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    Communication between home and school is a DEPARTURE

    vital part of a student’s progress. Graded papers ? Students should not arrive at school before

    go home each Tuesday and a progress report will 7:30 a.m.

    go home the middle of each reporting period. If Students arriving between 7:30 and 7:50

    you notice that your child’s grades are beginning should go to the P.E. area where they will be

    to slip or if you have any other concerns, you supervised. Students should be picked up no

    may either send a note to the teacher requesting a later than 3:10 p.m., unless they are staying

    conference or you may call the school office for a supervised activity.

    (865-3576) to set up a conference. Teachers may ? Bell schedule:

    not be called out of class for a conference. 8:00 - First Bell

     8:05 - Tardy Bell

     2:45 - ECE/K dismissed

    ATTENDANCE 2:50 - Early Bus and FAST PASS

    ? Students must be present a minimum of 160 students dismissed

    days to be eligible to receive academic credit. 3:00 - Others dismissed

    ? Exceptions can be made in the event of

     illness, as verified by a physician (a written

    excuse from the doctor is required) or TARDY POLICY

    The instructional day begins promptly at 8:05 extenuating circumstances approved by the a.m. Punctuality is critical to the learning Parish Supervisor of Child Welfare and environments. Students arriving after 8:05 Attendance in consultation with the principal. MUST report to the office with a parent to Religious holidays and the death of an check in. The only excused tardies are a immediate family member may also be doctor’s written excuse or if a Caddo Parish bus excused by the principal. is late. The third tardy will result in a written ? Notes from parents may allow students to be contact by the principal and subsequent tardies considered for make-up work missed during are subject to an administrative conference, absences, but cannot excuse the absence. recess detention, or ISS (in-school suspension). Each semester the tardy count starts over.


     Homework is designed to reinforce skills taught VISITORS in the classroom. Homework and class work Parents are encouraged to visit school frequently must be completed. In grades 1and actively participate in your child’s education.

    We do ask that you let us know ahead of time if stth-5 there is a you are going to visit, so that we can make sure school assignment pad (planner) to record that your visit will take place at a time that will homework assignments. Parents are asked to not be a distraction to other students…(for initial these each night. We encourage students example: a test being administered and/or oral to read every night. At the beginning of each reports being given for a grade) For the safety of year, each grade level will give homework our students and staff, we require that all visitors information specific for your child’s class. If report to the school office and sign in after your child is absent and you would like the arriving on campus. We ask that parents avoid assignments, you should call by 10:00 a.m. and conferences with the teacher during these visits. pick up the assignments after 3:00 p.m. in the Parent-teacher conferences should be scheduled office. Students will have at least three school at a mutually acceptable time. days or the same number of days missed, whichever is longer, to make up the work.


When it is necessary for a student to take

    medication at school, a doctor should complete TEXTBOOKS our form before the medicine can be Textbooks are loaned to students for their use

    administered. These forms may be picked up in during the school year. Textbooks are to be kept

    the school office. Parents may come to the clean and handled carefully. Students are

    school and administer medicine at any time, if required to pay for lost or damaged textbooks

    they desire. Students may not bring any type and library books. Report cards may be held if

    of medicine, even over-the-counter medications, books aren’t accounted for. to take at school.

     CAFETERIA RULES GRADING POLICY ? Breakfast is from 7:35 a.m. until 8:00 a.m.

    The grading policy for Riverside Elementary ? Students should eat the food prepared in the

    School follows the grading plan for Caddo cafeteria or bring a lunch to eat in the

    Parish Schools: cafeteria.

    90-100 A ? Students may visit very quietly during lunch.

    89 - 80 B ? Students should bring lunch money each day 79 - 70 C or pay for an extended length of time. 69 - 60 D ? Students with no money for lunch may 59-0 F borrow for one day. That money will need to be repaid the next day. PROGRESS REPORTS NO CHECKS MAY BE ACCEPTED FOR ? Progress reports give students and parents LUNCH OR BREAKFAST PAYMENT. insight on the areas that need to be improved Free/reduced lunch applications are available in upon for success. All students will receive a the office. progress report in the middle of each grading period. Parents should sign and return. Breakfast Prices Lunch Prices ? In grades K-5, parents will receive weekly Full price - $ 1.00 Full price - $1.50

    papers in a Riverside Folder each Tuesday Reduced - .30 Reduced - .40

    with a conduct grade. These papers should Guest - 1.90 Guest - 3.80

    be signed and returned each Wednesday.

    These folders will begin to come home on

    Tuesday, August 25, 2009. DRESS CODE

     Students are required to wear school uniforms at

     all times.

    PROMOTION AND RETENTION Other requirements include:

    Having a child repeat a grade is the last option ? Headwear, sunglasses, and hair rollers are

    that we exercise and will be determined case by prohibited in the building. Unnatural hair

    case, by the School Building Level Committee color (green, blue, etc.) is not allowed.

