AGM Motions

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AGM Motions

    AGM Motions

Motion 1

    Title: Foresterhill Committee

    Proposed: Christian Burgin Seconded: Simon Doolin AGM Notes: 1. The Foresterhill Committee is responsible for protecting and promoting the concerns, interests and activities of students using the Foresterhill Campus

    2. It is made up of members of council that study at the Foresterhill Campus.

    AGM believes:

    1. AGM believes that thus far this has not been a satisfactory situation as members of the committee already have commitments to their own Committees and therefore don‟t have the

    time/inclination to look to Foresterhill matters.

    2. AGM further believes that if elected by ballot it would enable the AUSA to be more effective representing the needs of Foresterhill Students as well as increasing the profile of the AUSA at Foresterhill

    AGM resolves:

    1. To amend Schedule 5 section 13.1 to state Membership: Foresterhill Convenor (convenor), SA President, 10 ordinary members and one first year member.

    2. section 13.2 will be removed

Motion 2

    Title: Equality Officers on the Equal Opportunities Committee

    Proposed: Nicholas Edwards

    Seconded: Duncan McKay

    AGM Notes:

    1. NUS recognise 4 fundamental areas of liberation. LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and

    Trans), Black students, Women and disabled students.

    2. AUSA has established 7 areas for liberation and equality flowing from these: LGBT,

    Faith, Women and Gender, Race and Ethnicity, international, disabled and mature

    students. Each area was appointed a committee member to become its officer at the

    start of the 2008/2009 academic year.

    3. The areas of liberation above are in no way designed to exclude other groups or limit any

    other students level of representation.

    AGM Believes:

    1. These areas have allowed greater focus for the equal opportunities committee in terms of

    representation and liberation.

    2. By having specific officers fill these areas proper focus can be given to these areas and

    their needs, resulting in a number of specific campaigns and issues being brought to the

    committee‟s attention.

    3. Making these positions constitutional will ensure a greater level of representation of

    students in AUSA Council.

    4. Such officers are common place in other Unions and AUSA has fallen behind in terms of

    liberation and representation.

    AGM Resolves:

    1. To establish 7 officers in the membership of the Equal Opportunities Committee,

    specifically elected in the annual committee elections.

    2. These officers are the Disability officer, Race and Ethnicity officer, International officer,

    Faith officer, Women and Gender officer, LGBT officer and Mature Students officer.

    3. The remit of any officer in a given year will be decided by the Equal Opportunities

    Committee as approved by AUSA Council.

    Motion 3

    Title: AUSA Equal Opportunities Policy

    Proposed: Nicholas Edwards - 07969775

    Seconded: Duncan Mckay - 03196963

    AGM Notes:

    1. Equality and diversity are the cornerstones of AUSA and its constitution.

    2. Unions across the country have adopted a wide reaching policy on Equal Opportunities

    and incorporated this into their constitutional documents.

    3. AUSA has to this date not had a full policy or code of practice on Equal Opportunities

    incorporated into its constitution.

    AGM Believes:

    1. The Equal Opportunity Policy below fully reflects the efforts made currently by AUSA in

    terms of equal opportunities.

    2. By solidifying a policy and code of practice into the constitution ambiquity is removed and

    the focus on equality is enshrined even more by AUSA.

    AGM Resolves:

    1. To incorporate the below Equal Opportunities policy and code of practice into appendix 3

    of the AUSA Constitution to be followed by members and officers in all dealings.

    AUSA Equal Opportunities Policy and Code of Practice

    The Policy:

    AUSA strives to ensure that all our members have equal opportunities and seeks to

    protect the rights and opportunities of all its members.

     AUSA also recognises that certain groups and individuals in society are discriminated

    against by virtue of being members of certain groups and we are committed to

    challenging and removing discrimination and barriers. AUSA will not tolerate prejudice

    nor will it discriminate against its members or others.

     All aspects of AUSA, its services and activities, and any connected person shall be

    required to follow this policy and associated code of practice. Those found to be acting in

    its contravention will face discipline in line with the Association constitution and other

    codes in existence at the time.

    Code of Practice:

    AUSA shall act without discrimination in respect of: Gender, Racial Origin, Nationality,

    Sexual Orientation, Religious Belief, Political Belief, Disabilities, Age, Marital Status,

    Spent Criminal Convictions, Health, HIV and AIDS status, Language, Appearance, Class.

    This list is not exhaustive.

    AUSA Equal Opportunities Committee (Hence „the committee‟) has the responsibility for

    ensuring compliance with relevant legislation and the promotion of good practice in Equal

    Opportunities matters. This Committee shall be chaired by the Vice President Welfare

    and Equal Opportunities who has overall responsibility for this policy and its

    implementation and adherence.

