unit2 using language Teaching plan

By Brent Andrews,2014-06-11 13:10
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unit2 using language Teaching plan

Teaching aims:

    (1) To improve students reading and speaking ability

    (2).To help students learn a story of Atlanta.

    (3) To help students make up dialogues according to the story.

     (4).Develop students sense of cooperative learning.

    Important points:

    (1) Enable students to learn the ability of reading and speaking

    (2) Let students understand The Story of Atlanta.

    (3) Help students make up dialogues according to the story.

    Difficult points : (1)To let students understand the story of Atlanta.

    (2)To lead students to make up dialogues between different characters.


    1. Group discussion and pair work

    2. Cooperative learning

3. Multi-functional teaching equipment


    Step 1: Leading in and expressing


    (teacher asked the whole class the questions)

    1. Could women take part in the ancient Olympic Games?

    2. Do you think it was fair?

    3. If you are a woman who is good at sports but are not allowed to take part in the sports meeting, what should you do with the unfair rule?

    ask some students to show their opinions

    Step2 Predicting

    Predict the story according to the pictures on the book.

    Who is the young man ?

    Why does the Goddess give three apples to him?

    Step 3: Guided reading

    a. Reading and answering


    1.Who was Atlanta?

    2.What was she good at?

    3.Who did she want to marry?


4.What was her rules?

    5 Who was Hippomenes?

    6.What was Hippomenes amazement?

    7.What made Hippomenes change his mind?

    8. Who did Hippomenes turn to for help?

    9. What advice did the goddess give him?

    b. Reading and judging

    T Or F and tell the reasons (P 14 Ex1 ) c. Retelling

    Put the statements into correct order and retell the story

    d. Summing up

    Ask students to sum up main idea using two sentences

    Step 4 Speaking

    a. Make up dialogues

    There are four characters in the story.What can they say to each other? The old King(Atlantas father) [K]

    The princess Atlanta [A]

    The young man Hippomenes [H]

    The Goddess of Love [L]


    b: Role play

    Invite several pairs to act out their dialogues.

    Step 5 .Summary

    Teacher sum up the whole lesson

    Step 6 Assignment

    1. Act out the whole story with your partners. 2. Write a short passage about what will happen next. 3. Preview the listening


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