Junk Mail What can I do about it

By Sharon Clark,2014-11-13 16:11
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Junk Mail What can I do about it

    Junk Mail: What can I do about it?

    Spamblocker E-mail Program

     Junk Mail Filter Junk Mail Filter

SPAMBLOCKER Junk Mail Filter

    Spamblocker program was purchased by OSU and configured to block pornographic spam only by default. Follow these instructions to increase spam-blocking protection.

; Open e-mail from Spamblocker, click on link “Change my Spam Settings”

    ; Login with your OKEY e-mail address and password

    o and password

    (no word, contains number)

    o If you don’t know your OKEY password, go to and click the link Forgot Your

    Password? Locked Out?

    1. Click Profile button in lower left hand corner

    2. Change setting to “Filter All Spam (Place in Quarantine)

    3. Click Save

    Twice a day you’ll receive an e-mail from Spamblocker with a list of e-mails it has blocked and placed in quarantine. If you wish to receive an e-mail that is in this list, click on the link to the

    left of the message that says “Deliver Message”. If you wish to delete the e-mail from the

    quarantine file, do nothing and it will be deleted in 10 days. E-mails cannot be manually removed from the quarantine, they can only be purged by the system 10 days after the message arrives. Simply put, if you want to receive an e-mail blocked by Spamblocker, click “Deliver Message”; do nothing and the message is deleted.

    Read on to discover what to do to keep messages from a certain sender from being blocked accidentally by the Spamblocker software.

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    Junk Mail: What can I do about it?

E-mail Client Junk Mail Filters available in Outlook 2003 and Netscape 7.x

    Outlook 2003 and Netscape 7.x both have Junk Mail filters built in. These can be used in addition to the filtering provided by Spamblocker.

Outlook 2003 Click Actions/Junk E-mail/Junk E-mail Options

    By default Outlook 2003 is enabled and set to Low.

    Consider increasing this level of filtering to High,

    but check your Junk folder more often. E-mails

    that are filtered as junk can be moved from the

Netscape 7.x Click Tools/Junk Mail Controls

    To enable the Netscape Junk Mail controls place a check

    beside “Move incoming messages determined to be junk

    mail to:” and change the Junk folder destination to

    “Local Folders”. This will move the messages off the server and onto your computer. Messages from

    people you wish to receive mail from can be dragged back to the inbox. Right click on the sender’s address to add it to your Address Book so Netscape will not consider mail from this user to be Junk.

Safe Senders and Blocked Senders Lists

    Since there are two levels of spam protection, make sure that you are making changes to the right spam protection system to affect the changes you’re looking for.

    Netscape does not have a Safe Senders or Blocked Senders list. Adding users to your address book is similar to a “safe senders” list.

Outlook 2003 If a message that you want to receive is

    located in your Junk Mail folder, it has been blocked by

    Outlook. First move the message back to your inbox (drag

    and drop). To ensure that messages from that sender don’t

    get blocked by Outlook in the future, right click the message, choose Junk E-mail and click “Add Sender

    to Safe Senders List” or “Add Sender’s Domain ( to Safe Senders List”. If you do not wish to continue to receive messages from a particular sender, right click a message located in your inbox and choose Junk E-mail, then “Add Sender to Blocked Senders List”, or if you want to block a

    sender’s Domain ( add that sender to the Blocked Senders list, then go to Junk E-Mail

    Options, click on the tab that says “Blocked Senders” then select the address whose domain you wish to block, click Edit and remove everything before the @. Do this judiciously as much of the spam we receive comes from, and, but messages from potential clients will also come from those types of addresses.

Spamblocker If a message that you want to receive

    appears in the e-mail you receive from Spamblocker click

    Deliver Message to retrieve the message, then to avoid having

    messages from that sender blocked in the future, login to the

    Spamblocker web interface (over) and add the sender to your Safe Senders List by clicking the New icon at the top of the page. Add the address ( or domain ( and messages from these addresses will not be filtered by Spamblocker. If you notice that you receive a lot of messages from a particular domain, we recommend adding the domain to the Blocked Senders list on the Spamblocker server. Click the line that says Blocked Senders List, then use the New button at the top of the page to add addresses to the list.

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