     AUSA recognises the right of all students to take an active role in the services, activities

    and democratic structures it organises and, as such, will regularly review provisions and

    actions to ensure that this is possible.


     Facilities/provisions are to be upgraded/introduced (where deemed feasible by the committee), to ensure that full participation is possible.

    The Association shall make every effort to ensure that all areas are fully accessible. Wherever necessary and possible, aids will be installed to ensure full access (e.g. Handrails, clear signpost, ramps etc). Where this will require the action of another body, such as the University of Aberdeen, AUSA will lobby them to ensure such amendments are made.

Posters and Publications

    All posters and publications displayed or distributed through AUSA must avoid stereotypical, sexist, racist, ageist, heterosexist or otherwise discriminatory images or language.


    The Association recognises the role of language in the shaping and definition of attitudes and behaviour. The Association endorses the use of non-discriminatory language in all Association literature, and by both students and staff.


    Any complaints of unfair treatment in accordance with this policy should be referred to the Vice President Welfare and Equal Opportunities or Association General Manager for investigation and appropriate action. An annual report on complaints received should be kept by the Association General Manager.

    Complaints concerning the possible breach by students or AUSA staff shall result in a full investigation in accordance with AUSAs complaints procedure.


    The Association recognises the right of all individuals to live free from harassment and victimisation. This Union will fully support those who have been subject to harassment. Perpetrators of harassment will be liable to disciplinary or legal action. Attention is also drawn to the University of Aberdeen Equal Opportunity and Harassment Policies.

Outside Organisations

    All outside organisations which operate with AUSA, advertise through AUSA or are in any way connected to AUSA, should be made aware as to AUSAs Equal Opportunities Policy and be encouraged to act in accordance with them. AUSA will only work with outside organisations that adhere to the policy or code of practice.

Clarification of Terms:

     “Discriminatory behaviour” may be overt, covert or a combination of both and may be displayed as hostile remarks, innuendo, written abuse, physical assault, intimidation, threatening gestures or other ways. It is not the intention of the perpetrator, but the impact on the recipient that determines what constitutes harassment.

    In this policy, “direct discrimination” means behaviour whereby a person is treated less favourably than another on the grounds of belonging to any group in society, such as those defined above.

    In this policy, “indirect discrimination” means the imposition of a requirement or condition

    which is would be applied equally to all persons, but:

    1. Where any one group would be subject to material disadvantage through

    its imposition.

    2. Which cannot be shown to be justified.

    3. Which is to the detriment of the individual(s) concerned

    because they cannot comply with it.

Clarification on items held within this document should be addressed to the Vice President

    Welfare and Equal Opportunities in the first instance with final interpretation resting with the

    association president as per the constitution.

Motion 4

    Title: Officer Titles

    Proposed: Gordon Cox

    Seconded: Chris Browne

    AGM notes:

    1. There are currently six sabbatical Officers and eleven non sabbatical officers holding various

    positions and sub committees, all of whom sit on Executive and Council.

    AGM believes:

    1. That the current Sabbatical and non sabbatical officer titles cause misunderstanding

    internally and externally of the University.

    2. That renaming all of the officer titles will reduce misunderstanding of relevant positions

    and responsibilities

    AGM resolves:

    1. Replace all mentioning of the term “President” with Student President.

    2. Replace all mentioning of “Vice President Sport” with President for Sports.

    3. Replace all mentioning of “Vice President Societies” with President for Societies.

    4. Replace all mentioning of “Vice President Charities” with President for Charities.

    5. Replace all mentioning of “Vice President Welfare & Equal Opportunities” with President for

    Welfare & Equal Opportunities.

    6. Replace all mentioning of “Vice President Education & Employability” with President for

    Education & Employability

    7. Remove the term “Junior” from all Junior Vice President Positions. For Example the current

    position of JVP Sports would become Vice President f Sports.

Motion 5

    Title: Fairer AOSCs

    Proposed: Joy Elliott Seconded: Duncan McKay AGM Notes:

    1) The University of Aberdeen Academic Administrative structures changed in 2004 from Areas of Studies to Colleges and Schools

    2) Since this change three Graduate Schools have been introduced, one for each college, 3) The education committee of AUSA has positions allocated still on the Area of Study structure. AGM Believes:

    1) The current elected positions of the AUSA education committee are allowing for

    disproportionate representation of students by degree intention within both AUSA and Senate. AGM Resolves:

    1) Remove Section 5.1 of Schedule 5 of the constitution and replace with:

    Vice President Education & Employability (Convenor); SA President; Junior Vice President Education & Employability, 12 School Convenors (School of Education, School of Language & Literature, School of Law, School of Social Science, University of Aberdeen Business School, School of Biological Sciences, School of Medical Sciences, School of Medicine and Dentistry, School of Psychology, School of Engineering, School of Natural & Computing Sciences, School of Geosciences) 3 postgraduate members (College of Arts and Social Science, College of Life Sciences and Medicine, College of Physical Sciences); 1 postgraduate Research Student; 4 ordinary members including 1 first-year member.

