Use Outlook to Book Conference Room

By Kyle Stevens,2014-05-25 10:39
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Use Outlook to Book Conference Room

    Use Outlook to Book Conference Room

    Here is the quick guide to use Outlook to book conference room.

    1. View Conference room status.

    1) Open Outlook, switch to Calendar view by clicking on left navigation bar.

    Click here.

2) Click Open a Shared Calendar This is just one time setup. You can view more than

    one conference room calendar after you selected.

    NOTE: In this window, you can share your calendar with others by clicking Share My


    Click here.

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3) On pop up screen, click Name button.

4) Input CKT in search box, then will show 3 conference room names:

    CKT, Engg Conf. Room

    CKT, Temp Office Big Conf. Room

    CKT, Temp Office Small Conf. Room

    5) Select Conference room you preferred and click OK button. Then the Conference room

    calendar will show together with your own calendar view. You will see the conference

    room booking status after that.

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2. How to start a meeting with conference room.

    1) Click New button, select an Appointment or Meeting Request.

    2) Click To button, select meeting recipients name and input to Required or Optional


    Input CKT in Search field then select preferred conference room to Resources field.

    Then click OK button.

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3) Input other meeting information, like start time and end time. Once everything is OK just

    click Send button.

    NOTE: If meeting time conflicted with another meeting in same conference room, there

    will be a warning message shown on information bar. Please check conference room

    calendar before you start a meeting request.

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