Army Angling Federation Group 8 (Carp) Section

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Army Angling Federation Group 8 (Carp) Section

    Army Angling Federation Group 8 (Carp) Section

    Executive Committee Meeting Tues 05 Feb 2008

    Minutes/Plan of Action

    Ser Subject Action Andy - The only things I have for the meeting are clothing 1

    and the possibility of master classes (again). Having 1. 12 hoodies, 12 polo shirts and 12 long shirt t-shirts to be bought as soon as people spoken to a number of people last season I really think have ordered what they want and sent cheques to Andy T. this will be a goer. It will also be a good way of integrating

    the new blokes into the Gp. Not for the first time we have 2. Caps left over from last year will be sold off at first match been accused of being clicky again with both Mark W and

    Shane commenting on it.

    Mark H - As it stands the website address 2 is up for renewal is March this year and 1. We will buy the address for ?5 per year and set up a link to the the Group 8

    I don’t think Wayne will be paying for it again this year. I homepage on it. Mark Harraway/Richard Haggath to sort out. think our .com address has worked well but it maybe an

    idea to think about purchasing both names for identity

    purposes. Domain names i.e or .com are usually

    cheap. I would say about a fiver for two years maybe. We

    could then point this site to or .com so which ever

    typed in you would get to the same place.

    Mark S Criteria for trips outside of the Group Charter. 3

     1. Rainbow/jollies shall now be classed as a Gp 8 “sponsored” events. An organiser

     needs to be identified to run with these trips. The organiser will be going on the trip. In

     the event of more than one volunteer for organiser then names will go into a hat.

    2. Places on the trip will be designated by the organiser either by a first come first

    served basis (on return of cheques) of serving Army members or, by drawing names of

    serving Army members from a hat to define who is eligible to go on said trip.

    3. The reserves for this trip will be nominated the same as above.

    4. If the trip cannot be filled by serving Army personnel, it may then be offered to the

    civilian/Ex Army members within group 8 under the following conditions:

     a. No public funding will be available to offset the cost of their place

     b. If travelling on military transport, they are suitably insured to do so.

Mark S Army Team Selection, Cut off dates and 4

    membership renewal. 1. From the beginning of the 2009 season only serving Army personnel will be able to

     represent the Army in the BCAC, Army Champs or Inter-Services.

    2. The Army team (top 12) will be selected from the previous years leaderboard in storder of finishing position. This will be done on the 1 February each year.

    3. Those members that are within the bracket of the top 12 positions of serving Army stmembers that have not paid up for membership renewal by the 1 Feb will need to

    write a letter to the Chairman to explain why. If not paid up by the team selection date,

    members may lose their space on the Army UK team to the next highest placed

    individual on the leaderboard that has paid up.

Mark S Committee Positions, jobs within the Group. 5

    Ie 1. The following persons hold a position on the committee.: Seth Standing down (Bait sponsor rep needed).

    Tim Gray press officer? Nik Dymow Chairman Group 8

    Briggers, Leechy, Robbob Match Co ords? Steve Buckley Vice Chairman/Bait Representative

     Mark O’Callaghan Stand in Secretary (in absence of Secretary)

     Tim Gray Press Officer (Newly appointed pending vote at AGM)

     James Thompson Assistant Press Officer.

     Ron Karby Fox Rep

     Richard Haggath/Mark Harraway Website

     Andy Thacker Clothing Rep

    2. Seth O’Callaghan is to add his signature to Group 8 account to enable him to take

    on role as stand in Secretary/Treasurer.

    3. James Thompson is to work with Tim Gray on press articles due to the success Tim

    has had in the past with group 9, and getting articles into magazines.

    4. Chris Brignull, Keith Leech and Aaron Robinson are to be match co-ords for the

    forthcoming season. This involves setting up of venues, conducting of peg draws and

    the drawing up of venue maps.

Seth InterCorps Team/Army UK Team Selection. 6

    (Team Captains). 1. The Army UK team captain is to be the highest placed individual (serving still at the

     time of the matches) He is responsible for liason with BCAC and Army Championships

     organiser. If top person does not wish to be team captain it will be down to the

     chairman to choose another suitable candidate.

    2. For the ICCC, the Corps captain will be the highest placed individual from their

    Corps (still serving at the time of the ICCC), if they are not available, then it will be

    down to the next placed person in that Corps or a willing volunteer in the case o no-one

    coming forward.

    Mark S Civillian Members within Group 8 (Scoring, 7

    positions, prizes etc). 1. Civillian members within the Group are eligible to win the cash and trophies and take

     the points for their placing, although not liable to represent Army UK.

     2. Shane Alway will be fishing the Hawley Match and bringing 2 apprentices with him.

    They can fish for free, will not be in the peg draw or competition and they will take the

    last peg available if any.

    Any other Business. 8

     1. Bait sponsorship for Top 6, and positions 7 12 for BCAC and Army Champs only.

     a. Mark Smith to speak to Richworth to see what level of sponsorship we will get,

     and also the feasibility of a trade account for the Group.

     b. Andy Thacker to speak to Nash on the same subject.

    c. Steve Buckley to liase with Mainline on sponsorship, or trade account (pending

    results from ser a and b).

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