    2) Replace in 5.2 “Area of Study Convenors” with “School Convenors”

    3) Replace “The Education Committee shall ensure appropriate representation of students with the University on all matters relating to academic affairs. It shall be responsible for the dissemination of all information on matters relating to education. It shall be responsible for developing Association policy on education subject to the approval of SA Council. The Education Committee is responsible to the SA Council and the Executive Committee.” With “The Education Committee shall ensure appropriate representation of students with the University on all matters relating to academic affairs. It shall be responsible for electing from its members 11 students to

    the University Senate, including at least 1 postgraduate student. It shall be responsible for the

    dissemination of all information on matters relating to education. It shall be responsible for developing Association policy on education subject to the approval of SA Council. The Education Committee is responsible to the SA Council and the Executive Committee.

Motion 6

    Title: Employability Committee

    Proposed: Joy Elliott Seconded: Duncan McKay AGM Notes: 1) AUSA Vice President Education and Employability has a remit to encourage employability both within AUSA and the University;

    2) This remit is assigned only to the Vice President Education and Employability and Junior Vice President Education and Employability.

    3) AUSA has sub-committees for employability and volunteering.

    AGM believes:

    1) AUSA has made a commitment to the employability of members by the creation of the above sub-committees and the Joblink and Volunteering services;

    2) The current assignment of only 2 elected members to cover an increasingly important area for Aberdeen students is not representative;

    3) There has been a political will in the past year to bring all the employability services within AUSA together into a committee to improve the representative nature of this area.

    AGM Resolves:

    1) Amend section 1.1 (Schedule 3) of the Constitution to include “The Employability Committee –

    12 members elected by the student body to the Employability Committee;”

    2) Amend schedule 5, section 1.1 of the Constitution to include the Employability Committee; 3) Amend Section 7 of the Constitution to include “The Employability Committee;

    4) Insert the following as Section 11 and re-number accordingly:

    11 The Employability Committee

    11.1 Membership

    Vice President Education and Employability (Convenor); SA President; Employability Officer; 10 Ordinary Members; and 1first-year member.

    11.2 In Attendance Membership

    One representative from each of the following: Dirty Weekenders Committee, Gaudie Committee, ASR Committee, BookEnds committee, Charities committee, Societies Committee, Sport

    Committee, the Convenors of any liberation campaign.

    11.3 Remit

    The Employability Committee shall be responsible for promoting employability awareness and projects relating to it. It shall be responsible for developing and overseeing the Joblink service. It shall be responsible for developing and overseeing the Volunteering service. It shall be responsible for the dissemination of all information on matters relating to education. It shall be responsible for developing Association policy on education subject to the approval of SA Council. The Employability Committee is responsible to the SA Council and the Executive Committee; 5) Amend the title “Junior Vice President Education and Employability” to “Junior Vice President Education” throughout.

Motion 7

    Title: Executive Committee 2009/10

    Proposed: Duncan McKay

    Seconded: Lorna Copland

    AGM notes:

    1. The current Executive Committee is 17 members

    2. The role of the Executive Committee is to take the day-to-day decisions of AUSA AGM further notes:

    1. The current Executive Committee is too large to be effective and responsive to the needs

    of the day to day running of AUSA

    2. The current Governance Review Panel will be examining all democratic structures within

    AUSA and will likely make proposals that will change how AUSA works AGM resolves: st1. That the Executive from 1 August 2009 be compromised of the six sabbaticals;

    Foresterhill Convenor; Environment & Ethics Officer; JVP Societies; Equal Opportunities

    Officer; JVP Education; JVP Charities and the Sports Union Treasurer

Motion 8

    Title: Environment & Ethics Committee & the President

    Proposed: Duncan McKay Seconded: Lorna Copland AGM notes:

    1. AUSA now has an Environment & Ethics Committee that have had much success in their

    inaugural year.

    2. Currently E&E‟s remit resides under the VP Welfare & Equal Opportunities

    3. That Environment and Ethical concerns that students have are universal and not

    restricted to just one aspect. AGM resolves:

    1. The E&E officer and committee should be seen over by the President

    2. The President should endeavour to ensure that decisions made by AUSA have an

    environmental and ethical dimension to them

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