All That Jazz Dance Studio

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All That Jazz Dance Studio

    59 School Ground Road

     Branford, CT. 06405



    2007-08 Policies

    Welcome to ATJ! Through continual training, we are consistently working to improve our programs to

    meet our student’s needs. Feel free to call the office or send an e-mail for any questions.

    Classes begin Monday, September 10, 2007 TUITION POLICY: Our tuition is based on a yearly rate. For your convenience we offer three

    payment plans, a ten month payment plan, a bi-yearly plan and payment in full. The first tuition

    installment and registration fee is due at registration. There will be no deductions for classes missed.

    We do have a generous make-up policy that allows students to make up classes they may have

    missed due to illness or other circumstances. We do not charge any fee's for rehearsal time,

    performance day or picture day. Students will not be considered registered until the registration form,

    registration fee and the first tuition installment have been received. A fee of $20.00 will be charged

    for all returned checks; checks will not be re-deposited. Replacement of a returned check can be paid

    by cash or money order. You can pay your installments by mail or you can place the payment in the

    tuition collection box located in our reception area. Please make a note of the students name & class

    on the check.

    Plan C: Ten Month Plan: The first installment is due at registration. The nine remaining

    monthly tuition installments are due the first class of the month. It is your responsibility to

    pay your installment on time. We do not issue or mail a monthly statement. A reminder

    statement with a $5.00 late charge added will be mailed the last week of the month for

    missed payments. The first monthly tuition installment is due on registration day with the

    following nine installments due September 2007 to May 2008. If you register in September

    you will need to pay two installments.

    Plan B: Bi- Yearly: First installment at registration. Second installment is due Jan. 2, 2008

    Plan A: Full Payment: A 5% discount will be deducted if paid in full by September 10, 2007.

     A student must give notice before withdrawing from a class in fairness to other students and faculty.

    You are paying for your place in class. Classes fill very quickly and we sometimes have a waiting list.

    Any student that withdraws after December will be responsible for the full balance of the recital


    *Tuition rates are based on the number of hourly classes taken. For example, if you have one child

    taking 3 classes, you pay the 3 hour rate. If you have 3 children who each take 1 hour, you pay the

    same 3 hour rate.

    HOLIDAY & VACATIONS: We follow the Branford School District calendar. Halloween: October 31,

    Thanksgiving Recess: November 22 24, Christmas Recess: December, 21- January 2, February Recess: February, 18 23, April Recess: TBA. Visit our website for any updates or changes.The studio does not observe other public school days off except for the dates stated above.


    CANCELLATIONS: ATJ observes the Branford School District snow days. For morning delays, morning classes will be cancelled. Classes scheduled at 4:00 will be held unless you are notified by phone. If you are unsure, call

    the studio and an updated phone message with information will be played. Our yearly schedule includes one

    extra week for snow cancellations. If more than one class is cancelled the instructor will schedule an extra class.

    MAKE UP CLASSES: ATJ allows a student to make up missed classes. Please ask your instructor for a suitable class and an appointment will be made. Please try to schedule any make up classes within a 2 to 3 week time

    frame. No make up classes can be scheduled after March. Each class works on a separate dance routine for our


    ANNUAL PERFORMANCE: Our annual performance is held on the first or second weekend in June. We will inform you of specific dates as soon as the Shubert Theater releases that information to us in late March early

    April. A mandatory staging rehearsal is held on the Saturday before our performance. We run the staging

    rehearsal in the order of the show. Please plan accordingly.

    COSTUMES: Costume deposits are due the first week in December. A $30.00 costume deposit per costume can

    be paid by separate check. A reminder letter will be mailed in November. Once a costume has been ordered for a

    student you are responsible to pay for that costume. Please inform your instructor if your child will not be in the st, statements are mailed in March. performance. Costume balances are due April 1

    DROP OFF & PICK UP: No students should arrive earlier than 15 minutes before a class or picked up later than 15 minutes after class. Make sure your child has all of their belongings. Parents or caregivers are responsible for

    checking to see if anything has been left behind. Please observe the parking signs for the other tenants in our



    Students are expected to wear proper dance attire to all of their dance classes. This includes proper dress and

    hair tied securely away from their face. Students will not be allowed to wear any jewelry to acrobatics class. It is

    important to dress properly for every class in order for the teacher to properly assess posture and technique.

    Label all students shoes. Dance Wear can be purchased at "Dancer's Boutique" is East Haven, "The Dancer's

    Outlet" in the Westbrook Outlet Center and "Dancer's Shop" in New Haven. Dance shoes can be ordered through

    the studio.

    JAZZ / LYRICAL / MUSICAL THEATRE:BLOCH or CAPEZIO Black Jazz Oxfords or Dance Sneakers, Black Jazz

    Pants, Capri's or Fitted Shorts, Bodysuit , Beige Tights, Fitted Cami Top or T-shirt.

    TAP: BLOCH or CAPEZIO Black tap shoe

    For shoes that come with ribbons remove the ribbons and replace them with black elastics. PLEASE MAKE SURE

    THE SHOES FIT!! When tap shoes are too big the students have great difficulty executing their steps. Contact the

    studio if you have any questions. Attire same as jazz

    HIP HOP: Clean indoor running shoes or black dance sneaker, Track pants, jazz pants or biking shorts, Tank

    tops, sports bras or bodysuits. Clothing should be form fitting so teachers can see what the body is doing (no

    jeans are allowed) No oversized jewelry or gum!

    BALLET: Hair must be in tight ponytail or bun for all ballet classes. Soft pink leather ballet shoes (Bloch’s or

    Capezio), any ballet bodysuit may be worn with ballet skirt or fitted shorts, beige tights. NO pajama pants, large

    jewelry or hoodies. If you are beginning Pointe or need new Pointe shoes, please wait until the fall to buy these.

    COMBINATION CLASSES: Please follow the dress code for Ballet. A black jazz pant, Capri or fitted short may be worn over bodysuit and tights.

    ACROBATIC & TINY TUMBLERS: Girls Bodysuits, convertible tights No street clothes, pants or T-shirts.

    Boys T-shirt tucked in and shorts.

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