklet for young people

    woman’s experience of having late onset ataxia with ataxia

     Caring for someone with ataxia: carers’ personal DVD - Cerebellar Ataxia, a Diagnosis in

    perspectives Adulthood

     Simple exercise for people with ataxia Complaints and Discrimination

Support Ataxia UK

     Fundraising Pack ‘Leave a legacy of hope for those with ataxia’

     Ataxia What’s That? (Fundraising leaflet) Chance to Win form

Free Materials

     Ataxia UK car sticker ‘Friend of Ataxia UK’ identity card

     Ataxia UK round sticker (can be used for Ataxia UK balloons for publicity & fundraising

    wheelchair) events

     Fundraising Event Poster Information poster (for GP surgeries etc.)

    Also available: Promotional Items

    Badges, pens, T-shirts, hoodies, caps, cards, tea towels, beanie hats Ask for a Promotional Items order form to purchase these items, help raise funds and publicise

    ataxia and Ataxia UK.

    Name Address Telephone Email Mobile

     Postcode Friend’s number (if known):

    Please return to:

    Ataxia UK, Lincoln House, Kennington Park,

    1-3 Brixton Road, London, SW9 6DE

    0845 644 0606

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