    (SBLC) in accordance with Caddo Parish’s Pupil ? Body piercing jewelry is limited to the ears.

    Progression Plan. Students who attend school ? Shirts are to be worn tucked in with the fewer than the minimum of 160 days are also exception of the “middy or sailor” top option.

    subject to retention. Fourth grade students must ? Belts are required if clothing has belt loops.

    meet the required levels on the ? Shoes must be worn – Flip Flops and Crocs English/Language Arts and Math sections of the are not appropriate.

    LEAP in order to promote. The SBLC will make

    the final decision on retention and promotion. ? Obscene, profane, violent or drug related Parents are invited to these SBLC meetings and language or pictures on outer clothing or

    encouraged to attend.

     jewelry is prohibited. Recess Time Out will be used when students are ? Drug related symbols in any form including a constant disruption to classroom learning.

     advertisements or promotions for alcohol or

     tobacco are prohibited. ? A teacher will also be allowed to restrict IN-SCHOOL SUSPENSION

     manner of dress or length of hair when it The in-school suspension program (ISS) is

     pertains to the health and/or safety of a designed to keep students in school when

     student in that teacher’s specific area. normally the student would be sent home.

    Students assigned to ISS cannot attend or ? Students enrolling after school starts will

    participate in extra-curricular activities. Students have a maximum of ten (10) vendor business

    shall receive credit for all academic work done in days to obtain uniforms. During this time,

    ISS as related to all grading procedures through the parish dress code will be followed. A

    the student’s performance. No academic points copy of this policy is in the school office.

    or grades will be taken away or lowered because ? Clothing, including outerwear, displaying

    of assignment of ISS. brand names, logos, or advertisements will

     not be allowed.

     ? Solid colors are preferred for outerwear

    TELEPHONE/ADDRESS CHANGES (including jackets, coats, and sweaters).

    Please notify the office immediately if there is a ? Sweatshirts/Hoodies MUST be navy blue. change in your address, telephone number (office ? Trench coats are not allowed. or home), day care, or emergency contact. This ? Cell phones are not permitted at school. information is very important should your child become ill, injured, or left at school. WALKING TO CLASS After one week of school, students should walk WITHDRAWALS themselves to class. Parent may accompany We are always sorry to have a student move their child as far as the beginning of the away from Riverside. If you do move outside of classrooms on “A” wing. the Riverside area, please give us 24 hours notice to properly process and prepare the necessary records for you. Before issuing drop papers, all DISCIPLINE textbooks and library books must be accounted Our goal is to create and maintain an for. atmosphere that will allow all students to perform at their maximum ability. Students are expected to behave in an appropriate manner in SCHOOL FEES the classroom and on the school grounds at all The following fees will be accessed to help with times. Emphasis will be given to positive Technology, Art, French, Music, P.E. and other behavior while working to eliminate many types materials used by students. The remainder of the of disruptive behavior. School rules have been school fee will be used in your child’s classroom established and will be fully explained to all for technology expenses. students. Students are being taught that they have a choice, to follow the rules and enjoy ECSE and Kindergarten fees are $20.00. the rewards or disregard the rules and accept 1stththe consequences. The goal of Riverside through 5 grade fees are $25.00. Elementary School is to teach students to be responsible for their actions. Your child’s fee is due by September 4, 2009 or when you register your child during the year. RECESS TIME OUT (RTO)


Birthdays are important, but can also lead to hurt

    feelings at school. No birthday invitations are to

    be passed out at school unless every child in the

    class is invited. Remember that inflated balloons

    are not allowed on the buses. With the teacher’s

    permission, a small treat may be brought at the

    end of the day or at recess to celebrate.


    ? Students who live more than one mile from

    school qualify for bus transportation. If a

    student wishes to ride a bus, a parent must

    first call the transportation department of

    Caddo Parish Schools at 603-6535. The

    student will be assigned a bus and the parent

    given the telephone number of the bus driver.

    ? Once a student is assigned a bus, there will

    be no change in the way the student goes

    home without written notice from the parent.

    ? In emergencies or sudden change of plans,

    the parent may telephone the office

    BEFORE 2:00 p.m.

    ? Student safety on the bus is a top priority

    and rules set to achieve this will be strictly

    enforced. Students will be referred to the

    principal and may be suspended from the

    bus for fighting, using inappropriate

    language and disobeying the bus driver.

    ? A student cannot change which bus he/she

    rides unless the parents have contacted the

    Transportation Department.

    ? If on occasion a student needs to ride to a

    friend’s house, a written letter from the

    parent and principal approval must be given.


    Please have your child in school each day.

    If a doctor’s appointment is necessary

    during the school day, student may check

    out. Students are not allowed to check out

    after 2:30 p.m.

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